17 comments on “How long will they stay as Independents for Bb. Pilipinas 2016?

  1. Sana ginawa na lang 30 ang official candidates, daming pampagulo lang, pamparami at pompom girls.
    Pwede ngang 20 na lang eh.
    Mas maganda pa si YayaDub sa kalahati ng mga kandidata.

  2. Aniger = Regina 😉 I bet her parents/guardian are cool people, pero sana di na lang binaliktad 🙂

    Why Crescent? Had she a shape of crescent moon when she was born? 🙂

    Angela needs to stand up straight. She should capitalize on the very pretty face.

    I like Roshiela not because her name ends with an ‘a’ . The way she stands up shows a lot of confidence with a relax effort smile. I’ll be rooting for her and hope one of the camps takes her in. She’s potential.

    • @Jo D’Mango 2.0 Maganda lahat yung pili mo. Maganda yung video pero itatama ko lang sa #6 hindi si Bianca ang sasali kundi yung kapatid si Nichole Manalo.

  3. Kaloka ang name ni Aniger. Binaligtad na Regina.
    I like Angela may chance sya, pero maybe not this year.

  4. Baka ma disqualify si Janel Olafson dahil sa semi nude photos? So sana ipasok si Ria Rabajante?

  5. I thought it was Angela Ritter Valdez, Reeder pala. Napa isip tuloy ako una kung kamag anak ito ni Susan Jane Ritter Bb Pilipinas International 1997

  6. That is a good question? Joining a pageant without any means to support you is not as easy as what they think and I am sure this lovely ladies will be adopted by any beauty camps soon.

  7. I checked Crescent Anne Samaco’s info on-line and I do believe she is a foreign-bred (and well-off) and went home to try her luck as a future binibini.

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