6 comments on “Bragais™ for Kevin Balot and Trixie Maristela

  1. MU 2015 audience pov. Pia was really ravishing on stage. Super captivating ang ating queen. You can also see the other lahi cheering for her, their support for Pia grew stronger as the pageant went on.

  2. Humaygad! Now ko lang napansin. Trixie’s court is from brazil (1st RU) and thailand (2nd RU), ganun din kay kevin nung 2012 (phil-bra-thai). Coincidence or what? Since, bragais is doing well in shoemaking, i believe na sooner or later, sa bragais men nya eh he will pay tribute to our Kings who brought home the top prize in the intl. arena.

    OT: anu kaya ang ipasusuot ni andrada kay pia sa homecoming nya, royal blue p din ba ang gagamitin nyang kulay or ibang kulay naman para mag stand out si pia sa kanyang royal-blue themed float?? Ka-abang2.

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