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  1. not much talk about Maria Lina Prongoso but i think she can potentially surprise us.

  2. for me si Angelique and Sheena lang ang pang MU and vibe. i like angelique’s broad shoulder and proportioned body. parang konting improvement nalang and kailangan and of course her styling needs to be transformed too. si Sheena i find her face pang MU talaga and she smiles beautifully and she’s got the right hight too. she just needs to work on her body.. gain some weight and tone up.

  3. Angelique de Leon has big chances of taking home Miss Universe Philippines this year.

  4. Kim Ross, Kylie, Cordova and Maxine are not MUP material in terms of everything…personality and beauty pang minor crowns lang sila…the only thing kung bakit sila ang pinupush ng mga bakla at nung matangkad na baklang antipatikang naka salamin na taga BPCI for MUP ay dahil sa camp affiliation dahil AQ sila which is not good. eh paano yung mas deserving girls na mas MUP potential pero wala sa AQ? kawawa naman. Bb. Pilipinas contest is not all about AQ, if that would be the case, then it should be The search for Bb. Aces and Queens instead and not Bb. Pilipinas.

  5. Sa totoo lang walang pang Miss Universe caliber this year sa AQ! their girls are weak. pang MI lang ang highest placement nila. mga bakla masyado lang nabibilib sa pangalan ng camp dahil nanalo si Pia pero hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon nasusungkit natin ang tsamba at nasa atin ang swerte. Ang katotohanan, walang pang MU caliber girls sa AQ this year. not Kim Ross, Kylie, Cordova, Maxine. wala sa kanila. pang minor crowns lang ang kalibre nila.

    • And youre making this statements based on what you have seen of them which is very little? You barely know them and what they represent?

      The only reason why you have made these statements is because Pia has set a high standard for the Philippines. So to say that these particular girls (who you have mentioned) are not worthy of the MUP crown is downright hypoctritical of you.

      All the girls who made it in to the top 40 mean they are possible contenders for any of the crowns. The girls who you have mentioned alone are standouts and strong contenders because they have the qualities in which we as the audience can fit the MUP crown for.

      Different qualities but they standout none the less. So please, the only thing that would make them weak contenders is if their beauty wasn’t striking enough and by the looks of things, their beauty is appealing to the majority of the Philippines.

      Either way, your opinion is inadmissible based on the fact that you are using your thoughts and standards as hard evidence alone to pre judge any contender.

      • Kim Ross, Kylie, Cordova and Maxine are not MUP material in terms of everything…personality and beauty pang minor crowns lang sila…the only thing kung bakit sila ang pinupush ng mga bakla at nung matangkad na baklang antipatikang naka salamin na taga BPCI for MUP ay dahil sa camp affiliation dahil AQ sila which is not good. eh paano yung mas deserving girls na mas MUP potential pero wala sa AQ? kawawa naman. Bb. Pilipinas contest is not all about AQ, if that would be the case, then it should be The search for Bb. Aces and Queens instead and not Bb. Pilipinas.

  6. sana iwasan na ang pintasan . yes we have our own favorites but pls refrain from bashing. yung totoong opinyon lang. in my view, mukhang nakalatag na either kay kylie and kim ang mup. i think they are the favored ones. in my opinion though, i see a very good spoiler in nicole cordoves. shes not facially beautiful for me but overall malakas ang dating. i also like angelique, but she belongs to a less influential camp. sayang.

    • Kim and Kylie are not MUP material in terms of everything…persinality and beauty pang minor crowns lang sila…the only thing kung bakit sila ang pinupush for MUP ay dahil sa camp affiliation dahil AQ sila which is not good. eh paano yung mas deserving girls na mas MUP potential pero wala sa AQ? kawawa naman. Bb. Pilipinas contest is not all about AQ, if that would be the case, then it should be The search for Bb. Aces and Queens instead and not Bb. Pilipinas.

      • H’wag kang mag-alala Charity, I’m sure winner na naman sa Miss Earth ang isang KF girl! Three-pete!!!

  7. I think Nicole Cordoves is the Dark Horse…
    She looks like an exotic black girl after she got her tan… Apriel Smith might have a great chance as well… No wonder, Nicole Manalo transformed into 1, I guess due to the advice of her famous relatives. These are based on world trends specially now that IMG is hiring mostly black talents, judges and host… Not to mention Beyonce just declared her black heritage through her superbowl performance which is just the beginning… this would surely be trending past Miss Universe 2016

  8. A lady whose name that ENDS in A might potetially snag the Miss Universe Philippines sash from the early front runners. From Dayana to Pia, I’m sure the next Miss U will follow the same name rhyme. Kung sino man manalo, let’s support na lang. I’m sure lahat ng official candidates ngayon malaki ang sakripisyo na ginagawa.

  9. Too early to pick anyone. I’m waiting for more pics and vids to decide. Like I said before I don’t get Gigante- dwende! She looks like a cheap version of MJ. May I remind you all that even the real MJ did not crack top 5 in MU. Looks like there are tall girls who have potential.

    • I agree w you Venus. A 5’4-5’5 veneers girl has no room for the Intl arena. The latinas reps are 5’9 above.

  10. I just want a & q get the top plum. Why? A and q mama all out support sa anak nya. Hindi mukhang kawawa magisa. The mama will convince move heaven and earth for the best gown look and best interest ng anak. Kaya ba ng kabila yun? Iba ang may tags boost ng spirit. Let’s face it mama j is kasing level na ni tita osmel

  11. Interesting batch. I need to see so pics without make up to know who among them is facially beautiful, like really facially beautiful.

  12. Your opinion matters: should SMA stick to her rule about girls posing topless, can not compete in BBP? Or should she give leeways as long as it is done artistically and “not bastusin kung tingnan”?

    • I say sma should stick w her rule. The artistic only works with flat chested girls. Walang malisya dating but the pic yesterday deserve a nay

      • Yung pic kahapon isa lang yun. My source says that so far, 3 merlie pala ang may topless shoots. Based sa photos, I can say na yung 1 ay high fashion ang dating. Yung isa artistic ang dating unlike nung isa. Kaya i asked the question. Di yun para sa pic kahapon kundi sa iba ding topless pics na may taste at class.

  13. Of Norman’s top 10, I like;

    1) Kylie
    2) Kim
    5) Maria
    8) Sheena
    9) Angelique

    It’s still very early in the game. I look forward to see the progressive transformations of many of the 40 candidates and the eventual shake-ups in the future top 10. I would not say that this year’s batch is “weak” but more so that there are many “diamonds in the rough.”

  14. Just wishful thinking for now…

    Looking at Kylie’s projection during the recent screening spells Miss Universe. She has a fiercely beautiful face that’s too easy to style. She has a great body for a 5’8″ frame. A very good communicator. And she is not just beautiful outside but truly beautiful inside.

    Although she could project fierceness in her still photos, Kim Ross cannot hide the sweetness in her face making her the perfect candidate for Miss International. And she’s tall, a typical characteristic of the winners in that pageant. My only concern is her age of 26. Is she still eligible in MI? Perhaps, she could be our first Miss Intercontinental?!? A kind of waste if you’d ask me but definitely a record to be for our country.

    Next in line would be Nichole Marie Manalo for MI but she is also 26.

    Let me look at my other favourites… Jehza Huelar… Nicole Cordoves… Dindi Pajares…

    I guess I just found the perfect jewel for MI… Sheena Seinne Bolaños Dalo. Tall, dusky beautiful, certified beauty with substance!

    Just as I have said in the beginning… It’s pure wishful thinking. My choices and favourites might change as I see the official glamshots and other images of all the candidates during the preliminary presentations and activities. As of now, I have yet to see who glows radiantly amongst them.

    One thing for sure: this is another strong batch and only fools would say otherwise.

  15. MU kylie/kim/dindi
    MI Kim/Kylie/Dindi/Nichole
    Maria Grand
    sa intercon, Globe at supra dame pwede

  16. So, there are 21 A&Q OC now coming independent candidates 😃
    It’s too early to tell who will probably win the crowns.
    In fact, I’m disappointed with a returnee based on her screening pictures.
    First-timers will definitely surprise us😲
    I wish that a morena beauty will win the MUPhilipines2016 and give the other crowns to meztiza😃
    Anjie Balatbat for MUP2017😃lol

  17. Kim
    Angelique( she needs a strong camp)

    Out sa list ko mga kulang sa height( 5’6 below)This is a beauty contest against glamazons .

  18. TOP 15
    Sheena Dalo
    Angelique de Leon *
    Maxine Medina*
    Paula Rich Bartolome *
    Jehza Huelar *
    Kylie Verzosa ***
    Kristen Angeli Estoque *
    Dindi Pejares
    Maria Lina Prongoso
    Nicole Cordoves **
    Tatiana Maher
    Maria Gigante *
    Nichole Manalo ***
    Kim Ross delos Santos ***
    Jessica Gonzales

  19. Weak batch or not, pili na lang kayo ng personal bets maski hindi at par sa standards nyo. Ganyan talaga, hindi lagi pareho quality of candidates. Mas entertaining nga kung pag-iisipan nyo pa ng maiigi kung sino ang deserving hehehe

    But for me, this is not at all a weak batch. Me hangover palang siguro from Pia.

    • Masyado naman magagaling yung mga nagsasabing weak ang batch 2016. Kilalanin nyo muna mabuti ang mga candidates bago kayo magsalita. Don’t judge the book by its cover, you are not a judge!

  20. I do remember people saying Teresa Licaros batch had the most beautiful girls in the h/o BP … That was before they went abroad. Well. What now? So..
    Pls do not underestimate this batch like most of u did Pia.
    I see a lot of potential Winners– Kylie Kim Nicole Nichole Jessica Jennifer Edgelyn Kristin and many more.
    Kim is pretty and humble and very like able but I haven’t seen fierceness fire and substance.
    Kylie is perfect already. I just need to see the queenly aura.
    Nicole is not facially perfect but again she will be hard to beat. I really hope she does not win MUP Ifshe does, I know she will do her darnest … bTw, what happened to her at Miss China Inl
    Edgelyn is too thin.
    I hope they pay attn to Jennifer Hanmmond. with proper styling, I thInk she can do well ar MU.

  21. Stress during Pia’s run, and now stressing over whether her successor will be up to standard. Honestly, why is everyone worried? The girl who gets picked still has a lot of work ahead of her and thats where the magic starts. Truth be told, I never had that much faith in Shamcey (a first-timer), Janine (facially, the least blessed), Ariella (her eyes to me looked dead) or Pia (when she was crowned at MUP, I thought, how awful she looked, her face all scrunched up and so fat).

    But look at how they all turned out. I think we should all be excited because whoever gets picked this year- at least based on the current favourites- will present a different template; and that is key in keeping the MUO interested in what we have to offer every year. We’re no Venezuela or Puerto Rico or Colombia; we turn out real, interesting women, not glossy plastic clones.

    Only one non-negotiable; this girl must have personality, her own opinions, and must be able to stand by them and assert herself.

    Having said that, I still have my own assessment of the girls and I’ll be more than happy to be proved wrong, or right as whatever the case may be.

    Maria Gigante: has MJ’s drive, but hopefully, not the affectations. My only concern is that she belongs to THE OTHER camp.
    Kylie V: All i see is that she looks like Tila Tequila
    Kim Ross: Amazing body but the face. No wonder she rarely smiles
    Nichole Manalo: Her 360 degree transformation is astounding. She speaks well, but that doesn’t translate automatically to being likeable or personable.
    Angelique de Leon; perfect in every way, but her mouth still bothers me as well as the fact that she’s not with THE OTHER camp.

    Still Watching Them:
    Jessican Gonzales
    Nicole Cordovez

    These girls are being considered just for the MU title btw

    • Hi Andrew what do you think of gigante ‘s height? For me she can get a crown but not the mup

      • @jackie How small is she anyway????? I’m a bit ambivalent about height because in my opinion, of all the pageant attributes, it has the least bearing on a candidates chances. Pero huwag lang below 5’5!. Facial value pa rin number one which rules out candidates like that Hammond girl; amazing bod but her face is just too lumpy in parts, sorry!

        Equal to face, I think is personality and I trust that as they go about their activities, someone at BPCI will be keeping a close watch to get to know them in ways that we can’t. I have faith in them that with the momentum we have, they’ll choose wisely.

        If that girl turns out to be Maria, then we’ll know that her height doesn’t matter at all…

      • @ Andrew she seems below 5’5 . the other peeps are saying the girl beside her in one pic is 5’6. She is a good 2 inches smaller than the Castillo girl. I really don’t have an idea how they measured the girls. For me the height matters coz the girl will fight in the international pageants. My case and point we have many choices


  23. Hi to everyone ^_^ Hmm…once the girls are a tad more polished within the coming weeks…then I can take my picks. Too premature for me right now.

    I hope that all contestants will be physically trained to look more athletic (strong is the new sexy.) Whoever wins the BBP Universe has to look like fierce competition for Venezuela & Colombia, just IMO.

  24. From this batch, the only one who sticks out to me as Pia’s potential successor is Kylie. Very alluring look and could fare well in MU if she remains consistent and builds on her already energetic personality.

  25. Very weak batch.

    None of the girls screams Miss Universe or Miss International….. Maybe Miss Supra…

    None of the girls are effortlessly facially beautiful. Pretty, yes. Stunning, no.

    The “front runners” ain’t all that either. Very basic.

    I’ve lived in Los Angeles, New York, London and San Francisco… And girls like these are seen everywhere. Very common.

    Kim is perfect for modeling. Not pageants. She looks good on 3/4 profile shots. Not frontal or candids.

    Maria Gigante looks totally different without make up. And look at her with make up on – SUPER THICK. She’s also very short. Shes like 5’5″ ??? She does not stand a chance against tall Euros and Latinas

    And Kylie looks like any Vietnamese girl seem in any Pho restaurants.

    Sorry fellow Pinoys. 2016 is not our year.

    • I share the same sentiments but judging these girls this early is kinda mean on my part, baka kasi kumain na naman ako ng sinuka ko. I will allow myself to see them grow until one week before the pageant. Anyways, in the past I have never been a very good forecaster when it comes to the Universe title; I chose Henson over Venus in 2010, Tumulak over Shamcey in 2011, Elima over Arida in 2013, Tifanny over Mj in 2014, Janicel over Pia in 2015, i just got it right in 2012 when Janine was crowned. This time i’m liking Dindi, Kylie and Nicole for MU. Whoever wins on the big day, I will still support our rep. however, I found no harm in liking other countries candidate as well just for the sake of entertainment, after all that is what beauty contest is all about.

  26. May candidate na may amoy…need niya gumamit ng rexona. Ask niyo man si Apriel Smith.

  27. Si Kylie mukhang laging tulala parang sabog, Si Kim Ross parang laging may naaamoy na mabaho ang itsura ng face nya, si Angelique medyo duling, Si Maxine boring at pang Mutya ng Binondo, naku si Jeslyn huwag na lalong umasa. Siya ang next Ria and Anabel Tia.

  28. Yung taga BPCI na matangkad na lalake na may salamin dapat tsugihin yun sa BPCI eh. madaming kalokohang ginagawa yun. dapat maging aware si SMA sa mga kalokohang ginagawa niya. masama ang ugali at may kuntsabahan na ginagawa sa isang camp.

    • Yung mga nag thumbs down, tauhan ba kayo nung baklang matangkad na naka eyeglasses na taga BPCI na laging nag a-announce ng official candidates na walang manners?

  29. where is Dindi Tito Norm. ? hehe

    top top top list ko 7 lang muna sila for now Lol
    Nichole Manalo
    Kim DLS

    Nicole C. ok lng sana veneers sya ng ngipin. wiz ko bet ang mala white rabbit nya xmas teeth.

    Maria G. sayang kse ung height ni ate.

  30. I really like Kim but as far as her cosmo video stint shows, parang MI ang dating. Kylie on the other hand has weird expressions when she shifts from being fierce. But who knows, for sure these ladies will still improve over the course of the pageant. Lakas ng appeal ni Nicole Cordoves ha. Baka ma-Ann Colis yan. o better yet, ma-Ara Arida.

  31. Face-wise, Kylie tops the list. Body-wise, it’s Dindi Pajares or Nicole Manalo. There are many stunning girls in their own right, but the MUP winner should be a natural beauty or gandang hindi kailangang ipaliwanag like Pia. Hindi yung dinadaan ang ganda sa styling or make-up.

  32. Sabi nga ni Sir Jonas Gaffud after Pia won, ” I think I know now the formula. It’s not just sending a beautiful girl, but sending a beautiful girl that is universally appealing.”

    The Latinos like Kylie and Kim, kahit yung mga aso at taga santolan station, gusto sila.

    • true Revy, nag mamasid masid din ako sa kapitbahay. not na need ko ng approval nila pero mas maganda kase yung tipong walang away masyado. Parang gusto ko lahat ng nasa spoilers list ni Norman. Nichole Manalo parang may newfound energy and hunger. Hindi ko na nga sya naassociate ngayon sa mga kapatid nya. Parang tumatayo na sya ngayon on her own.

      I can’t wait for the transformation of Maria, Kim and Kylie. Alam ko may tinatago pang baraha mga yan.

      Guys what about this girl? She’s 5’10 din daw from KF. She has this very angelee vibe to me, bakit di ko sya ma sight sa lineup? ANJELLICA LOPEZ …

      • Beh sa FB maraming Latin groups. Nung MU season marami ako sinalihan. May moderate groups may super harsh. Nag jojoin din ako ng Thai and Indo groups kase updated sila. Sa IG ganun din, parang Norman’s blog magkaka kitaan kayo sino sino active na nag comment tapos nakikita mo San tinatamvayan nila. Reliable ngayon isang Puerto Rican admin na updated agad sa ganap kay Pia at Bb hahaha. Nakabantay na rin sila kase kumpleto na halos mga binabantayang Latina candidates. May panalo ma sa Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Kaya abangers na sila satin. May !alakas na Ecuadorian na mukang binabantayn nilang manalo. Sa Pinas alam ko pageant talk overload Phil yung group na post ng post ng kung ano anong pageant related stuffs pero kaw na bahala sumikmura kase Hindi sila mahigpit so mostly mga hubad na lalaki muna nakikita mo bago pang pageant hehe

      • Yes, I love Maria, Kim and Kylie. But looking at the pics of Apriel, Joanna and Jessica, super-like ko rin sila 🙂

    • @revy true . Alam ko winner si Pia dahil bet siya ng mga Latinos nun pagkapanalo niya sa Binibini( sadly yun kapwa pinoy nya ang bashers) in a positive note the bashers made Pia more hungry for the crown. Kim and Kylie are both universally beautiful

  33. Kimmy would be my top bet Sir Norman for the top plum followed by NIcole C.
    I’d put Kylie as 3rd on my list 🙂
    They are my top 3 so far and my rankings would probably change in the weeks to come.
    I just find Kimmy as a breathe of fresh air. And I must say A&Q will not leave any stone unturned to make her win any of the major crowns at stake 🙂

    • I’d like her to snatch the MUP crown or International if I have to choose.
      and btw, she reminds me of Bianca G a bit 🙂

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