80 comments on “Sunday Specials: 10 for Kagandahang Flores in Bb. Pilipinas 2016

  1. Parang iisa lang ang mga hubog ng fez lak ng mga KF…. parang si prongoso, manalo and jessica ang mag tataguyod ng KF ngayon. we’ll see. I have a feeling na A&Q ang hahakot ng awards.

  2. Mariella Castillo is 5’6 at 2010 Bb .she is candidate number 1 .base on this pic na nakataas noo ni gigante at slight tabingi ulo ni mariella gigante is only 5’4 1/2 . madami rin ho kasi nakapansin na Hindi 5’6 nakakapasok as official candidate. Para sa akin ho for the love of my country sundin ang height requirement. Wag na ho ipilit ang maliit . at tama po gun sabi ng iba dito tayo at may mga mata at isip

      • Base on my knowledge candidate one is the smallest candidate if mariella Castillo is candidate 1 in bbp 2010 . then what is the 5’6 requirement ekek? There are much smaller girls than Marielle Castillo.

    • I think Maria is at least 5’6″. In this photo magkasing tangkad sila Maria at Mariella. Notice their heels, mas mataas ang kay Mariella compared sa heels ni Maria.

  3. at kaya daw mas maraming nakapasok sa kampo niyo last year kasi magaling din sumipsip ng coca cola ang mama niyo

  4. sa KF, I like Nichole Manalo, Paula Rich Bartolome and Maria Gigante (only cause she seems well prepared).

  5. One thing for sure whoever is the representative of the Philippines they are already given a slot just for wearing the sash of Philippines . But this time it will be an arduous battle for them. Base on the pictures presented nobody exudes the aura of international beauty queen. But prove me wrong girls that is a challenge for everybody.

  6. Di mo madedeny na ang ganda ni maria gigante, facially siya pinakamaganda for me. Pero walang magyayari talaga kapag tinabi sa matangkad. In that pic, you’ll notice jessica than maria. Mukha siyang hirap na hirap na iangat ang sarili nya, while jessica seems effortless like a real queen. Just my thoughts.

    • @ariadna. I’m imagining gigante katabi mga latinas. Mukhang trying hard. Then mag press release na 5’7 ang 5’4 . Jessica pang ms grand internatonal- sya ang kapansin pansin sa KF

  7. I think jessica has something to offer besides being pretty and tall girl, she also a soon to be lawyer… well… we will see in the up coming days…. makikita na kung sino ang mas kakabog this year…. nicole manalo also in the track she is ready to fight and run for the crown….. wag muna mang understimate sa mga bagohang merlat malay nmn ninyo sila pa ang mas aangat… best of luck sa mga ukray dyan!!!


    • @ordep super agree. Bansot ng torch bearer ng kf. If I am kf I focus on Nichole or Jessica. Not waste time w overrated veneers girl

  9. We need to stop hyping this not so Gigante girl! She’s too fake looking and way too short! Please! There are any tall beautiful girls that can be polished in this batch. Let’s not waste time on girls below 5’8. Anyone but Gigante

  10. Through the years what I have learned is that anything can happen until the last minute, Bb. Pilipinas is about consistency especially in character and presentation. There were many cases when a girl suddenly shines and peaks when it mattered, there are one or two spoilers. When you interact with these ladies regularly you can surely separate the better ones in terms of beauty, character, personality and intelligence. So, it is good to watch them until April 17th which is 2 months away.

    I just noticed that Bb. Pilipinas discouraged cross overs or were they vocal of Mutya or MWP girls not ‘allowed’ to screen? I thought MWP KF girls Rachel Peters. Lorraine were joining? The same with Mutya winners Eva and Glennifer?

  11. i like jessica gonzales or sheena dalo for MUP lalo na pag after ng BbP yung tlgang itrain na for MU. i bet lalabas si fireceness . kaya konting pusssshhh pa.
    i like Dindi as well ,kulang pa ng facial ek ek para bagay for MU pero tingin ko mas ok cia sa MGI or Supra
    Kylie is ready kaso her face is not for MU for me ah. better Supra or Globe.
    Kim Ross pang International or Intercon
    Penchon International or intercon
    Gigante ok sana for MU kaso im seeing MJ eh dapat ibng styling. peede cya Globe
    Joana Eden looks promising , maybe during training na for MU mas maiprove si ate
    Alexandria Garcia lakas maka Natalie glebova. pwede pang MU . hinahanap ko lang si fierce sa mga aura nila.
    Nichole laki ng transformation . my laban . pero not for Mu.

    paularich ok lang pwede kaso mejo payat.
    jeslyn pang runner up

    for now sila lang tumatak sa icip ko hahaha

    wait ko interview and rampa nila .

    • Count me in for Jessica Gonzales.

      Of all KF girls who qualified as BbP 2016 Official candidates, she’s the only one who is not featured here by Sir Norman before the screening. I have the feeling that she is KF’s flag bearer this year but Sir Norman maybe was confided to spare this girl to featuring in his blog. Just a conspiracy theory 😉

  12. The Manalo girl seems ready this year, aminin maraming na surprise sa presentation nya. Hindi sya mukhang Miss Taiwan as of this writing she’s my Supranational. She’s crown worthy this year, the body and stance is so hard to ignore. For MUP, I feel it is a battle between Gigante and Kim Ross. I will not go for Kylie coz she’s a Pia prototype and not Anegelique because she reminds me of Adriana. I cannot just dismiss this Mariella girl too, I remember during Venus time, fierce kung fierce. If I remember it right she can talk. She will give a good fight for the MUP crown too. So far they my top favorite for the MUP crown. Jessica Gonzales or Cordova girl from Aces and Queen for Miss International. For Miss Intercontinental – I think, this is where Kylie or Angelique fit. For Miss Globe – I go Paula Rich Bartolome. For Runner up, I would love to see Taher ba yun…she’s very promising. Still very early….but so far sila ang nag stand out sa akin judging from the pictures and videos that I saw.

  13. Manang Norman, anong nangyari kay Ria Rabajante, Lorraine K., don sa candy girl na teacher at kay Tumang tsaka kay Eva Patalinjug?

  14. Wow gaganda naman ng mga girls na to. Walang patapon hays everyone is worthy of a crown. Mahihirapan ang mga judges all of this 10 ladies are winners na.

    • Talaga naman pala na to the highest level ang mga KF ladies this year. Grabe as in walang itulak kabigin. Winner lahat

      Magaganda din ang Aces.

  15. Prongoso’s cheeckbone alone could land her a semifinal slot. BTW, what happened to Lorraine K?

  16. Magaganda nman sila in fairness 😃
    C Mariella Castillo ang most photographed sa screening kc lagi cya nasa background ng mga pics ng bawat candidates😃lol

  17. Hmmmmm I think most if not all of the 40 candidates really need a lot of hard work.
    They should scour the whole archipelago next time to search for real beauties, not just the ones
    that are hyped by handlers and beauty camps.

  18. A group of real tall ladies: Mariella Castillo 5’8″, Jessica Gonzales 5’11.5″, Maria Gigante 5’7″, Paula Bartolome 5’9″, Joanna Eden 5’9″, Alexandra Garcia 5’7″, Kristine Estoque 5’9″, Lina Prongoso 5’10”, Anjellica Lopez 5’9″, & Nichole Manalo 5’9.5″.

    • Really??? Mariella and Maria looks short. They look 5’5 to me. Nichole Manalo I think was measured as 5’6 the last time she competed. Unless they gulped growth hormones.

      • @johnny apir!! Ang damier nagbubulagbulagan maipilit lang na 5’7 . haler??? Pinanganak ho tayo may mga mata at isip.No way na 5’7 yan si gigante.wag naman gawin tanga ang madlang people. She is only 5’4 tama si fabian.at least he is partial sa good points and bad points

      • Sorry about Nicole, she is 5’9″. However, Mariella was the shortest contestant in the 2010 edition. And she(Mariella) share the same height as Maria.

      • I believe Nichole Manalo is 5’9″. In the 2014 BbP edition it is mentioned she was 5’9-1/2″.
        There is no 5’4″ in this batch. Tumigil kayo, dahil ang minimum height required ng BbP is 5’6″. Kaya nga hindi napasama sina Rabajante at Wynwyn who are only 5’5″.

      • @miss tissa. Di naman ho nag apply si wynwyn this yr. 5’5 sya but official candidate si wyn last yr. Di naman ho kasi lahat ng tao tangap ng tangap ng details kahit sumisigaw na ang liit talaga

      • @tissa panay sabi nyo na limit in wyn tapos MA’s maliit pa Kay wyn yun 2 dito. E di nilampaso tayo sa international contest.

      • Last year pinalusot talaga si Wynwyn kahit na 5’5″ lang sya. May ibubuga naman talaga kasi si Wynwyn. Short nga lang sya ng 1 inch pero pwede na. Mayroon din mga nakakalusot na kahit matatangkad pero kulang naman sa ibang aspeto. Kumbaga sa grading system, pasado ang average grade.

      • @ miss tissa therefore I conclude even below 5’6 nakakalusot contrary to your statement above. Case and point an liit nun 2 candidate above. Ikaw na din nagsabi Hindi nadadaya ang height. Nothing against peeps here pero linawan naman mata

    • @mikko. No way gigante is 5’7, petite niya kaya. Are we going to turn a blind eye sa press release na height? Matatangap ko pa si mj though 5’6 vavavoom body but Gigante? Wala pang 5’5 statement of fact

    • You will all see the line up when they receive their respective official numbers which is done in pyramidal order. Mariella was 5’8″ back in 2010 when she competed at BP and Miss Teen World where she place Top 10 on both of them.

      • Candidate number one ho si mariella Castillo at 5’6 last 2010.mataas pa siya sa 2 candidate ng kf ng 1-2 inch

    • @mikko. Para sa katatahimik mo si jessica 6’3. Para 5’7,na si veneers. Ang pagsukat ho ng height di kasama ang clogs. All I know nilamon si veneers ni Jessica sa pic na to. Alam na sino dapat torch bearer ng KF. Pls lang rep ng Pinas wag na magpadala ng kulang sa height .sa group na to 5 matangkad. Estoque prongoso Gonzales manalo lopez

  19. Oh, thank you so much Sir Norman. It is such a relief that my bet Jessica Gonzales has a camp. She reminds me of Shamcey as a newbie but at the end …’KAVOOOOM’ !!!

    The KF5 Towering Inferno: #Nichole-Jessica-Kristine-Lina-Anjellica

    =c3 =c3 =c3 =c3 =c3

  20. Joanna Louise Eden reminds me of Isabela Monjon.
    I like her beauty, expensive ang peg, effortless at hindi papansin.

    • Basil , Hilig mo talaga sa TY girls hihihi
      Ang Galing Ng tindig ni Paula Rich Kristin and Alexandra ( pls do not dare compare her to MJ)
      Lake Ng hita ni Nichole
      I like Jennifer not just because of her height. She has a very feminine vibe , puedeng sa MU and MI.
      I was leaning towards Gigante for MUP but the pics above are a disappointment . Her nose looks very fake and she Is too short ( parang 5’4-5’5) 🙂
      I ll just wait for the Road … It will give me a much better idea of who these girls are

      • Maliit talaga Syang tingnan. Sana man Lang ‘it ‘ girl like Kylie edgelyn and Alex.

      • @fabian I admire di kayo bulag sa katotohanan. You accept truth unlike “the others”

    • @fabianita,
      Di pa nagsisimula ang labanan, TY na agad, di ba pwedeng bumubwelo muna?
      Harsh mo naman te, tyuhin mo ba si Satanas?

      • Ano bang problema mo Madamme Fabianita?
        I just like the beauty of Joanna.
        I don’t care kung manalo o pumalakpak sya.
        Basta ang importante sa akin e mautangan ko sya if in case na manalo sya.

  21. G I G A N T E = kulang sa height wag na ipilit ( mj , hilarie parungao til top 10 lang kaya if ipilit ang maliit . pls lang flagbearer ng Pinas wag magpadala ng 5’6 below

  22. Amazing winnable batch of KF beauties- tall and gorgeous. I can see three ladies from this group will be lucky. Good luck ladies!

      • Same here. She would have been great at MU. I’m afraid India will field another Susmita Sen or Lara and I do not know any one else but GigAnte who can respond to that challenge.
        We need a no-nonsense ‘it’ girl like pia 😀

      • @fabian. She might have the brain but we also need the ” height” Hindi acceptable ang height niya. I don’t know if Bb Pilipinas has a measuring tape. Mura lang naman yun sa hardware .

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