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  1. Ria Rabajante posted something in Facebook about a piece of “good news” or a “miracle.” Is it possible that one lady got disqualified and Ria’s now an official candidate as a replacement?

  2. Sa mga nagsasabing lalampasuhin ni Kim Ross at Kylie si Andrea Tovar mag kapoe kayo na hindi tinutunaw sa tubig! Si Kim Ross maganda lang sa fashion editorial photos kasi processed na pero in person walang dating, matangkad lang. at ang mukha niya parang laging nangangasim. si Kylie naman boring ang personality. parang laging sabog.

    • Promote mo na lang kasi yung Gigante mo. Huwag nang manira ng iba.!!! As if super dyosa yung pambato mo.

  3. Yung taga BPCI na matangkad na lalake na may salamin dapat tsugihin yun sa BPCI eh. madaming kalokohang ginagawa yun. dapat maging aware si SMA sa mga kalokohang ginagawa niya. masama ang ugali at may kuntsabahan na ginagawa sa isang camp.

    • Boree, di ko na rin alam san kita mahahagilap. Tutal lantad na lantad nako dito, add me sa FB. yun nalang natitira kong social media account. Look for Vennette Lailani Seprado. Bwiset na FB full name pa dapat.

      • Alit!!!! God I missed you! How’s our group? No I haven’t. That Colombian fucker probably pulled some strings to deactivate my “cat” account. I can even sign up because my IP address is blocked. I can sign up using a different phone pero dude naman I hardly see people sino naman momolestyahin ko gumawa ng acct for me? That STUPID Colombian designer and his minions apparently have a paid account with IG kaya di sila basta basta mawawala kahit mag power report tayo.

  4. Grabe di pa man ng uumpisa ang pre-pageant activities pero parang andami dami ng mga nangyari. Sobra active ng mga tao, pano pa kaya sa grand finals punong punonang araneta

  5. Sa mga nagsasabing walang international caliber ang mga merlie, i guess you should look back sa mga past winners natin. I always believe that BPCI is looking for that “diamond in a rough” girl. Yung tipong ibabash mo kung mananalo sa pageant pero pangangahin yung basher sa send-off at lalo na pag nagplace sa miss U. An unpolished girl with a lot of potential. Lets learn from these girls

    Venus-maitim daw
    Janine-mukhang yaya daw
    Ara-mukhang bakla daw
    Pia-mataba daw para sa MU

    Sa lahat ng non-believers, putak ng putak pero nganga sa huli. Kung sino pa yung pinaka-polished, ibang crown ang nauuwi. Kaya wag ng hanash, baka mapahiya ka lang at “nga-nga”.

    • Clap! Clap! clap! super tomoh mars Mae! very well said…. manuod na lang. Support the girls you believe in at wag na lang mang bash.

  6. My top 12 according to the pics above: (random)
    ⭐️ Are my personal fave
    Jessica⭐️ ( must tan; tone; possible intercontinental)
    Dindi⭐️(pebbles de asis doppelgänger; possible supra)
    Maxine⭐️( lots of Tan and toning; possible MI)
    Angela ( few more lbs. and toning; pretty face)
    Angelique (soften look is desirable)
    Kylie⭐️ ( softer styling less on edgier look; with face that small you can do wonders, possible MU
    Nicole ⭐️( more bronze make up and blush tones; possible MU)
    Kim ⭐️( definitely needs help with make up esp contouring nose area and highlight cheeks; possible MI)
    Maria ( pretty, but needs to tone down trying to look like MJ)

  7. I dont think being a proficient communicator is enough…I feel that the winners should be politically correct and aware.. Kudos to Pia for winning, but i dont really appreciate the pull of her arguments and stances when asked on political and serious questions may it be on or off pageant competition..Albeit, I still love her with her imperfections..

    • For the people who gave thumb-down/s ..i respect you, but seriously? I reckon you didn’t get my point.. Just to nuance, I didn’t imply that pia wasn’t a good..I just felt lacking with some of her answers regarding critical issues per se; which for me is understandable because it isn’t a prerequisite to begin with. However, knowing MU’s new method of q&a and the eyes and ears of the general public, the candidates must be well equipped with various issues with deep and wide understanding. They shouldn’t compromise poise and naturalism.

      • Maybe people “didn’t get your point” because your position is quite vague. What do you mean they shouldn’t compromise poise and naturalism? What does naturalism have to do with this? I think it’s difficult for beauty queens to give definitive answers to political questions, not only because of the short time they’re given to answer questions regarding such complex issues (where even politicians and lawyers do not agree), but also because beauty queens are expected to be representative of women and of cultures. Political questions are polarizing. Going from one end of the political spectrum to another is dangerous for people who are in the public eye. Remember that MUT rep who had to quit because she made a political statement?

        I guess I just don’t believe in expecting beauty queens to give a dissertation-like answer for people to be satisfied. Clearly we don’t want someone who will wield the world peace card every time, but I think people should understand the limitations on beauty queens when it comes to Q and A. Not because we don’t expect them to be smart enough or to have a better understanding of issues, but because of their title and position.

      • Alyssa…actually there’s a “though” at the end..hahaha what i was trying to say is that in tackling serious questions off or on pageant they should remain genuine and poised. Political questions don’t necessarily involve politicians. It’s about the status quo per se. Take the internet censorship question for example; what leni meant was for the gov’t to take control on the internet activities of the people. Pia thought that it was about the censorship of what public post which wasn’t wrong though. In this, a desparity between the ideas between the person asking and answering plus the public’s eye exists.
        In a nutshell, we shouldn’t settle for a communicator only but someone who talks with a verified, factual even ethical meat.

      • *what the public post
        *between the ideas of the person asking and answering

        justbto correct..para wala ng masabi😂

    • For the people who gave thumb-down/s ..i respect you, but seriously? I reckon you didn’t get my point.. Just to nuance, I didn’t imply that pia wasn’t a good..I just felt lacking with some of her answers regarding critical issues per se; which for me is understandable because it isn’t a prerequisite to begin with. However, knowing MU’s new method of q&a and the eyes and ears of the general public, the candidates must be well equipped with various issues with deep and wide understanding. They shouldn’t compromise poise and naturalism.

    • You and I are no different…at least i dont bash..i talk with sense…and it’s politics not politic..thanks

    • Beeee! Pahiya ka ‘no? Politic daw. Ayusin mo mathematic mo Picondara Pestebetatem Egosum!

  8. Kim Ross Delos Santos
    Nichole Cordoves
    Maria Gigante
    Nicole Manalo
    Apriel Smith
    Kylie Versoza
    Angelique De Leon
    Tatiana Maher
    Dindi Pajares

    • Im afraid about Kim Ross being another Valerie W. I reckon MU is finding another type of beauty..farther than the reigning queen P…they gonna go back with the exotic beauty type

      • I agree! si Ki Ross maganda ang photos sa editorials kasi processed na. pero kung titignan mo in person at videos ordinaryong tisay na walang dating at parang lagi siyang nangangasim. yung mukha niya parang laging kumakain ng kamias.

    • yeah i really didnt understnd why kim? we need someone more beautifull than her. kylie i think is the best. matangkad din naman. d lang naman basta maganda. im sure kylie is preapared now. plan lang ung styling nya during screening. papasabog yan. hope so. ite trrain pa naman yan for international pageant. body lang ang problem sa kanya. sa styling medyo ok naman but need best and fit styles for her. i think kim is fit in MI.

      • parang lang. charity, si Pia nga hinde daw beauty queen material at mataba sya pero aun nakapsok gang top 3 at naging winner pa. kung ano man ung panget at d kanais nais kay kylie it will pass and they will make her brand new Kylie versoza.

  9. Have a feeling BPCI will put the fan favorites to those contests that we don’t have a winner yet.

  10. Nicole C will be very hard to beat. She is smart and driven and Filipino judges usually favor the Shamcey -Ara-MJ beauty .
    But My bets right now are Kylie Jessica Kim Edjelyn and Kristin. .. For MUP only.
    I d o not care about The other crowns but Jessica could be MI P too.

    • Yes, Nicole Cordoves is the Shamcey Supsup / Bianca Guidotti of this batch and yet she’s unique… I find her facial beauty a tad unconventional but she has the height, body and brain of a winner.

    • Nicole Cordova is a product of Makeup beauty. pag walang makeup lalong nakikita na hindi kagandahan. what if nagpatawag si SMA ng assembly of candidates at sinabihan silang no makeup dapat?

      • @Charity

        Based on what you mentioned then Nicole Cordoves may have the greatest chance of winning BBP-Universe like Venus, Shamcey, Janine, Ara, MJ and Pia who’s facial beauty are highly debatable. Based on my research, she has the best background and credentials among all contestants. Her facial features may be a tad unconventional but hers is also one of the most symetrical among them.

  11. i don’t understand the hype for gigante. i think estoque is better among KF girls. very natural and fresh.

    • @ C : Excellent throwback C! He/She is pretending one of us 😉 samantalang amoy na amoy ko ang anghang at sibuyas…hahaha 🙂

      • I don’t want to stoop into your level. I know more than you know and you don’t know more than I don’t know. I’m exposed to beautiful things and I can winnow what is beautiful and ugly like you.

    • Ha! Binibini #10, the facially out of what you call beauty couldn’t have said it better: think before you click. So long, Credibility! Til next time. Next!

  12. Kailan ang start ng check in nila sa part of Official candidate? Seguro kaya ginawang 40 unlike last year kc baka maraming titles at stake this year. Hope that there is an upgrade for the coronation stage presentation including the crowns.

  13. If I were to give a criteria for selecting the official candidates maybe it will be like this:
    20% Beauty
    15% Height (5’11” = 15% , 5’10” = 14%, 5’9″ = 13%, 5’8″ = 12%, ….5’5″ = 9%)
    15% Body proportion
    15% Skin quality
    20% Intelligence/Commskills
    15% Poise/Pasarella
    100% total

    Example: In the case of Maria Gigante:
    19% beauty
    9 % height
    14% body
    14% skin
    19% Intelligence/Commskills
    15% Poise Pasarela

  14. Off Topic:

    Dami nanag wardrobe changes ni Pia pero post ko lang appearances nya beacuse on two occasions Filipino suot nya. The white one is from Boom Sason and the red dress is from Jot Losa. Her clutches are mostly from Filipino designers as well so clap clap clap.

    • isinali ako ng friend ko sa newly established fan group ni kim ross. gawa nila to. haha kaya pala ni Kim makipag sabayan sa kayatan ni Habach ng Venezuela at Tovar ng Colombia. Onting push sa energy at pagiging peppy. Styling at toning kaya na nila gawan ng paraan yan.

      • Mars Lai, Im rooting for Kim Ross too. At tama ka kunting fire up pa sa energy kasi ang aura nya ay parang batang pinilit lang ng nanay na sumali sa contest. I want to see in her the hunger and determination to win the MU crown. Enough of the flaccid look and poker face. Pangmowdel lang yon. Kabogan ang labanan dito, hindi basta pagandahan lang. Survival of the fittest ‘ika nga. Kim really has got the goods. But as to how she delivers the goods, that remains to be seen. Sa tingin ko mas babagay sa kanya ang tan skin pag suot nya ang Phil. sash.

      • @laila sis sino miss universe phil mo? Ako kim ross . miss international ko tatiana. ( btw i message her in ig and very friendly down to earth si ms tatiana)

      • Eustaquia oo nga dun sa video nya kita mo pagka pale nya. She’s 1/4 American from her mom’s side daw so kita sa skintone nya. Face is very Pinay. I don’t mind her nose kase even si Habach is known for her prominent nose na inayos na nila. Kaya ayusin ng makeup kung ayaw nila i retoke.

      • bess,

        sa ngayon gusto ko si Kim and Estoque. Mas may pwersa lang si Estoque kase medyo nalalamyaan pako kay Kim pero she’s got the goods sana.

        Gusto ko yung personality at utak ni Gigante kaso she’s on the short side and her styling is so MJ, I want her to have her own identity.

        Miss Chinatown girl is growing on me, he makeup is too heavy but she seems like smart. Dindi has a great body, her face during the screening was cute but her younger photos remind me of sheryl cruz. Angelique is malakas ang dating but there’s something about her styling now na napaka manly, napaka athletic na hindi appealing sakin.

        Edjelyn is pretty, too timid for MU I think but MI would be a good fit. Shucks, afterthought ko na lang si Kylie. Bakit kaya? Pumayat sya ng husto para syang maputing papel na nakalimutan mo nalang.

      • Ok lang din sa akin ang nose nya. Pwede na yan daanin sa make-up lang although hindi rin naman ako kontra sa retoke basta ba maganda ang resulta. At sana lang kung lagyan sya ng veneer, wag naman nila babuyin. Pwede naman yata magtrial and error muna bago gawing permanente.

      • @laila facial wise kylie is like Helen of troy( ganda ng face) si dindi ganda ng katawan. Best in swimsuit ang peg. The edjelyn ganda ng face din ( her and kim 2nd place sa face value) I also like Jessica and Nichole manalo( grabe mars laki ng ginanda)Kylie needs fierceness training talaga but I’m sure may uwi crown si Kylie at nichole manalo ( just like I’m so sure winner si pia last time)

      • basta ako I love the strategy of Kim Rosss ..just like Pia did pa nene effect or pashy effect ka muna….U need to peak when it neeeded…….eh ano ba kayo mga irrelevant bashers lang naman kayo!!!!! ang tatangga talaga ng mga vayut sa forum natooooooo….hung bilis maghusga kala mo may ibubuga…. hay jusko po #kimrossforMU

      • naku lai d mo type si Kylie? hmmm. hoping na magkalaman pa sya at sumeksi in a good shape talaga. shes so beautifull than kim for me. matangkad din naman kaya lang sa styling ako naiinis. medyo parang payat na payat pero her beauty saves her. gusto ko ung mga hair style para kay kylie same sa pics nila venenzuela at colombia na pinost mo. hoping to see her in that styling in finals with beautifull red or pink gown.

      • Gusto ko si Kylie, naputlaan lang ako at napayatan. Kung mababago pa nya aura nya game. Pero I’m liking this jessica gonzales. Why are we not talking about her? she’s 6 feet tall.

      • @laila di ba pwd imaging grand international si Jessica ? Mala Dominican rep miss grand international ang height.

    • wow so fun to see her speak good english and tagalog although medyo konting spark pa sana

    • maganda ang proportion ni Kim! Love love love her long legs! Again, she looks gorgeous when she’s not smiling. Pag nagsmile lang talaga, mejo off na. But then again, I have the same comments about Pia. I think she looks so much better when she does fierce facial expressions. Pero if Kim wins MUP, wala na rin akong reklamo because I know Mama J will take good care of her!

    • i like how her personality shows in this video. i wonder how she will look with black hair and if she were tanned..let’s face it tanned skin always looks better in swim suits.

    • Ok now I’m definitely a Kimmy fan ! Good grief Laila this shows a lot about her !
      For me she’s got the the height, aura and communication skills. She’s almost flawless. A&Q has found a gold mine in her. She reminds me a bit of Bianca G 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Sir Norman – she is definitely one of my “IT” girls for now alongside Nicole C.

      • @ Sir Norman -I have to agree with you Nicole is a very strong spoiler and I believe she will inch her way to the list of favorites depending on how A&Q train and transform her (Her aura reminds me of Ara). Is it safe to assume that Mama J is pinning his hopes on Kylie for the top plum since she is your front runner ? 🙂

    • Bakit kahit naka smile ang asim pa din ng mukha ni Kim Ross? at yung pisngi niya parang ang tigas…. tadtad ba ng collagen yan?

  15. Sana manalo si Kylie, betsina sya ni Ariadna eh.
    Baka ikamatay ng Santa pag natalo ang manok nya.

  16. Frontrunner:
    Kim de Los Santos

    Nichole Manalo
    Kylie Verzosa
    Jessica Gonzales
    Dindi Pajares
    Tatiana Maher

  17. Based on the pictures alone, I like the following:
    Nichole M.
    Nicole – I like her so much in this photo
    Maria – 2nd best

      • Yeah and someone who taught that Ann Colis will win Ms. Globe, Parul will be top 5 in MGI, Hillarie will win MWP, Janicel will surely be in the top 10 of MI, Bianca Guidotti will be clapper etc. etc.

      • Seriously though Fabian, do you think Pia could have still won if MU was still under Trump?

      • Absolutely… Even under trump . It’s the combination of hunger fierceness humility and good comm skills . And if u look back and watch the road to binibini 2014 and 2015 you will appreciate how facially beautiful she is.
        She could have easily won 2013 over Isler . And Paulina would not even have been in the running for the crown in 2014 if Pia was there. .. Itwould have been b/w pia and Nia

      • Fabian,
        Sorry but I think the other way around if Donald Trump was still the owner of MU
        or maybe I am just not a fan of Pia as everyone here knows but watching her in all the events and interviews that she is doing right now just make me proud of her and as a Filipino.
        I became a fan though during the prelims and the finals. She out-shined everyone on that stage 😉

      • correct fabian mtgal ng burado sa mapa ang pgiging feelingerang beauty expert nyng si JEREMI.. no class and total insecure towrds real beauty! palibhasa bading n wlang lovelyf kaya pany tmby dto nyng bklng yan!!

  18. You have used this compound word several times, na para bang hindi na typo error, at dahil sa galing mo sa English communication, some of us may use it, too. I am referring to your frequent use of “full-pledged”.

      • Pledge = committed – bound or obligated, as under a pledge to a particular cause, action, or attitude
        full-pledged = totally committed to something

        full-fledged = Having reached full development; mature.
        Having full status or rank: a full-fledged lawyer.
        Having fully developed adult plumage.

  19. I like gange’s (#19) I don’t know why but she look gorgeous on the photo above.

    • I mean I like her aura. parang old school beauty queen ang dating. very filipina for me.

  20. I have my eyes on 5 or 6 girls, but my bet ( at least for now ) for the MUP title is 5’10” beauty Kim Ross delos Santos.

  21. Tito Norm, hindi po ba nagpunta sa screening sina Emma Tiglao and Ria Rabajante? I don’t see their names in the official list.

    • And also yung taga Leyte na naging Festival Quuen noong Sinulog. Di ba sya nakapasok?

  22. How many times I scroll up and down just to satisfy my hunger that there is a certain lady here that will definitely be a strong contender for an international crown. But hate me now that Im telling you there isn’t !!! Who made these selections ? All the previous clappers? The same Binibining Pilipinas group who send ugly outfits and gowns? I rest my case . But in the other side of the coin given the fact that there will be a strong transformation I will bank my two cents to these ladies. 57 and 76 if and only if they are beautiful without makeup and very articulate in English. Prove me wrong ladies!

    • kaya nga. pero maganda pa din naman sya in her own way, kaya mas bet ko talaga si Kylie. si kim pag isipan ko pa. cant wait for bbp 2016. ang tagal grabe.sana iba na ngayon sa bbp.kung hinde mapalitan ang crown sana may preliminary round na. then sa final top 16. then they will compete for SS. then top 10 will be announces and they will compete for IG then annoucement of final candidate for exact count of winners including runner ups. if 6 crowns then 2 runner up so 8 will be the final candidates and scoring for Q&A. their score in IG wil be add in Q&A score to determine their titles or runner up. mas maganda ung ganong moment eh. may holding hands. matira matibay. kaya lang impossible.

  23. Pag nanalo si nichole manalo this time at may makahalungkat ng dating pics nya, lait na naman ang aabutin nya, lalo na sa mga galit sa Pinas. Angelique isn’t the prettiest pero has a very good communication skills. Hindi lang yong basta maka english, may laman ang sinasabi. Sana si Dindi magaling din magsalita. MUP na agad yan.

  24. In the last six years the BPCI delegate at MU has resulted in; one MU, one 1st runner up, two 3rd runners-up, one 4th runner-up,

    Those results ALONE should translate to ZERO tolerance in irresponsible behavior such laziness ane tantrums.

    A beautiful pageant queen with a bitchy self-centered attitude is not beautiful at all.

    Good luck to the 40 contenders.

    • #57 Dindi Pajares ! Not so beautiful outside BUT inside. Articulate, tall @ 5’10”, bubbly & good personality. Real diamond in the rough. and best bod.

      • @santiago post ka naman more about dindi. May uwi din crown yan im sure. Napansin ko talaga siya

  25. To say that this batch is weak is ridiculous. Just because you don’t have instant favourites or your favourites didn’t bother to be part of this batch does not equate to that. And I’ve noticed that those who say such thrash are the same people that can’t believe that Queen Pia was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2015. Enough said!

    My early favourites as of thius writing are:

    Frame 1: None

    Frame 2: Nichole

    Frame 3: Jehza, Angela F & Sheena

    Frame 4: Vina, Kimberle Mae, Kim Ross & Apriel

    Frame 5: Dindi & Kylie

    Frame 6: #68 & the one in red swimsuit

    Frame 7: Janel (if she is the same Janelle in the video posted by Hana Ko)

    As I’ve mentioned in my comments earlier, I’m only eyeing for the top two crowns so if any of my current favourites fall short of my 5’7″ requirement, they’re out. 😜

  26. Will be rooting for #57 Dindi Pajares. Matangkad, sexy, at maganda. And I hope na di ko na baguhin ang desisyon ko kasi sayang talaga siya kapag hindi MUP. 😀 sorry guys pero ito dapat ang i-hype, hindi yung mga overrated girls . 😇 GO DINDI PAJARES! May page na ba siya sa fb? Palink naman po. 😁

    I also like:
    Sheena Dalo – mukhang mag-ala Janine Tugonon + Venus Raj to. ☺
    Jessica Gonzales – Palagi silang magkatabi ni gigante, mas standout siya for me.
    Jehza Huelar – Ganda ng face pero yung smile nya parang hindi convincing. Practice pa ng smile na pang beauty queen.
    Joanna Eden – Really love the face. Very sweet. 😍 sa tingin ko marerecognize ang beauty niya internationally. Baka siya na yung hinahanap ng MGI o MIntercon.
    Kim Ross – Still debating though. Not feeling her yet pero sa tingin ko naman magpapasabog to.

    TITO NORMAN. Ano po ba titles na at stake? May MGI po ba at Globe?

  27. At least a 5’9″ for MUP this time.
    I think Nichole Manalo will be on top, great transformation from BbP 2014.

  28. I have my eyes fixed on Kim Ross & Nicole for now ! I can’t wait to see how they would eventually fare during the pre-pageant activities and come final night – & depending on how A & Q transform them physically & mentally, I would love to see them win MUP & Binibining Pilipinas International (pretty early to tell, I know) but I find these two having a strong potential to shine and do well in the competition. I also need to see how articulate these girls are (I’ve seen quite a few of their photos online and there is no doubt they are both effortlessly beautiful). 🙂

  29. #47 Kim was Miss Beauche 2014 and if I’m not mistaken, # 68 is Faith Garcia who was Miss Silka Philippines 2013.. Battle of the soap brands

  30. I guess the hyping of gigante was solely based on her photos, dusky, nice eyes and smile pero di kayo naniwala sakin na less than 5’7 ang ate nyo. Weeks before the screening, i havr this gut feeling na kung sino man ang MUA nya eh, MJ look-alike ang iaachieve and that what we saw. Shes the MJ prototype. Sayang lang talaga kase alam kong iba yung hitsura nya from MJ. Pareho silang maganda, pero dahil sa MUA nya, people will be expecting her to be the MJ for the whole competitioj instead of being the Maria. Magaling talaga yung MUA nya sa pagkopya ng mukha. I hope Maria will be the Maria nearing the finals. Sorry to burst your bubbles ahead sa mga fans ni Thomalla girl, shes less than 5’7. Magka-height lang sila ni ateng maria mo. If you wont believe me, see it for yourself.

  31. Kylie is pretty. medyo off lang ang pose nia for photos. ang daming pwede, ang dami ko ring hindi kilala. LOL pero so far, wala pa akong bet talaga since i want to see them in all the pre pageant activities, fashion show and lalo na sa pageant night, dun naman lahat mgkakatalo e. sa ngayon, congrats sa mga nakapasok. in fairness ha, BBP is really the most prestigious and sought after beauty pageant in the philippines. I’ve read before na top 3 ang Bb. Pilipinas na sinusubaybayan na national pageant internationally. first is Miss USA and the second one is Miss Venezuela.

  32. #57 Dindi Pajares ! Not so beautiful outside BUT inside. Articulate, tall @ 5’10”, bubbly & good personality. Real diamond in the rough. and best bod. needs refinement.

  33. wait, what happened to Ria? di nakapasok? sorry ngayon lang nakapag online at check uli ng blog ni Tito Norms! well, it’s too premature for me to say that this batch is weak or strong. right now, antay antay lang ang wait till the pageant night. I’m eyeing on some girls. but i have to give it to Nichole Manalo, iba ang transformation niya ha! Let’s just see who will be this year’s favorites, surprises and shockers. hehe!

  34. In no particular order:

    1. Nicole Cordoves
    2. Tatiana, Maher
    3. Kylie Versoza
    4. Kim Ross Delos Santos
    5. Angelique De Leon

  35. and who will be the last standing to face the daunting task of defending the crown and to stop a bloodied Colombian warrior …. Daaamn this is gonna be good , yeeehaw!

    • This is the main reason na pls lang tanggalin ang 5’6 below. Look at the competition above. And many more latinas

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