20 comments on “Just to tease you a bit

  1. I ❤ Queen Pia in whichever way and love her more when she wears less make-up as I prefer staring at her face in its most natural look. She's really, really lovely!

  2. Absolutely … confidently … beautiful …
    Congratulations again Pia … be the best Miss Universe ever … 🙂

      • Hi Laila! I truly appreciate your efforts in uploading videos of our new Miss Universe! I’d appreciate it very much for a re-upload since it is indicated that the above video is not available here in the West Coast or perhaps a link. Also, and I know I might be pushing it, her “crying backstage” wasn’t very clear and yet there is a camera crew right in front of her. Do you by chance have access to a clearer view? Thanks so much!

      • Hi Bay Area supporter. I’m afraid that Arnold Clavio interview is new. There’s only one copy on Youtube. Let’s wait a few more days. About her cry backstage, check this out and see if it works:

      • Thank you so much for your immediate response! I really felt so sorry for that crowning moment backstage she has mentioned a few times in her interviews. Thanks a lot!

      • Mitchesa,

        Hi mars. Musta ka na? Are you going to get involved with the festivities?

    • I love Ara! So candid and funny “Siyempre Q&A, ako pa ba?” Amazing how she makes fun of her water loo but still have the class. Baklang bakla pero endearing pa din.

    • It is upsetting of sorts when people who think highly of themselves say that these two are boba not realizing both are honor students and from state universities. Ara just has a regional accent, not exactly a basis of IQ levels and Venus isnt as articulate as, let’s say, Janine or Lara Dutta but the essence is there. It’s like there’s too much in her head that she wants to say but cant deliver it in a concise manner. Because i rewatched theor respective Q&As and realized they werent as bad as media wants us to think. There is substance, they just cant express it properly.

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