35 comments on “Sunday Specials: A Special Reunion with Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach 

  1. I still think 2013 batch, the golden edition, has the most beautiful winners – Ara, Mutya, Bea, Cindy, and of course Pia. While I don’t mind having a huge number of winners every year, mas maganda siguro to limit the court to just five. Oh well … i heard 50 candidates na naman daw ulit this year sa BbP. So expect more winners! BTW, whoever is styling Janicel needs to be shot. Her look here ages her to think she is the youngest among this batch. She needs more makeup highlights. I’m sorry I still love Janicel but that styling …

    • Glad you pointed that out. I love Janicel, in fact, she was my bet for MUP 2015 but her styling ages her. Her aura is bland and lackluster here. Ann and Christi are stunning. I’m not totally sold on her dress though, looks a bit dated. But her face makes up for it, happy and glowing.

    • I think 95% of the audience expected Pia to win. She really won the hearts of non-Pinoy audience.

  2. Looking at this year’s batch, I was imagining of higher placements if Christi was sent to MI, Rogelie to MIc and Hannah to MS. Then Janicel to compete this year at MU for back-to-back but please — no kasambahay backstory. My one cent worth! 😇

      • Janicel for 2019 or 2020 may do.
        Let her have a degree first in a top university, work for a while in a corporate setting, travel
        and gain more social experiences; voila she is ready to go.
        Sayang lang talaga sya, bihira ang uri nya actually.

    • mas gugustuhin ko pang si Christy ang MU 2016 kaysa kay janicel. for b2b. at si janicel next 2 or 3 years nalang sana. pero they already have title last year so we need another queens mas ok if fresh never been pinned as official contestant from the past years. pero kylie pwede and kimverly.grrr.so excited. sino may alam sa sure na sasale any camp? laila?

  3. Pinaka successful batch so far. Lahat may placement. Add mo pa yung kay Parul

  4. A bevy of beauties – what a sight to behold !
    Proudly Filipino 🙂
    @ Laila – thanks for the photo updates. Sure appreciate you as always ♥♥♥

  5. Guys, hindi sa pagiging nega pero watch nyo tong interview ng sister ni Pia.
    Tingnan nyo gano ka bastos mga Colombians. Kung ako Pinoy at may officemate ako ng sister pa ng nanalo ha, mananahimik ako. Tamang asal lang sana. Wala silang modo talaga na i-co-confront pa nila yung sister. kakaloka.

    • Thanks for sharing this. Not to generalize but mga latino talaga mas racist pa sa mga puti. Yung mga indigenous people nga nila kung laitin nila. Then yung mga ibang Asians (thai, Indo, HK CH, Singaporeans ets) naman kung maka-suck up sa mga causasians feeling better than pinoys, sobra inis sa mga pinoys. Hay naku mga insecure.

      • Lam mo super salbahe mga yan may legal case ek ek na kami sa DOJ kase some colombian used my picture in one of their hate memes against Pia.

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