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  1. janicel could make top 5 at the most . Comm skills are very important in most pageants. If u don’t have by age 19, I do not think u will have it ever.. My best bets from the previous winners would have been Gwen, Mcgarry, bea ,Hannah , or Mutya. Mutya has so much beauty and charm judges may forgive her faults.

    • Fabian, tama ka , mahirap na maging proficient sa English pag matanda ka na…saka ung sabi ng iba na 2-3 years na practice para maging proficient sa English ay okay na, di sapat un…lalo kung di naman gamit ang English sa pang araw-araw na buhay ng isang tao.

    • I love that Pia keeps repeating that she’s happy to wear Filipino-made gowns. It’s a slight slap to SMA’s face.

  2. I really don’t follow pageants the same way as most readers here do. One thing I’m sure of, I go crazy when my gut-feel and my keen-eyes see the brightest glow amongst competitors.

    If you guys remermbered, I never placed Queen Pia to the Top 7 in 2014 for I felt no winning beam in her aura but got stuck to her being my top pick in 2015 for I can’t explain why I saw her gloriously glowing in her photos be it solo or with the group.

    Secret ingredients or winning formula is highly debatable. What I can only say is that when our representative is more than a hundred percent determined to haver the crown and that she happened to be in the right pageant at the right place and time, no outside force can hinder her from owning what she truly deserves.

    If I have a suggestion for future pageants, that would only be letting a genuine psychic be a part of the judging panel. In my humble opinion.

  3. Sa FB ni Norman nasa Novotel na sya. Super tight security daw for the presscon….

  4. it seems that gloria diaz’s mouth was wide open half of the time at that mu pageant. it’s a charming expression on her though

  5. After Miriam Q almost gave us our third Miss U crown, we experienced our longest drought that lasted for 10 long years or the so- called Dark Decade (2000- 2009).

    The second longest drought is six years from 1988 to 1993. The third longest drought ran for four years (1976- 1979) right after our Golden Age in Pageantry (1972 to 1975) Perhaps, there is truth in rumors that Lizbeth was reportedly pelted with tomatoes by disgruntled pageant fans after she broke our four year streak in Miss U and five years if we include Vida Doria’s prestigious Miss Photogenic award in 1971.

    Years 1958 to 1961 shouldn’t count for we didn’t send candidates during those years.

    We are currently enjoying our longest placement streak at six years. Our second longest placement streak and also considered as part of our first Golden Age in Pageantry ran for four years from 1972 to 1975

    The Philippines struck gold in its third Miss Universe appearance when Blesilda Mueler Ocampo made the Top 15 in 1954. And don’t forget the perky Pebbles Asis who was a scenestealer & frontrunner in the 1987 edition held in Singapore. She eventually placed 6th overall

    • Kudos to Lalaine Bennett. First Filipina to place in top five in MU. She made us believe that we could actually win an international pageant. The next year, Gemma Cruz won MI. The Philippines powerhouse began to emerge!

    • To be fair, wala pa naman pageant training nuong panahon nila Gloria and Margie. They did it on their own. All three did very well lang talaga in all categories.

  6. I super love this girl pero i agree with dawn and basil…..ano na nangyayari sa kanya? fire the stylist or at least get one. I can’t stand the white pumps. i know they’re all gaining weight, pero muka syang nagpapabaya. mag crossover nalang sana sya sa high fashion kung tapos na stint nya sa pageants. maintain nalang sana nya yung figure nya.

    • I honestly don’t get the weight thing at all. I don’t see it. All I see are healthy, happy girls. I think we have to put it in the context of the competition where body-wise, it’s not much different from a triathlon where the athlete has to be in absolute shape for the duration of the competition only. We can’t expect them to carry the intensity of that after the event. Plus there’s the stress and the adrenaline that adds to weight loss. Surely, they can’t be begrudged in some normal indulging- huwag lang naman na to the point where it becomes Zuleyka Rivera like lol.

      I don’t think we can blame Janicel’s stylist. At the end of the day I still think ikaw pa rin mag-de-decide kung anung bagay sa iyo. And in this context, Janicel still needs years of learning and maturity to evolve into the woman we think she could be. Sayang because she was pushed into something she could have waited and prepared for. I am one of those people who believe that her destiny could have been Miss Universe, kaso, maraming namilit na sige, push na.

      • Actually Andrew true. I’m fine with the weight gain pero for Pia mas onting ingat kase mas kita sa kanya lahat inoobserbahan sya. As for Janicel, I want her for MU too pero sinabak nila ng maaga masyado. She did well in MI. Kahit na ganun background ni Janicel, Hindi sya boba. Nagmadali sila sa palagay ko. Kung naka travel pa sana sya, na expose, naging busy sa modeling, ang laki laki ng space for self improvement kase bata pa sya.

      • Alam mo Lai, siguro after a week, pinapatulan ko lahat bashers ni Pia and one day I realised, I actually spent the same amount of hours doing this as I did with a side project that paid me in 5 figures (in Euros!) so I stopped. I do get what you mean because even well-meaning Filipinos are making comments like she’s fat when maybe it’s just the dress. But I’m sure she knows this and those close around her as well will constantly be vigilant over unwanted weight gain.

        Tama ka dyan- hindi boba sa Janicel. She does have that innate intelligence that lifted her above the mediocrity of her first pageant stints and onwards to Binibini and MI. But I still grieve for the what could have beens- she could have prepared first (and yes, travel and exposure to different people would have given her the street smarts that Pia possesses), gone into modeling. But there’s the bigger factor of family finances- paano ka nga ba mag self-improvement kung may pamilya kang sinusoportahan?

  7. I thank God na natupad rin ang pinapangarap ko, na makakita na Philippines kinuronahan sa MU, ( at may bonus pang MW!). Pero sana lang h’wag namang abutin ng 42 years uli ‘yon! Okay na sa’kin every seven to ten years meron tayong MU at MW or parang US, every ten to fifteen years silang nananalo sa MU!

  8. Among the three, Margie was the most regal. Her aura, her stance and posture. Up until now.

    Pia was the total class act. She really knows how to handle herself in public.

    Gloria was the unconventional one. She was the shortest girl during her time. But she has that classic Filipina beauty. And if you will watch her video, she was very endearing during her interviews.

    Different decades. Different era. One country. Mabuhay ka Filipina!


  9. A powerhouse indeed, whoever says otherwise is in denial. I think a lot of countries especially our rivals from Latin America are anticipating our local pageants to assess their competition. With the recent victories we have achieved, dapat lang ng kabahan sila. I doubt we are going to be complacent anytime soon.

  10. 1969, 1973, 2015, Barbaridad kumare ni Soledad, paano ko tatayaan sa jueteng yan mga yan?

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