30 comments on “And Steve Harvey says Miss Universe 2016 will be in Belize come December 

  1. My new prediction based on current events:

    MU: Angelique De Leon/ Nicole Cordoves / Apriel Smith

    MI: Kylie Versoza / Maria Gigantes / Kim Delos santos / Apriel Smith

    Intercon: Maria Gigantes / Apriel Smith / Kim Felos Santos / Kylie Bmversoza

    Supra : Nichole Manalo/ Sheena Dalo / Apriel Smith / Kim Delos Santos

    Grand : Nichole Manalo/ Angelique De Leon / Kim Delos Santos / Maria Gigantes / Kylie Versoza

    Globe: Apriel Smith / Sheena Dalo / Nichole Manalo

    1st / 2nd Rup Kim Delos Santos / Apriel Smith / Nicole Cordoves

  2. You idiot. It is either “caught my attention” or “commanded my attention”. Syntax and poor sentence structuring. Please use the english language properly if you are going to attempt to convince people that you have some sort of class. Lol #FAIL

    • Yet here you’re calling me a faggot when you’re using stupid filipino terminology to describe how you’re feeling. “Che”??!! Now thats what a pure faggot uses to describe how they feel. Stupid. I never said my english was perfect. At least use the language coherently and not as blatent as you do. You sound like a child who can’t accept defeat. Oh that is right, you don’t because it is in YOUR nature to be a sore loser.


      Pathetic imbecile!

  3. Ok kung all set na sa Belize…just happy that MU org already had an idea how pageant fans in PH celebrates Miss Universe during Pia’s homecoming.

  4. There is a great chance a colored girl would win this year… Repeat of MU 1999 perhaps?

  5. It seems that the acquisition of MUO by IMG is a blessing. This early the new owner is able to confirm the place and the month as to when MU will be held this year. With this development, MU will regain what it lost during Trump’s notorious reign — RESPECT and PRESTIGE. Viva Miss Universe!

    • I know! pinahamak ni Trump ang MU netong mga nakaraang taon! Buti na lang na acquire ng IMG! Sana nga ngayon palang, meron na silang venue for 2017, 2018. para at least mas maagang pagpaplano!

      • Okay ang idea mo pero mahirap ding i-divulge ang locations kaagad. Paano kung nag-back-out, masisira ang naplano na. 😊

  6. well, what’s important is may magaganap na Miss Universe this year. and, at least it’s a different host country, makakatravel si Pia sa ibang country, aside sa NY. right?

    Wait, wala pa bang schedule or natsitsismis na pupuntahan ni Pia na mag crown ng mga pageant finals na candidates for MU? what’s her sched ba after NYFW? at ang sad na hindi siya talaga makakapunta ng Puteri? 😦

  7. I will assist him in reading and announcing the winner! hehe

    Belize will appreciate the beauty of Kylie Verzosa.Black hair will make her standout in this caribbean country.

  8. Tito norman baka sabihin nya din na I have to apologize…. Miss Universe will not be held in Belize hehe

  9. It’s time to move on and what happened in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas . I can’t wait to hear Mr. Harvey when he announce ” and the winner of Miss Universe 2016 is _________”. I hope no more mistakes in Belize. Keep all my fingers crossed that our representative will be lucky.

  10. I can’t wait for Steve to say “I have to apologize, it’s not in Belize, it’s Divi, Divisoria”.

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