19 comments on “Yuki Du Sonoda: Bb. Pilipinas 2016 or Bb. Pilipinas 2017?

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  2. Yuki Du Sonoda is a refreshing face to watch if ever she joins BbP next year. Though she may look like a high school student instead of a ravishing beauty queen in her pics, given time she would be able to meet the qualities that we seek in a promising kontesera. And I hope she represents the Philippines in the future. Her presence reflects our nations’ tolerance, acceptance and celebration of diversity, good signs of cultural / social progress.

  3. manalo is more deserving than her. this girl looks too young in her 22 yrd old compare to manalo who is 18 but looks more mature than her. but i agree shes in but not this year. she may be a riyo mori of philippines.

  4. Better for her is to find a camp to train for Bb Pilipinas 2017 and join next year, who knows she can bagged the Bb Pilipinas International and its appropriate for her because shes a half Japanese and very eligible to represent the Philippines in the Miss International Beauty Pageant.

  5. That photo at the bottom is what Pia would look like if she swapped her German lineage for Japanese lol! Yup, stunning and adorable and I hope she doesn’t rush it- lose all the baby fats in two years and she’ll be a shoo in for either the MI or MU crowns

  6. It’s probably her being “haafu” that makes her look younger than her age. I actually like her beauty that I have this gut-feel that she’ll make it to the top if she represents our country in MI. She can join anytime ’til she’s 24. 😊

  7. Adore her. That face. No question, she definitely possesses beauty of face. She’s one of my favorites among the potential Binibinings featured here.

  8. Let her join this year and hopefully she will win if not she will try again. Doumo arigatou gozaimasu

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