46 comments on “And she will now be known as Mrs. Rolene Strauss-Strauss

  1. Geoff ikaw yung kausap ko kelan lang diba about Aiza Faeldonia diba? Kakapost lang to sa FB, nakita ko kamukhang kamukha nya dito si Edymar. Kaso sabi nila weak daw comm skills nya.

    • Laila : Nag-iingay ang mars mo sa baba oh gamit ang 3 niyang account..ha ha ha 🙂
      Jawskho mga Squatter.. di na nahiya kay Sir Norman.
      Mga walang breeding… 🙂
      Hello mga friends, you’re invited to meet bong ok 🙂
      Ang hindi sisipot napakalaking Squatter ang tinitirhan at taga Baliwag, Bulacan 🙂
      Happy Valentines Day 🙂

  2. Hahaha lakas ng tawa ko sa comment mo Miss Tissa. Pero oo nga nkakatakot ang ngipin anlaki laki


  4. Megan deserves better than that guy! I truly hope she wakes up and walks away from him. I feel like he’s going to be her downfall, like he’s hindering her from becoming big.

    Anyway congrats to Rolene!

  5. The insane (baliw/buang) Pinoys are still posting against MU Pia even if it is unrelated to this article.

    Tsk tsk tsk. Multiple accounts = insane (baliw/buang) Pinoys.

    • Well i complimented Pia for a job well done and her versatility, but your friend justjrc took it the wrong way. And so do u.

      • You commented. It means you were struck by my comment and you’re insane.
        Go to hell. I have no time for lowly people here. Tsu tsu.

      • No you don’t understand its you, you interpreted a nice comment to being ‘buang as you call it? Then its you whom you are describing.

  6. Haaaay Mikael, when I saw your uncensored photo scandal, feeling ko ako si Steve Harvey, kasi napasabi na lang ako ng, I have to apologize, di ko napigil tumili.

    • Incest hahaha.joke.

      There were people who marry their relatives for the reason that they want to maintain their wealth within the family.

      • @jack

        You are a boy scout, you always have with you a tape measure.Anyways have you watch me at Ellen Degeneres Show? Still trending in youtube actually. Filipinos like to watch me.

      • Hayy nakoh jacko tape measure pala dala mo e maigsi yan! Dapat steel tape na 3 meters tanga!
        Ako 5’7″ din ako kaya di ko na kailangan ang pansukat pag katabi ko ang isang tao.

      • @jack
        You made me laugh really. I’m laughing in tears.5’4″ parin.Firm ka talaga sa sukat mo kay Queen P.

        We need someone like you with humor. Well i guess most of forumer are too serious. Life is shortt to take it too seriously.

      • Engineer po kaya ako! kaya sanay ako sa pagsusukat. At least yung steel tape ay mas accurate na pansukat. Mga bobo talaga kayo!.

      • ahhhh ganun ba, pero dito sa atin parang isusumpa k kung nagka ganun heheheh

    • Oh God please NO! It’ll be a terrible mistake and she’s sure to regret that! I really feel she’s hindered by this guy. I feel bad vibes from him. Trying hard and riding Megan’s fame – like pa-epal especially during her reign. 😦 There’s someone better for Megan out there.

      • well I just don’t want her to end up like Georgina Wilson who got stuck here because of her relationship Borgy Manatoc. She could have done what Kelsey Merritt is doing right now since she has all the traits of becoming a successful international super model. But what happened? She’s stuck here. She leaned too much into that relationship and felt too settled with Borgy. We all know that her relationship failed. She’s too old now to even pursue the international stage as a model. Asia’s next top model gig doesn’t even count. It’s too late. Sigh… I just want Megan to go further and I don’t think that guy is helping, and like Borgy, I feel like he’s hindering her. The markers are there, just like with Georgina and Borgy. I think Pia is lucky to be single right now and that she can really pursue her dreams with no strings attached holding her back. I wish the same for Megan. She does deserve better and she’s definitely so near her dream of breaking through in the entertainment internationally. It’ll go to waste if she missed her chances. I don’t want her to be like Georgina Wilson, a wasted talent/opportunity.

        And yes, i feel like there’s a better guy for Megan.

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