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  1. Let’s stop overanalyzing these ladies. I think most of them can be contenders at Miss U face-wise. We just need someone who will stay in shape and talk comfortably on stage ( yung walang ‘ilang ‘ or yuck factor pag nagsalita na – MJ Ara Venus)
    I hope Wynwyn joins again. She may be short but she rocks the stage like no other candidate. She has a very pleasant face and voice too. If you want a full- blooded Filipino , choose her … Not Balatbat .
    BTW, does anyone know what happened to Balatbat at Model of the Year contest?

    • @Fabian

      Why do you keep on saying “full-blooded” Filipino?
      Again, Filipino is a nationality not a race…
      FYI, even Wynwyn has mixed racial ancestry… her paternal grandparents, Artemio Marquez and Teresita Esguera Perez are at least 1/4 Spanish.. While her maternal grandfather Frank Lacsamana obviously has Indian ancestry. Aside from their family’s evident indian features, the last name Laksamana (Jawi: لقسامان) is a position within the armed forces, similar to the position of admiral in Malay sultanates and in present-day countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. The word Laksamana originated from Lakshmana, a figure in the Hindu epic of Ramayana.

      • @c2f , that’s very impressive . But stop being too literal. I’m tired of people saying we are a Melting pot.bull shit, everyone knows that . What I meant by being’full- blooded ‘ is , can you mistake Wyn Wyn for anyone but Filipino? Can you say she is Spanish or Indian of what ever the hell is her mixture? Of course not, she is Filipino sa Isip sa salita a t sa gawa. Sa ngiti palang , alam mong Pinoy na.
        Vs Mcgarry peters etc.

    • I agree with Wynwyn Marquez and the girl can talk aside from being poised, composed, classy and pretty and she got a nice body too.

      • @ jeremi. Tse! But I agree. Wynwyn is a winner. She may not win MU but she will go far…..maybe even all the way to top 3

    • wyn wyn performed very well. pero for me ung ganda nya exotic feature nya mas mag sstand out talaga if she has the height at least 5’7. if they are going to give her a title maybe supra. she fits there. magaling sya sumayaw so during SS ng supra makakapasok yan sa top 10. look at miss indonesia last year sa MU halos magkasing level lang yata sila ni wyn wyn. But if she comes out with a proper styling and gown na magpapastand out sa kanya sa bbp2016 judges pa rin ang masusunod hehe. pero shes in for one of the title. palaban naman sya.

  2. Gigante girl is over rated. She’s beautiful in pics but look at her in motion…pero sige join pa rin, okey naman ang com. skills nya.

  3. Gigantes is gorgeous. Maybe Supranational/Grand International but not Universe. We need a representative whose looks can be both commercial and high fashion. Not to mention yung mukhang expensive at classy. Sa sobra kasi dami enhancements sa face nya, parang she can only pull off one look. No offense meant. She looks short pa. Like everyone else is saying, our next MUP representative should be Pia’s upgrade not downgrade.

  4. In this group presented here, Kim Ross, Sheena Dalo and Maria Gigante stand out. Kim’s look can be very polished, very versatile, and she can carry different looks effortlessly. Sheena Dalo is a very tall, beautiful morena. She really has tremendous potential. And Maria Gigante’s vivacious personality and projection will carry her far, much like it did for MJ.

  5. Judging by these photos only, Maria Gigante is the clear stand out.

    However, I find Tatiana Maher intriguing. Judging by her photo and video, I don’t know if I find her stunning or stunned.

  6. None are MU material.

    Kim Ross only looks good in 3/4 profile shots. She has a weird nose that points down. She doesn’t look good full frontal. If you look at most of her photos, their mostly 3/4 profile shots. The full frontal shots are farrrrr away.

    Maria Gigante is what I like to call “deceptive beauty”. Meaning she only looks good with make up…. because without it, she’s barely recognizable from her photos.

    As for the other girls… NEXT >>>>>>>>

    • Its OK that maria g only looks good with make up. She will joi. Anyway with make up. These pageants are not reality show anyway

  7. The Giant girl for me.

    Maria GIGANTE!

    MU- fierce and exotic.
    I hope that Bbp will also give the Top Spot (Crown) to newbies.

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