17 comments on “More than an eye Candy, she wants to be a Binibini

  1. Her candy face reminds me of one of the presenters of Tawag ng Tanghalan who’s in her late thirties and sports a short hair. Unfortunately I dunno her name.

  2. I want her in Miss Tiffany Queen International, successor of Trixie Maristela.
    Trixie in swimsuit, isn’t she sizzling hot?

  3. maganda din ito theres something in her eyes! pero parang need to polish pa more. maybe next year pwede. but if her team can make her perfect then shes is among the one.

  4. This girl has potential… with the right styling she could be team JDV’s best bet…

    -Jet black hair please
    – No to cheap chandelier earings.
    – subtle smokey eye make up would be nice..
    – the eyebrows should be drawn at a higher angle for a fiercer more Asian look.
    – Don’t use a swimsuit with a busy print specially on a white background…
    – a golden tan would be so much better.
    – angle one’s body in favor to the camera while emphasizing one’s curves…

    Practice makes perfect! 😀

    • In addition:

      -The lips are too pale and should be drawn beautifully 1st before coloring.

      @Doña Angelica

      Hahaha… give chance to others! 😀

  5. Naku ineng, sa dami ng ginagawa ng mga teachers sa trabaho, may time ka pa sumali sa mga pageants? Pero dahil may “K” ka naman, iwan mo muna ang class records mo at rumampa ka muna.
    Good Luck!

    • Share ko lang tong c ateng Gloria kung bakit parang may tampo o galit na hindi mo maintindihan 🙂
      Tapos noong nasa Araneta c Queen Pia eh c Manang Margie lang ang nandoon at wala sya 🙂
      Anong totoong nangyari Manang Goring 🙂 lol

      • This is a true story. When I was about 7 or 8, I had the chance to actually sit across Gloria Diaz at a dinner party I went to with my parents in Dagupan City hosted by the De Venecias (Manay Ichu Maceda and her husband Joe De Venecia). She would’ve been in her 30s thereabouts. She was wearing this asymmetrical off-shoulder shift dress, her hair simply parted in the middle and falling over her shoulders in soft curls.

        Nobody was making that much of a fuss over her and didn’t know her from Adam, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. I was transfixed. Gay or not, I think children know when they’re in the presence of physical beauty that is unlike any other in a room for example.

        I can’t remember if she wore make-up, but I remember her being a perfectly even tan complexion, utterly poreless skin (or maybe years have erased those pores in my memory lol) and a way of carrying herself that was completely independent from the space around her or the people she was with.

        ‘She’s Miss Universe- that contest where girls from all over the world compete in and to be judged as the most beautiful in the world’, my mother would tell me later even if it would be years before I got interested in pageants (that would be watching Ruffa compete at Miss World in my sophomore year at Cervini Hall at the Ateneo and screaming like a girl).

        But I never did forget that meeting and to this day, that’s how I always think a winning queen should be- that her beauty first and foremost, should always come from an undeniable presence.

        But having said that- where the fuck was Gloria Diaz during Pia’s homecoming??????

      • @Andrew

        I guess she was thinking…. It’s Margie and Pia’s time to shine…. lagi nalang nya kasi nasasapawan si Margie…. and now dagdag pa si Pia… hahaha 😀

      • @Closer2Fame..i think theres a bigger story to Gloria being MIA…meron syang video right after Pia’s victory where she sounded shall I say, slightly ‘dismissive’ of Pia’s capabilities….

      • @Jack

        That was a full decade and then some when you saw her (i did the math and the party where I saw her was in 1982)…maybe she was battling the awful 40s- midlife crisis, flagging hormones, wandering husband lol….

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