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  1. I do not care less what other people would say after the pageant. I believe that all negative comments and hearsays are simply products of sourgraping. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Let’s all move on and be proud but remain modest. We should pull out ourselves from childish and petty quarrels in social forums and other types of media. The Philippines is, in fact, the POWERHOUSE NOW. We do not owe anyone any explanation. Let the bashers rot in their own stigma.

    I 💜 Queen Pia!

  2. Di naman kelangN ni pia maging too friendly. Eh sa mas gusto nya intimate group may magagawa ba sila? She vowed to win miss universe, not miss congeniality.

  3. guys off topic: ano ibig sabihin ng hanabishi? saw this term a lot of times in sashfactor

  4. Ari came off as fun, youthful, and down-to-earth girl in her interview with Steve. I think she won points for making light of the situation. Whoever is coaching her has done a great job in rehabilitating her image and the initial impressions people may have had of Ari right after the crowning fiasco. Pia is consistently queenly and sophisticated during her rounds of media appearances. It’s a huge contrast and you could exactly pinpoint the reason why Pia deserved the title. As for Pia’s demeanor during the weeks leading to the finals, I’ve always had the impression that Pia is the type of person who is focused and thus playing or taking selfies with other girls wasn’t her concern in Vegas. Remember she had two close friends during BbP days who have stuck with her all these years – Bianca and Carla who went to Vegas to cheer for her. I’m not a psychologist but based on these observations Pia chooses her friends wisely and loyalty is something she considers long term. And there’s nothing absolutely wrong with that. MU candidates have always been told to be friends with other girls, but just because you are not making friends doesn’t mean you aren’t friendly. My two cents 🙂

  5. i liked it. it made me uncomfortable but that was how it was supposed to be. sana nag english nalang sya nung MU. mas naging endearing pa sana sya. lesson nalang sa lahat lalo na sa prod team. television has been around for so long and now that this happened, mas need na nila to have a contingency plan to prevent this from happening.

    naalala ko nung MMFF, after nung Gretchen, Ruffa, Gabby, Ms. Mauritius brouhahaha Take it Take it…..nagsimula mag appear sa stage mga reps ng SGV to hand in envelopes sa mga presenters to ensure the public na hindi made up yung results. Baka may drastic changes na rin in the future sa announcements ng winners sa MU or kung saan man.

  6. I wish lang someone asks Pia about her approach to the other girls and their treatment of her. In varying degrees of admiration and disgust, medyo marami na nag o-out na napaka guarded ni Pia to the point na ang nega na. Ano ba talaga behavior ni Pia doon? Ms. Singapore said the same thing. So did Germany although harsh, Australia na medyo sneaky and this other girl I forget who. Hindi ko naman masabi na inggitera lang sila mukang hindi naman kase na observe din natin noon na Pia just moves around a limited number of girls.

    • you know Laila, some people are just like that. They aren’t as outgoing as other people! They don’t need A HUGE circle of friends. I think Pia just really like having a small circle of friends. It doesn’t mean na she’s a snob. She just likes to keep to herself almost. I know people like that and they are the nicest people on Earth, hindi lang talaga sila mahalubilo.

    • Ang basa ko naman, madam, di naman talaga Miss Congeniality material si Pia. If you followed her even during Bb. Pilipinas days, makikita mo na she keeps to the same set of girls in most photos. Which is fine, especially if you understand that she may be an extroverted introvert. And you can tell she is an introvert because of how insightful she is. Pero, when she has to be “on” (meaning in front of the camera/audience), you wouldn’t have expected it.

      There is actually nothing wrong with being who you are. Maybe she can be more aware of it, as a point of improvement. But, at the same time, maybe other girls and the world at large should also be aware that their standard of being friendly/outgoing is not the only one out there, and that they shouldn’t judge people who are not like them.

    • I understand Pia. I think she’s more of an extrovert but her showbiz background taught her how to react publicly and socially. I am the same thing. I know how to be sociable at events and what not but at the end of the day I prefer to have 2-3 friend with me most of the time. And I think most people judge introverts easily as snobs. If you watch the video snippets during Miss U competition of the girls being candid, you can see Pia was really reserved and she doesn’t open up the conversations.

  7. sana naman, after neto, eh matigil na ang away awa sa social media. lalo na sa instagram mga beh. nakakaloka ang mga comment! kahit sabihan ang mga pinoy na dedmahin na at titigil din naman yan pag walang pumansin. ang mga utaw, mega sagot pa rin! ewan ko ba. lalong lumalaki lang. sana naman wag nang pansinin. maski na ano pa ang marinig o mabasa. nakakahiya lang din kasi. bastos na nga ang kabilang kampo, tayo naman sumasabay sa kabastusan. hindi na lang gawing modelo si pia, sinusuklian ng kabutihan lahat ng pambabash sakanya.

    Sana si Ariadna rin, sabihan ang mga supporters niya na itigil na rin. correct me if im wrong, but si Pia lang naman ata ang nagsasabi na wag atakihin si ganyan, wag patulan sila ganito. siya parang wala lang. tuloy ang modelling ganon.

    • Seeing a Filipina win MU is almost once in a lifetime event to a lot of Filipinos. Let them experience it the way they want to. If that means confronting anyone that says something negative abt our MU , let them. Let’s be honest, it’s your happiness to hear them do so. It’s my happiness. It’s Pias happiness no matter what she says in public

    • Ariadna mentioned sa interview nya kay Steve na tigikan na ng ng mga Colombian sa pagbabash kay pia at steve and ganun din sa mga pinoy to stop bashing her 🙂
      World este Peace in the universe ang drama 🙂
      I like Ariadna in the interview at napakaganda niya 🙂

      • I see. I haven’t watched that part yet. sana nga lang talaga tumigil na ang dalawang kampo!

      • Bong I liked her interview too. She’s still hurting pero mukang naiintindihan na nya na mas malaki pa in store sa kanya. Her statements can be a bit off but it’s precisely because of her communication limitations na yung statements nya appears raw at hindi lang basta showbiz answers. Si Pia, naiintindihan ko rin bakit hindi kayang maging ballsy and say things as it is kase may image na rin syang pinangangalagaan ngayon and she can’t be too candid, she has to really choose her words wisely.

    • Me bago na naman nga eh. Si Paraguay saying both Colombia and Philippines didn’t deserve to win kahit mukhang gurang na siya. lol

  8. I hope that after these two interviews, we can now all move on.

    I wish Pia a very good and memorable reign. With lots of causes, organizations and loves to touch.

    And to Ariadna, conplete healing and acceptance. So that she can focus on other things and make the best out of her young life.

    Steve, you are a great man and a man of honor. You did the right thing. I salute you for being brave and honest. And for doing the right thing. See you in the future Miss Universe pageants.

  9. May pagka superficial at bobita talaga ‘tong si Ariadna. It’ll be a shame on the MUO if she happened to be the winner. Pia is definitely light years ahead of Ariadna.

  10. That’s the dike walk, Ingat na ingat at baka mahulog sa dike. O kayay pilapil walk … naglalakad sa gilid ng palayan.

  11. Pia: Steve is his first time to judge a

    Ariadna: You wanted me to win that’s why
    you announced me as Miss
    Miss Universe

    Steve should be back in MU2016 as a judge not a host.

  12. This issue is getting too old. At this point if media continue to fuel the fire, it’s Miss Colombia who benefits more than Pia. It is taking the focus away on Pia and her work. I hope Pia’s fan just IGNORE whatever Colombia fans throw at Pia in all social media..however insulting it is. They’re just robbing Pia of her spotlight.

      • Nang makita ko ang triangle at isosceles ay trigonometry kaagad pumasok sa utak ko without reading the whole post😃
        Naalala ko lang kc at napaWow ako kc minamani ko lng ang Trigo noon basta hawak mo yung cosine book na nakalimutan ko na name nya or was it a logarithm book ba yun😃
        You’re right, branch lng naman ng Geometry ang trigonometry 😃

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