7 comments on “Welcome to the Philippines, Mister Universal Ambassador Christian Daniel!

  1. he looks like a nice guy …. cheers! btw that reinel villareal looks like a stuckup guy. loosen up man!

  2. I believe Mister Universal Ambassador Christian Daniel deserves a fresh sampaguita garland. With no offense please.

    • I agree, fresh sampaguitas, orchids and ilang-ilang… if they are running on a budget… dried everlastings (yung pang Nazareno). 😀

      • Those everlasting being sold within the church area may look dry but they’re actually fresh. Once dried up, the petals fall down. I should know because I always buy one during Visita Inglesias. They really last long that’s why it’s called Everlasting. I’d say minimum of six months. 😆

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