11 comments on “Wanna be an Origin Model?

  1. They’re too new in the industry. If I’m looking for a mentor, I’d go for established models like Anna Bayle, Charo Ronquillo, etc. or experienced models who have been in the industry for at least 10 years.

  2. Aces & Queens, a certified producer of Miss Universe and Miss World not to mention several runner-up placements is offering its services for free. The same for Kagandahang Flores, the top producer of Miss Earth and Miss International. If I were a hopeful, I’d seek for assistance from the aforementioned obviously because of their credibility as beauty pageant trainers.

    “It takes only 5K to be part of ORIGIN MODELS MANAGEMENT!” (No pun intended)

      • Lai, may idea ka ba kung sino-sino ang mga popular hopefuls na hindi nakapasok sa official 40 candidates? Di ba may mga write-ups si Tito Norman about potential hopefuls na napabalitang magpascreen sa 2016 BBP? Tulad na lang ng nabanggit ni miss tissa na sila Gazini at Cynthia. Sama na jan ang Aberasturi sisters, Emma Tiglao, Ria Rabajante, Laura Lehmann, Mia Howell, Jeddahliz, Avonlea etc. Anong nangyari sa kanila? Sana may blog entry si Tito Norman about these more popular girls who failed to make it in the top 40.

      • Eustaquia wala akong idea. Siguro kaya tayo medyo disappointed kase yung mga facially girls nawawala. Baka naman pina excite lang tayo. I hope magka write up din dito about it kase yung case ni Ria, nagulat ako.

    • Hahahahaha😃
      Basil, need to visit your ophthalmologist na. Now na😉
      Baka may kolugo na ang mata😂lol

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