30 comments on “A Homecoming Special for Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach 

  1. Can someone share why MJ was never in any homecoming events….especially when most of the past winners were there?! I understand Janine because she is in LA now based.

    I have a feeling MSA is not a fan of her after her Miss Universe fiasco…plus her hopping on another camp leaving AQ. hmmmmm share what you do know folks!

    • Di cguro nya matanggap na mas magaling ang A&Q kesa KF😃
      Puede ring Di nya matanggap na mas maganda at magaling c Pia kesa sa kanya😃
      Baka nainggit cya na nakareserved ang Darna role kay Pia 😃lol
      Mabait nman c MJ, sya lng makakasagot dyan😃
      C aling goring nman, GMA yata cya eh alam nyo nman ang ABiaS-CBN😃lol
      C Gloria macapagal Arroyo lng makakasagot nyan😃lol

  2. Sorry, but I think Gloria Diaz should have been there too… Miss Universe is a matter of national honor and no Filipino can deny that. I get it has been 47 years after her win and she may have a truly legitimate reason to have missed the tribute, but it makes me think any drama or differences should have been set aside #forthephilippines.

  3. sana sinuot din ni Margie moran ang kanyang crown or sash. or kahit sa photoshoot. silang tatlo. I believe meron silang sariling MU crown nila no?? ganda sana tignan non! 😀

  4. super excited for bbp 2016 and for some possibilities.
    1. Hosting MU here in PH.
    2. Miss Bulgaria as one of the judges in bbp2016. this is more possible than number 1. Ms. Bulgaria is willing to be part of this event but there is no negotiation happened yet, But this is possible i think alam ng bbp ang tungkol sa issue ni Miss Bulgaria. So hiring her as one of the judges is possible need lang ng mga beki umeffort for that para mas mapansin ng bbp.

    • Mr and Mrs. not sure. naisip ko lang hehe. but if this happens. wow! pwede naman since lahat kilala si Joy aka Miss Bulgaria. but one thing for sure is she is willing to work in asia or mag travel d2 sa pinas if may time soon. shes welcome here and also Olivia.

  5. I am just wondering why there is no explanation from Miss Universe 1969 why she didn’t show up? I am sure if she really wants to show her support with Pia, she should relay her message with the help of modern technologies. Does anybody knows where in the universe is Gloria Diaz?

    • Baka naman nag-explain sya sa BBP at sa organizers that she couldn’t go. Hindi lang natin alam. Porket wala sa blog na ito at sa news, hindi na sya nag-explain?

  6. Margie Gloria and Desiree did not age gracefully . ‘Losyang na Losyang “na ang dating nila.

  7. Can’t wait to watch this special come Sunday the 31st at ABS-CBN as advertised by the network.

    On the side-note, it amuses me to see/watch ABS-CBN’s over-the-top treatment for Queen Pia. Hopefully, it remains the same even after her reign because I know for a fact that the network is fame-sucker and ratings-greedy. Just saying…

    • I’ll just type the years: 1970, 1971, 1975, 1979, 1981, 1984, 1985, 1990, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2013.

  8. Sayang wala si Miss Universe 1969 pero masaya ako dahil nagpakita ng suporta naman si Miss Universe 1973 kay Miss Universe 2015. Siguro mabubuo yung tatlo sa pagbalik ni Pia sa Abril kung papayagan siya ng MUO para koronahan ang bagong Miss Philippines Universe.

  9. Eksenadora si Desiree Verdadero e. Emote kung emote. Lol! Pagkaway, pak! Detached pala talaga ang sleeves ng green terno. Hahaha!

    Will it be aired this Sunday? Sana huwag na patagalin.

  10. Nakakatawa kagabi yung baklang naka-silver at baklang naka blue gown. Hahaha.
    Enjoy kami sa panonood.

    Doon pa kami napaupo ng kapatid ko sa pwesto ng mga Pianatics. Malapit dun sa may hawak ng cards

  11. Naisip ko lang, sana sinuot din nung mga recent winners ung mga gown nila n sinuot sa MU or sana nagbgay ng tribute c Pia to them at nagpapictorial at sinuot mga gowns nila…

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