18 comments on “Sunday Specials: The Gentlemen of the Philippines and their Advocacies

  1. Tama. Karamihan na nga sa mga organizer compose of mga bakla, tapos gagawin pa itsura mga Beks ang mga kalahok. Mga lalaki po yan, kaya gawin niyo naman yung naaayon sa kanilang gender. Tama?

  2. BY INVITATION ONLY = available only to people who have been formally invited.
    Why do you have to flaunt that freaking event poster all over social media when it is an exclusive event? So that the uninvited ones will feel envious and ostracized because they aren’t welcome to your faction? Just wow!
    I only go to events and places when I can keep my head up high and where the pageant organizers and staff consider my presence oh so valuable.
    Lastly, you don’t underestimate beauty contest aficionados and/or pageant online influencers just because they don’t have cars or vehicles. At least, these people use coins and paper bills–their hard-earned money–when paying the jeepney and taxi drivers and bus conductors. Why consider having signature bags, high-end mobile phones and luxurious vehicles as a yardstick for affluence of the people you meet?
    Why don’t you take a quick peek into their surprisingly frugal and modest lifestyle, more so, their bank accounts? For all you know these individuals are richer than your highly precious, err, overly pretentious self! ———— ‘di kaya kayo ang pinapatama nito?

  3. With so many changes and anomalies in male pageants in the country, my interest went back to zero. I wish this new org proves they’re worthy of respect. My 2 cents.

    The team looks promising (not to mention that our blogger is on their side) so I say, Good Luck!

    • Ms. Valenciano naulinigan means nasagap o narinig or in English I hear through the grapevine. Is that make it sense to you ?

  4. i agree with Ariadna. One thing I don’t like about Mister Philippines right now is one of their new so called Manhunt Int’l (i think) rep for this year is kinda homophobe. When the whole brouhaha of Pacquaio happened. he started posting bible verses in reference to the scandals. I don’t get why join male pageantry and showing hints of homophobia. doesn’t make sense

    • I saw that post! Isn’t he the other police guy? I used to think he was nice because I saw him and his GF mingling with LGBT people at House Manila at Remington… Now I just realized he’s just a two-faced user. This explains why he’s not very popular back in school… I thought it had something to do with his high-pitched voice. With that kind of thinking, why the hell is he joinning male pageants to begin with?! I hope the organizers reconsider sending him abroad!

      • regardless of what the police guy thinks of gay people damn hes hot! haha thats his own private BS to deal with i dont think people should be too upset. no ones perfect or people dont have to be politically correct all the time.

      • that kind of attitude @jimmyramos happend why there’s racists, homophobic, bigots people, cuz its their “private BS” all is ok until one day u (if u happen to be either LGBTQ) or someone u really cared got hurt just for being themselves. Mind you, Philppines is secretly a homophobe society often times I can’t tolerate it and while I’m alive I’m doing every effort to keep that way cuz god forbid the next time u step out of the house, you’ll get arrested and thrown off from the tallest building simply for being Y-O-U. In addition to that, if the LGBTQ community ignore prominent/famous people it will only ignite what they believe. Look at Pacquiao, if he’s not that rich and successful would u really think he would had the (small) balls to say those things on social media? i don’t think so. We should never allow hate to triumph love and by hate i mean any form of H-A-T-E. Lastly, pageantry is about being a good ambassador/rep, if he’s all about his looks or cuz he’s “hot” then maybe he should just be a model where all they do is pose and keep their “high pitch voice” shut! he wouldn’t be in the model industry anyhow cuz his face isn’t even that chiseled compare to the guys above this page or for that matter Mamang Pulis. So I therefore conclude, male pageant reps should be represented with an open mind and open heart not only confidently beautiful.

        ps: thank u closer2fame for acknowledging his homophobic posts. we need to keep informing people about this.

      • Thanks Jake! My point exactly!… A pageant representative is suppose to be an ambassador of peace not a fundamentalist who ignites bigotry!.. Since he won, he became a public figure which gave him power to influence people. Great powers come with great resposibility. Doesn’t he even realize that pageantry was created by gay people and yet he is part of it?… I respect his opinion but don’t be a hypocrite spreading hate!

  5. kelan ba itatagal ng org. na’to need natin ng mas legit, kawawa lang yung mga past winners

  6. Nakuh nagtanim naba sila ng puno o naglinis ng esteros? Kung Hindi walang kwenta Itong pageant na Ito. Puro photography Lang puro clappers naman

  7. Tito Norms, dish naman on saan galing yung regalia na suot nila sa first picture! Super nice at bonggang bongga!

  8. Added to their advocacies should also be Violence against gays.Since gays are behind this pageant.

    • Agreed, mars! Saka anti-discrimination ba. Very liberating to see straight men advocating LGBT rights. hihi

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