47 comments on “Will Sheena Dalo & Apriel Smith shine even more if Miss Universe 2016 will be hosted in Belize?

  1. Sheena reminds me of Ariana Miyamoto! She will be a frontrunner in the international pageant for sure, if she’ll get one of the crowns!

  2. The winner or they will choose in the end one with soft and universal facial features because the judges will still be Americans. Be it a white, black, asian or.latina.

  3. Sheena is from my hometown. Never seen or heard of anyone from Ilocos Norte joined Binibining Pilipinas before kaya super nakakaproud. Syempre support kami sa knya all the way 👍

  4. I like Aprieo. She may jot be a Venus Raj but i think she and jonas can figure something out. But i dont think she’ll win this year. Based on the trend in recent years, repeater ang mananalo nanaman. So am expecting her to not even make the top 15 then win all the way next year.

  5. Sheena Dalo and Apriel Smith for the win! Pls no to Jonalyn Viray look alike!

  6. Gusto ko to si Sheena but she’s too frail looking despite her towering height. Add a little more weight then body toning. Abs and toned muscles ang labanan sa SS. Speaking of abs and toned body, i think si Angelique so far ang nakikita kong meron nito na kayang makipagsabayan sa MU SS round. Yon nga lang she needs to improve her pasarela. I will keep an eye on these two girls. As to Apriel and Jennyline, sa ngayon hindi pa sila pasok sa radar ko. #NoToPlusSizeVeneers #NoToPalakolVeneers

    • I think Sheena has a lot more potentials than Angelique. But I have to see Sheena walk and talk.. To decide

      • I must agree with you. Kaya nga sana tulad ng Venezuela, ang mga kandidata natin na sasabak pa lang sa national pageants ay yong 100% polished na talaga mentally, physically and psychologically at MU caliber na. Yong tipong pwede ng isalang agad kahit the following week na ang international pageants para kita na agad kung sino lang ang may karapatang ipadala abroad. Sa kasalukuyang sistema kasi natin ay namimili lang tayo ng pinaka may potensyal then saka pa lang i-train at i-polish for the competition abroad. Venezuela and other latin countries are always one step ahead of us when it comes to pageant trainings.

    • If Sheena wins, hindi siya pababayaan ng A&Q. So Im not super worried about her body right now. I’m just worried about her communication skills. Dun siya mejo mahina, I’ve seen an interview of her during her Miss Ilocos Norte stint. She needs coaching in this area.

      • THen forget Abt her 😦 We need someone who can talk . She does not have to speak perfect English Basta ok ang dating like GLENNIFER ( sayang sya)

      • She should refrain from using English in her interview or Q&A, mag tagalog na lang or ilocano. Tapos enhance na lang yung pagconvey na message niya sa sagot niya.

  7. Mas bagay kay Apriel Smith ang nakalugay. Sheena is also ok. Nasa styling at presentation lang yan.

    May the best girl win.

  8. regardless of the venue. im rooting for Sheena for MUP.
    April? Nahh . a no no no. if April wins MuP. mawawala na ang Pinay Aura sa MU. basta ayon sa 3rd eye ko, April looks more black than being exotic.

    for MuP.
    Sheena/Jessica/Kim(pa tan ng konti and gym pa more para magshape ang fez nya)
    Kylie – is ready kaso liit ng fez nya.

  9. These two have potential. Height and exotic looking. It would be refreshing to have a dark beauty carry out MU back to back mission. I’d rather see either f the two than Kim Ross or Kylie, those two are overrated.

    • Check the road and the monologue videos and tell me if Kylie is still overrated

  10. Awww 🙂
    Ilocana gayam ni Sheena….
    Sapay koma ta mangabak isuna.
    Bisaya man sad ko…
    Unta modaug pud si Apriel.
    Ahhhh ..silang dalawa na lng ang manalo…
    Kahit anong korona. Ok na ako 🙂

  11. Team Sheena here! I saw her photos on fb when she joined Miss Laoag and Miss Ilocos Norte. The first time I saw her, I was like dang, this girl has so much potential and I wanted her to join BBP so bad! And now she’s a part of the 2016 batch!!! So happy for her! Whatever crown she wins, I know she’ll do great in representing our country! Lalo na she’s team A&Q.

  12. Both are very beautiful but I love love love Apriel 🙂 She’s one sexy morenita 🙂

  13. Hi Norman.

    FYI: Belize is not an island but is a small country located in Central America. It is located south of Mexico, east of Guatemala and north of Honduras. Belize (formerly British Honduras) was colonized by the Britain and remains the only country in Central America whose official language is English but has a very large Latino/Spanish-speaking population (Mexican and Guatemalan) that may very well be the majority.

    That said, with the MU in Belize, the black/Latin card may prove to be an underlying and influential factor when choosing MU 2016. I hope not but there you have it.

    Apriiel and Sheena are two beautiful reasons that define the diversity in Filipina beauty.
    Best wishes to both stunning beauties.

  14. Apriel can be sent to MU, Intercon or Miss Grand

    Sheena can be sent to Miss Supra or Intercon

  15. If any of the two can duplicate or do better than Miss Trinidad &Tobago-Ms.Universe 1998, then a 100% b2b will happen😃

  16. I’d go for Sheena Dalo between the two. She’s got the right hight and facial structure to put in par with foreign beauties. Although i think she needs to work on her body. Right now she’s too skinny with no muscle tone. If she’s got the intellectual caliber then she can easily stand a chance.

    While April Smith has got that beautifully exotic look, there’s something about her that makes her look too masculine. Maybe she just needs a better styling and make up? or is it her overly toned body builder-ish physique…

  17. It doesn’t matter what color, or how tall the representative of Philippines in Miss Universe 2016, to me what is more important the ability to communicate without hesitation is the biggest factor to win the crown. IMG/WME is a big talent agency in America and they are very serious with their business, they are not only looking with woman with beauty but with brain and a great communicator.

  18. Sheena Dalo’s got the look. She has the right hight and facial features of a beauty queen. She just needs to work on her body ( she’s too skinny with no muscle tone) and improve her styling. If she has the intellectual caliber then this girl can easily stand a chance.

    As for April Smith, while she’s beautifully exotic there is something about her that makes her look too masculine.

  19. All three ladies are lovely but I would give Sheena the edge here. I like her proportional face and I think that her overall look can still be further refined and improved. 😁

  20. Grabe naman make-up ni Malpaya, di ba pwede light make-up lang para magkaalaman kung ano talaga hitsura.

  21. Belize is not an “island” but a nation on the eastern coast of Central America, with Caribbean Sea shorelines to the east and dense jungle to the west… – Google

  22. As of this writing, I’m eyering on Sheena as our possible MI representative whilst Apriel is also on the top of my favourite list. I gather that both dusky beauties are also good speakers though I still need to hear proof to that regard. I have someone else in mind for MU but if these two gorgeous ladies can really show us that they’re worthy of the top crowns, so be it. And not because MU is going to be held in Belize. It is a matter of who really deserve to wear the sash that says PHILIPPINES. Just saying…

  23. apriel looks like she could be styled elegantly like flora coquerel. she is stunning!

  24. Belize is not an island but a nation on the eastern coast of Central America, with Caribbean Sea shorelines to the east and dense jungle to the west,….. – Google

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