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  1. Wala akong bet. Parang kulang sa polishing. Beauty of face alone does not make one a beauty queen.

  2. Sorry but what a tacky name for a beauty camp/talent company
    Origin Woman…sounds like the cosmetic/pharma company Origins.

  3. Gazini Ganado looks like Hilarie Parungao in this photo at a first glance. I hope Jamie will not join bb pilipinas, she must be happy with her international title as miss earth 2014. give change to others inday jamie, just like ruffa and charlene turnerd down the offered to represnt philippines in respected years.

  4. Maria Gigante is the most polished among the girls hopefully she can snatch one of the crowns. Cynthia Thomalla is too sweet-looking for my taste. Steffi Aberasturi kinda look small.

  5. I only like Maria Gigante in this batch because she has height and brains… Sa ganda lang ako medyo kinulang…. ang laki kasi ng Veneers!?! Bat hindi kasi mag braces muna tapos saka nalang sumali pag ayus na?!…. tsk tsk

    • Gigante’s face pics look great … With make up on … Which what matters anyway. However, She may not be very feminine ( like the last 6 MUPs) and ‘sosyal’ ( like Pia Megan Charlene Ruffa or even Bianca G)
      She talks well though

  6. ganda talaga ni jaime, pwede pa kaya siyang sumali sa bb pilipinas o miss world philippines? 🙂

  7. malaki potential nina cynthia at steffi. sana lang 5’8 above height nila… 🙂

      • Yeah nothing wrong with that. Di lang sila focused sa pageants. Modeling (ramp and print ad) then hostings. Mas marami talents di lang beauty queens. Maraming na iinspire si Jonas Gaffud.

  8. ok i only like steffi. maria gigante looks plain even with her nose job. she looks great sa previous pics though but her nah.

  9. Origin Woman is the tagline for Sven Chua’s models. but the trainer for these lovely ladies is no other than Jonas Borces of Kagandahang Flores Cebu. Not all ‘Origin Woman’ is a beauty queen. Daina Nelson was a clapper in a pageant in Surigao City where in the winner was a MAC Model (Models’ Association of Cebu). And as far as I know, only Jamie Herrell, Kim of Miss Earth and Maria Gigante has the brains. Gazini Ganados, Daina, and Cynthia are brainless.

  10. Maganda pala talaga yung Cynthia Thomalla! Pero mas bagay beauty niya sa MW ni Madam Cory. So ito ang break away group ng KF? Original Women, or OW!

  11. mataba si cynthia sa pic na yan. hopefully mapaganda pa nya ang katawan nya next year, medyo d ko gusto ang smile ni gigante. she stood out pero still thomalia vs her.

  12. mala Jonalyn Viray pala si Maria G. I wanna see her other pics, kasi I’m making my list as early as today.

  13. UGH They all look pretty but parang na-latina-lized na sila. The obvious fake tan, big super white teeth and big hair destroyed their Filipina Beauty. Si Jamie Herell lang nagustuhan ko dito

  14. Well, from a historical perspective, it has always been Cebu versus Manila so it makes sense. Cebuanos have always been brave in fashioning their own identity and they should be lauded for that. And the girls are gorgeous- too bad Cynthia Thomalla seems on the short side.

    Yup, Maria Gigante is one of the ones to watch

    • The Cebu vs. Manila is an old school of thought. Perhaps you are still living in the ’80s or ’90s. In recent years, Manila based talent scouts or beauty camps are glad to have bets from outside the capital whether Cebu or otherwise. In fact, if you observe the reactions from Metro Manilans during pageant nights, gone are the days of regionalism.

      We cheer to those who are really qualified, tall, beautiful, smart and not because they are from this or that place. I acknowledge that Cebu has so many pretty ladies and handsome boys and I can attest to that during my previous visits to that city and hanging out in the clubs/bars.


      • Cebu happens to attract some of her neighboring island’s prettiest chicks and hottest dudes for studies or work. Even Jamie Herell and Cynthia Thomalla are not really from Cebu

      • sorry…left the Philippines in the 90s so yes, still have that frame of mind

      • @Cool Brew: Yes, you’re right. Cebu City is also a magnet for college students from neighboring provinces since they have good and reputable schools.

        @Andrew Espino: No problem. To add to that, even in entertainment industry, it no longer matters if you’re from Cebu, Laguna, Bulacan, Davao, etc. etc., as long as you have the talent and the looks. Of course, the support system is still strong based on where yo came from but stereo typing is not as bad now.

    • Sorry need to edit:

      @Andrew Espino: No problem. To add to that, even in entertainment industry, it no longer matters if you’re from Cebu, Laguna, Bulacan, Davao, etc. etc., as long as you have the talent and the looks. Of course, the support system is still strong based on where you came from but stereo typing is not as bad as before.

  15. We will have one here in Davao Mindanao very soon but not sending bets this year yet, definitely next year. Good Luck Ma’am Margie, Nadya and MJ.

      • her height is enough to make it in bbp. her beauty is stunning despite of her height. unlike wyn wyn her beauty reaquires more height para mas magstand out sya. si jamie kahit ganyan ang height stand out pa din ang beauty. bumagay naman ang beauty nya sa height nya. so i think hinde dahil sa height. shes tall enough. may ibang rason. anung thinking mo @c2f or @laila whe she didnt join bbp? sya ultimate bet ko for bbp2016. kaya lang impossible na. sayang din sya. malake din ang chance.

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