14 comments on “BFFs: Miss World Philippines Hillarie Parungao and Miss World Mireia Lalaguna

  1. Pansin ko lang kahit ibang topic sa blog ni tito norman, kung anu anung pino post.Tingin ko yung mga forumer kanila tong blog. Kung baga sa bahay kung anu anu pinapasokan.Parang trespassing at umaakyat sa bakod.

  2. Lorraine Kendrickson is bae. I could listen to her talk all day:))) I think she’s witty, and of course she’s so pretty. Ano ba talaga height niya? 5’5″? 5’7″?

    • posible bang umayos ang veneers? kase she looks soooooo good. nung mwp nasobrahan size ng veneers nya now parang ilong lang ni rogelie, nag settle na at bumagay na sa face nya. looove these makeup videos of her. is she joining ba? marami atang pagpipilian girls this year. i hope she considers joining. she’s a bit short for me pero the face and her comm skills might just help her out.

    • There’s nothing witty about her! Trying to come across as cute, but you failed – you’re annoying. If you’re going to give a tutorial, don’t you think you should find out how to pronounce the words correctly? Beauty can only take you so far.

  3. Wait off topic lang: Si valeen Montenegro pala pinag hihinalaang 3rd party sa dirty separation between Ciara Sotto and her husband. Diba may isa tayong commenter dito kelan lang na post ng post ng photos ni Valeen?

    • I believe Valeen is a person with good morals… It’s more possible that it is Ciara’s husband who’s making the moves because he happens to be one of the executives under TAPE where Valeen has 2 shows.

    • at her C1000 shoot in Bali. Has anyone of you seen some of C1000’s commercial? Gaganda. Can’t wait for Pia’s.

    • alam ko 5AM touchdown nya sa Manila. Are you going to any of the events? I’m hoping to make it to the tribute show kaso wala pa silang nilalabas na info about the ticket prices and time ;{

    • Ganda tlga ni mylabs QueenP!! Those eyes sheetikkkk,,im dead hehe…

    • Oo, parang Pia-Olivia lang. Wala namang masama roon diba? Friends sila before Mireia won the title.

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