22 comments on “Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach: A Social Media Darling

  1. Pia Papaia, nun parada, sumigaw ako sa’yo ng PAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTANG!
    Ano ginawa mo, inirapan mo ako tulad ng pag-irap mo habang rumarampa.
    Umuutang ako, umi-smize ka.
    Nyeta lang ha.
    Porke ba binomba ko ang mga stretchmarks at pileges mo.
    Yan ba ang ganti mo.
    Langya, wala kang awa, iniwan ako ng jowa ko dahil wala akong anda ng araw na yun.
    Oh, akala ko ba e confidently beautiful with a heart ka, asan na ang puuuuuuuuuso mo?
    Buti pa ang saging may pussssssssssssso!
    Ang papaya wallllllllllla!

  2. I saw her in one of her interviews, she was asked if she ever get the chance to rest with such a hectic schedule… She said ‘this is rest for me coz I love and enjoy what I’m doing…’ You could tell how she is making the most of her reign and have fun doing it. I hope she gets to have more following to have a broader reach for her advocacies. Smart move. I have never seen a Miss Universe this popular… Good luck and more power 👑 Pia

    • The change of management in MUO was a factor in all the new activities of MU. Buti na lang talaga 2015 pinadala si Pia sa MU.

  3. Pia is a tough act to follow. A big goodluck to all 2016 Binibini hopefuls

  4. Now alam na nila paano maging Miss Universe ang Philippines through Pia. Good job at todo support ang fans…Now FOX/IMG knows what is it like to be in PH…which Donald Trump (who highly favors latina) failed to see..he failed to see and experience a winner from PH.

    • Donald Trump favored $$$$. He had to be a good businessman with his business partner Telemundo.

      Now that there is no Telemundo I think MUO will be more diverse. Pia definitely in the right place at the right time. #inhisperfecttiming. Her destiny talaga and she earned all of her success.

      Pia is making us so proud!

  5. I like this new Pia. Comfortable in her own skin, sexy, playful, and just fun to watch and listen to. I think she was a little too stiff and nervous at first because she wanted to be diplomatic about the coronation mixup. But, it was not her fault so why should she keep apologizing?

    This is Pia’s chance to shine as Miss Universe. For the Philippines and for herself. If she really wants to be a Bond Girl, time to own it and claim it. She’s only got one year…

    #makeitcount Queen P!!!

  6. I saw her here in the event and wow I was just amazed that people calling her name. Pia Pia Pia and so awkward that some of the celebrities around her just suprised of who is Pia !

    • Sana mas mahaba pa ang pause for laughs ni Pia… 😀 para more exposure.. hahaha

  7. Great to see her enjoying her reign to the max. It’s good that IMG , the new owners of the MUO is leaving no stones unturned for her and a way the whole MUO getting all the publicity. She’s all over local TV as well as some good exposure on big networks like FOC, CBS (the official Super Bowl 50 TV Network), NBC , ABC even the Latin channels). Word is one of the local TV reporters – an eligible good looking hunk at that who has the potential to make a big name in bigger TV markets like NYC and LA – is smitten with Pia after interviewing her at the Playboy Party the other night. So smitten he shamelessly asked for her contact information.

  8. She is very popular now i believe and happy to that she’s the pride of the country.Now, fans and no fans can post anything and everything about Pia. But becareful Megans fans, this is a blog about Pia. Fans of Pia might complain of ” trespassing.

  9. Pis is definitely living her dream and the dream of most of us, Filipino pageant followers who have waited for what almost seemed like forever to see a Filipina queen reign as Miss Universe. I like that Pia is forthright about her goal to represent the Philippines, more than just herself as an individual personality in every step of her way in the international scene. I could almost see in her eyes the pride that she carries in presenting herself as a Filipina every time she gets the spotlight. I remember her story about how she had to step back to stare at herself in front of a mirror after her Philippine sash was pinned on her the first time. That speaks volume about this lady’s love for the country and excitement to bring it honors. That’s why I get a disconnect every time I read bashing (some subtle haters, mind you) because I can’t understand the hatred on the person when all she’s trying to bring on the table is pride for our country.

    For Pia, I admire your strength and determination and the next 10 months will take you to more places that will only make your haters more sad. You’ve mastered the art of dedma so I’ll not worry much about how their sadness will impact you. For now, enjoy and savor your journey to success. This can just be the beginning for you and I am excited for you and the legions of us Filipinos that you represent abroad.

  10. Pretty sure that MU Org is happy with Pia’s energy and dedication. Glad that Pia is making the most of her media exposure. Hope she gets to penetrate Hollywood after her reign, with her sheer determination I won’t be surprised if she does. Good job Pia!

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