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  1. she stood out among the KF Candidates. Magalimg ang tindig , pang MU. May icky factor pag nagsalita but this opinion was based on the old video shown above.

  2. alam niyo ang beauty niya pinag halong bianca guidote and bea rose santiago, ung naka blue cya kamukha niya si bianca, pero tingnan nyo ung naka white tube cya kamukha niya si bea rose…. maganda din tong babaeng eto.. pwd cya minor not for MUP.

  3. bianca and solen huesaff tama ba spelling? hehe. try nya sa MW. shes a tri athlete right?

  4. An improved version of Bianca Guidote. Definitely a spoiler among the favorites…..

  5. Parang stewardess ang dating nya sa lower pic.
    May K as Big K naman cya. Bagay sa kanya ang kagandahang flores😃
    Daming magaganda, the best will win on coronation night😉

  6. Alexandra was the runaway winner during the 2013 Miss Silka Philippines pageant but Bb Pilipinas is a different ballgame. Lovely girl but not getting hyped as the other bets

  7. Alexandra is one of my early favourites just based on the published screening photos and may I say that I like her more after seeing her in motion and knowing that she could express herself in English. She was probably very nervous at that time that’s why her answer was a bit confusing but she still gave it her best try. Hopefully she learned from that experience and should be aware that it is best to compose herself first, think well so that she could spontaneously give a definite answer with spot on explanation.

    Thanks, Raul, for sharing that video as it has given me quite a very good insight of Alexandra. She still remains as one of my favourites.

    On the side-note, if ever she does not successfully get a crown, she should enlist with MWP this year. Her being a triathlete is definitely a big asset.

    – – –

    A question for Norman, Raul and other readers of the blog. Although I watched the video until Alexandra’s turn, I have noticed that all semifinalists/finalists answered the questions by practically repeating the question first before delivering their answers — aren’t they wasting time? Besides, they look like they are answering their teacher in a classroom. My 2 cents.

    • Traditionally, most of our binibininis repeats the question prior to answering. I think that is a strategy to give them time to collect their thoughts before answering. Also, most of our binibinis before not sure about the current generation think in local vernacular and translate it in English which is a disaster.

  8. She was Miss Silka Philippines 2013 winner… Tito Norms, she was the girl who got your question during the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2014 Top 10 Q& A

    • She’s not as articulate as I expected…. rambled a bit in the middle but in the end, her answer made sense. This was in 2014… I hope she greatly improved by now. I hope if ever she reaches the Q&A portion, she would hit the homerun. 🙂

  9. Definitely one of the TOP 15 and possible spoiler… I just want to see her interview if she is desserving of a crown…

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