8 comments on “Sunday Specials: 14 for Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4

  1. This show has yet to produce a really working top model, if you know what I mean. Nasan na mg previous winners? Kahit apat pa ang kunin nilang Pinay contestants, nganga lang kasi panghatak lang tayo ng ratings. Zilch ang show nato.

  2. such a forgettable contest that we should never dignify… unlike MU or MW, or maybe even MI, ten years from now, who will even remember the winner of ANTM, we have sent some very competitive and outstanding models previously, and what happened..?? SAYANG lang ang oras dito….

  3. Trust me, they won’t let a Filipina win. Never ever. So we shouldn’t waste time on these biased and negligible regional competitions.

    • gaga. dmo nabasa sa unang post ni kuya norms. ligwak ang mga bet natin, si ja lng nagtagal (ayun daw sa bulung bulungan)

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