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  1. I’m one of her avid fans. I believe in her capacity to represent our country. With more maturity and experience, I’m sure she’ll do very well in the international competition. She’s just 22 and if ever she’s still not lucky enough to get a crown this year, I say don’t ever stop joining.

  2. This recent pic gave me the chills. I’m not kidding. Does she have an eating disorder? I mean seriously, she needs to put some weight back on!

  3. She’s giving me a Parul Shah-Anea Garcia-Danica Magpantay vibe. Exotic in a good way and I’m loving it. Hope this girl can easily speak her mind and palaban like Pia.

  4. her features are better in the runway. to be a winner, a girl should be beyond pretty. the outcomes of recent pageants show us that a girl could only win if she is gorgeous and glamorous, with or without make-up. the benchmark is so much higher now.

  5. She’s stunning! but I’m not a big fan of the artificial kilay. Sana gawing mas natural-looking 🙂

      • Her skin is lighter compared to her past pics when she competed in Bbp. She seems to be graceful now. This girl is intelligent too.

    • Nakakatakot shoulders niya Lai lol…but i have to agree with someone’s comment that she’s more modelesque than pageant..face niya hindi talaga symmetrical which will never be an issue sa modelling pero sa beauty pageant stage, hindi uubra- at least not for MU.

      But it’s always exciting to see a girl who comes back with something new to bring to the table so good luck to her

    • Danica for one, has a very symmetrical face- pataba siya ng kaunti to fill out those amazing cheekbones, some heavy duty fake eyelashes and pak! MU

  6. Mercegrace somehow gives me the Parul Shah vibe. I searched for and compared her pictures from Bb. Pilipinas 2013, and I should say that her current styling is a step in the right direction. I tend to agree that the country’s next rep to Miss Universe should look vastly different from Pia. With Mercegrace’s dusky looks and height, she could give this year’s top contenders a tough fight.

  7. Maganda din sya she is less exotic of Janine. they are look alike with some photos. janine is more exotic than her medyo mas may light sa muka nitong girl na to. shes ok for me more polish. but i think konting ayos sa teeth and change her hair color to black. She can smize im sure.

  8. I also want to see her with super straight hair and a smokey smize… Her teeth still needs some work but overall she could snatch one of the crowns…. I’m so happy she moved to Aces… Maybe now her answers would be more than empty calories. 😀

  9. I like her exotic look, true Filipina beauty with a height very rare to find. Somehow, the ‘C-H-A-R-M’ or magnet was missing during her attempts at MWP and BbP. If she indeed transformed into a charismatic young woman, then I’ll be rooting for her if ever she’ll make it as one of the Bb Pilipinas 2016 Official Candidates. She has excellent credentials. She just needs to loosen up her inhibitions and be proud of her color. She needs to wear her natural hair color too.

  10. Wow brandnew, parang appliances lang ah.
    Pwede sya sa minor pageants tulad ng Miss Cafe Latte International.

    • Ahahaha!!! napaka bongga!!! Tama! napag aalaman tuloy ang age…. hehehe =)

  11. She really needs a COMEBACK…
    3rd runner up nya noon sa Bb. Nueva Ecija ung naging Ms. Heritage na taga Guimba, Nueva Ecija…

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