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  1. Just saw pics of Ria taken at Novotel earlier today. She’ll definitely make it to the official list along with Jehza Hueler and Nichole Manalo.

  2. I am always in awe of Ria’s exotic beauty. If it’s really a wrong move to send a Pia Wurtzbach prototype in MU2016, then let’s send an exotic Filipina beauty, no half-breeds, na pwedeng ipanglaban sa mga exotic latinas. Kung mapolish lang to ng mabuti, ito ang gandang Pilipina na kayang kayang makipagsabyan sa mga latinas kung ganda lang ang paguusapan. Medyo kinulang nga lang sa height but i guess that’s forgivable to the judges because she is a SE asian. Now, kung patalinuhan at comm skills na ang labanan, ibang usapan na yon. Pero 3rd time na nya, siguro naman hasang-hasa na si Ria. I wish BPCI will give Ria the chance of a lifetime. Besides, di ba tayo na rin nagsabi na next to impossible ang back to back so bakit natin isugal ang mga perceived front runners this year? Save them for the next years MU edition para di masayang ang mga may potensyal. Let’s send a dark horse or wild card, not a front runner. It’s a good strategy right?

  3. Kylie Versoza has the most beautiful face( ka level ni beth tamayo. Gandang di pagiisipan) as of the rest double time daanin sa arrive, poise, intelligence, veneers

  4. I must say, Angelique’s new look is stunning. Can’t wait to see her in motion.

    And I must applaud Ria for her determination. It really takes strength of personality to compete for a third time and I admire her for that. I’m actually eager to see what she has in store for us this year.

  5. I love Angelique. She’s a stand out for me. I hope she places well this time around. My bet for Miss Universe Philippines.

  6. I always thought that Angelique has the comskills and body… Her face may not be the strongest before but the simple non-invasive attachement of veneers really improved her face. I wonder how she looks now during the interviews? With her new look, she might win one of the crowns.

  7. I am still waiting for the girl whom I will be rooting for
    That’s all I can say for now.
    So excited to see the final crop.

  8. Ayyyy joinsung na naman si Rabajante?
    Please lang pakibigay na sa babaitang ito ang Supranational, A for effort!

  9. Basta kung sino man ang mgiging MUP dapat fresh, maganda, queenly ang aura, bubbly personality, striking height, mesmerizing pasarela, nice body proportion and intelligent. Ayaw ko na ng pia prototype. Dapat new styling pero stand out talaga to continue the momentum ng pinas sa MU. Dayana mendoza and stefania fernandez are very different from each other but they stand out in their own way. I remember sa interview ni osmel na gusto nyang i-achieve ni dayana ang exotic latina vibe, kumbaga beach babe. For stefania naman eh old hollywood glam-up (golden era of hollywood) daw. Lets drift away cguro from the pia prototypes.

  10. IMO Kylie and Angelique are the standouts here. Not closing my doors for the other girls though, they might surprise us. This batch could be the strongest EVER in te history of BBP.

  11. Batch of clappers . Sorry next candidate please. When i was in LasVegas watching the Miss Universe im just in awe with the caliber of beauties from the other countries. We need to send a high caliber candidate specially our reigning queen is from our country. Remember the back to back syndrome last time..what happened we end up crying . Miss world back to back, Miss international back to back ,miss supranational back to back …. But we end up in the back stage crying !!1

  12. i like angelique here shes like a doll. aurang winner. lumalatina. pero in my mind Kylie tops these 5 ladies. 1. kylie 2. anglique 3. Ria 4. aiza
    5. nichole. si angelique kase parang kailangan mo pang make upan ng matagal to make her look stunning. si kylie konting effort lang sa make up nya ok na. hinde sya masyadong exotic pero she has the IT for me shes fresh looking. i really like her looks in some photos and im expecting that she looks good in person and on tv. kahit may pagka plain ng konti isa sya sa napupulsuhan ko for MU. but angeliue has a greatest chances too palagi naman maganda ang aura nya pero hinde naman napapansin. the reason is may mas magaling pa sa kanya before. but hoping this time mas ok ang dating nya, pero mukhang may chance ito for intercon, globe, grand at MU ang title na lalabanan nya. si kylie pwede sa lahat except supra. so watch out for this 2 ladies. hoping din na nag level up na ang kay kylie kahit d ko nagustuhan ang style nya before may naramdaman ako na pwede talaga sya so how come bbp2016 she will surely rock the stage one more time and will grab one of the titles. Si Ria masyadong exotic we need someone na medyo may pagka fresh din tignan. parang nakakatakot ang looks ni Ria, and if matangkad pa sya let me think. si aiza palaban din, so watch out din for her. kay nichole baka mapa rogelie catacutan ang maging result nya sa pageant. mailagay sya sa supra. wla lang baka lang hehe.

  13. Kylie for me. Intelligent. I just want to see her in bun or pony tail. MUP no doubt.

  14. The quintet look “improved” and if they made if officially before, they’ll probably make it again thius edition. Package-wise I’ll rank their chances to the crown as 1) Kylie, 2) Nichole, 3) Ria, 4) Angelique, and 5) Aiza. Simply my opinion.

  15. Only Kylie has unquestionable beauty among the 5 . I won’t mind if she wins MUP- she is beautiful And very feminine.
    I like Ria too. But I do not know how she can get the attention of the judges and audience . her pics look great, she is just ‘invisible’ on stage .

  16. i want a girl who has the complete package, but if she lacks in communication skills department at least she must possess striking and mesmerizing facial beauty with an attitude that speaks confidence pero hindi bitchy ang vibe, bigay na natin sa latinas yan. Among these girls, i’m looking forward to see more of Angelique. Nichole has the height and alabaster skin, but i think she is not as pretty as her sisters, ewan ko in person. Aiza, given a good styling, in time she could be a strong contender but she lacks the comm. skills, parang hindi sanay mag English, if i’m not mistaken parang may accent na matigas, sana nag improved na, otherwise pwede naman sya manalo ng crown, just like Mutya Datul, Janicel, Melanie Marquez, Anthea Robles, and others who were known na hindi nman nila bailiwick ang proficiency in English. Kylie’s beauty is unquestionable, para na nga syang si Angel Locsin sa paningin ko, pero sana paghusayan nya ng husto because she wouldnt be a MW runner-up for nothing. Sayang naman sya kung di sya magiging Binibini. Iba ang tatak Bb. Pilipinas, isa kang royalty all your life. Iba ang respeto sa Binibing Pilipinas.

  17. My choices:
    1st I like Angelique’s commskills. Siya yung kahawig ni Shamcey that time. I just noticed hindi maganda ang kanyang set of dentures. Sana na-improve na ngayon.
    2nd, is Kylie, I like her beauty and height and the way she speaks too.
    2nd, Nicole Manalo, because of her height I think she is 5’9″. Although I like her sister more (Bianca Manalo). I hope she is more prepared now and has improved a lot. This is her last bid for MUP because of her age at 26.
    3rd, Ria Rabajante, I like her exotic beauty and the way she speaks but unfortunately she lacks the height. I think she is only 5’6″ or less?
    3rd, Aiza Faeldonia – I like her height, I hope she has improved a lot today. This is also her last bid for MUP.

    GOOD LUCK ladies!

  18. I’ve always liked Angelique. She has a good communication skill and speaks with sense. She also have a nice walk. With more advance training, she will be a force to be reckon with. Unfortunately, she lacks in the facial beauty department.

    I also like Aiza. She’s not a goddess but her face stands out and is memorable. Unfortunately, she sound like Ara Arida inside a noisy tunnel.

    • Kylie…. She looks like a lady bug.

      Ria….. Great cat walk. That’s about it. Her face looks mean even when smiling. She looks like Villain Clara from Mara Clara (Gladys Reyes version)

      And Nichole…. Next >>>>>>>>>

  19. In these photos, Angelique is the clear standout with her stunning facial features. Aiza and Kylie are also beautiful and seasoned pageant veterans who will likely be frontrunners too.

    What a challenging task it will be for selecting the Bb class of 2016. Even more challenging is the eventual winners in following the success of the extraordinary and highly successful Bb class of 2015.

    Best of luck and good tidings to all the potential candidates, both new and returning.

  20. Shitttt talaga ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ngayon ko lang naview yung kay Aiza ….pesteng jawaa day naunsa man ka oiii ๐Ÿ™‚
    Unta pagtarong na karon kay bisag hiskul video nga project ug kung ingon-ana ang presentation, wa jamo ang makuhang grado sa video project gang ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ako ang naulaw…ha ha ha ha ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. They are all perfectly beautiful with the help of modern technology like Photoshop but I am just wondering how do they look like without make-up. Anyway, beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It’s about having a pretty mind, pretty heart and pretty soul. Good luck ladies!

    • Pia’s photos are also photoshopped.. lahat naman ng glam photos phino-photoshop kahit sa mga past miss universe winners even famous models and celebs here and abroad. at mahahalata mo naman kung heavily photoshopped or hindi

  22. Angelique de Leon and Janicel were my votes for BBP2015. this time I’m rooting for Angelique, Kylie and Anjie B. I think in order to aim for Back to Back or at least top 3, we need to have a rep who’s quite different from Pia, the obvious is height so I would say we might wanna put Angelique or Anjie for the MUP

  23. I’m for Angelique for her height, body proportion, facial feature, and communication skills. Even though I’m not too sure of the other 3 because they either lack the height, facial beauty or communication skills, I think we should give them the chance to prove themselves again. They might surprise us:-)

  24. Rooting for Angelique! She can be a spokesperson with a sexy body and now with a flawless face to match! ๐Ÿ˜€

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