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  1. Pia’s body in 2013
    Pia’s face in 2014
    Pia’s Jag performance 2013 and ?2014
    Pia in her national costume 2015- face and bearing
    Pia’s Q and A 2013 2014 and 2015
    Pia’s humility every time she appeared on tv

    The combination of above made me realize it was very possible for Pia to win MU. I never flinched at all.

  2. Whats not fair with that ?

    It s Carousel who needs to make one ; promote and do “courtesy calls” to God -who knows-who !

  3. “The LORD upholds all who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.” PSALM 145:14

    What a world of difference indeed — from Pia’s crushing defeat in 2014, fast forward to her Miss Universe victory in 2015, and now, her grand homecoming in 2016.

    • Epic.
      Was this before or after the winners were announced? I’m glad she lost in 2014. Had she repped the Philippines in 2014, it would have been Pia vs Nia. And who knows what could have happened if it was the case …knowing how well-spoken Nia is?

  4. Why are there so many courtesy calls? Having a courtesy call to the senate and the lower house is absolutely unnecessary, not to mention those for the city mayors. Paying a visit to the head of state is enough. Every moment our lawmakers and mayors spend away from their actual work is a waste of taxpayer money. Even foreign dignitaries don’t pay courtesy calls to local mayors; and why should they? Pia does not owe any of these mayors anything. Sayang, as that day could have been used to increase the time she spent on furthering her advocacies here in her home country. It could have been used to lay the groundwork for more meaningful endeavors. Instead, she gets one day of doing lip-service charity work, and her homecoming will be used to feed the ego of these so-called “leaders” who have nothing better to do than chase celebrity.

      • Oonga stop na. A real Pia fan, ung mga Original Pianatics, madaling kausap. As a matter of fact sila ung tipo na hindi pumapatol dahil ang focus nila ay to celebrate Pia. Ang barbaro yung mga seasonals na akala mo they know it all. Lakas maka “our queen” e hindi nga nila alam ang pinagdaanan ng bata bago maging QUEEN P nila.

      • pero Maryjacko….mas evident bakit nanalo si Pia.
        Nevr syang nagsabi ng kahit anong nasty thing sa co-candidates nya. Even yung incident na pag lapit nya kay Ary, iniiba nya para hindi masyado maging nega mga tao sa mga “mean girls”. I want to say misinterpreted lang si Monika to keep the peace pero mare ang klaro klaro ng sinabi nya. May way kase sabihing super focused itong mga girls na to without telling everybody they weren’t nice.

      • hindi ba room mate nya si usa? dahil sinabi ni pia na walang cyber bullying…lalamon sana ako ng papaitan!

      • maryjacko,
        stop your ‘I’m holier than thou’ bulls–t!
        you feel you have the right to bully mj but you think everyone is overreacting when they say something negative about other people?
        you are full of it.

      • at laila , I agree.
        it was very clear what she said. They were the only ones who weren’t very nice ? how can anyone even possibly say that without malice?


      • fabian,

        you know Monika changed her statement yesterday? nakakaloka. she didn’t mean what she said. ano pala yun? anyway….mas lalo nang obvious bakit si Pia nanalo. She will never talk shit about anyone she worked with. Not even Ines Ligron who continues to taunt her in social media.

      • @laila well true. But also take note, when you meet a person, you sort of have an impression of him or her. Tama o mali, you have a mental image of who that person is. It only changes after you get the chance to know her more. And i think Monika didnt get the chance, or Monika didnt bother to make an effort to get to know Pia Ari ang Olivia, i dont know because i wasnt there. So yeah, but constantly attacking a person? It’s just beyond immature already. Why not take the negatives and turn it into positives just like one of Pia’s fans once said to me. I get that it’s a cultural thing. Filipinos and majority of Latinos live in countries suffering from poverty and corruption that if someone breaks into the international scene, then that person automatically becomes a beacon of hope amidst the darkness that hovers over their lives. But i think we should all take a step back and just think first. Pia has always been adamant in promoting “think before you click”. If you really, truly, in your heart of heart believe that Pia is not “not nice”, then try to follow the example she is trying to set. Let them throw stones, she’s gonna use it to build her empire.

      • Now it makes sense fabian, you’re one of MJ Lastimosa’s close minded and barbaric fans. Let me enlighten you dear, there is a difference between bullying and criticizing. When one criticizes, you pretty much highlight the negative things you see on the person. In my case, i’ve met her once and it validated my impression of her. Was i attacking her on social media? No. bullying is attacking a person point blank just so you can cause damage. The way the seasonal fans are handling this is just beyond tolerable. Not everyone will have a positive opinion about a certain person, but it doesnt mean you can attack the person and make death threats of whatever. But i think trying to reason out with you is completely pointless because you cant force someone to see something when they refuse to look. So yeah, go ahead and be all negative about everything, attack every candidate with off the record opinions and just make as much conflict as you can since that’s what you’re good at and what you live for. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Good talk.

      • @laila nobody knows what these people are thinking but personally, whatever their intensions are, i think people from the outside looking in should take a step back and just see things in a different perspective first before reacting. Take the Ari statement for example, i read the words “you wanted me to win”, and “you should learn how to read cards” on a link and i was beyond furious. But then i watched the entire interview with Steve Harvey and saw a damaged person healing as the interview progresses and the part that the media was trying to highlight? It was the part of the interview where you can truly say that she finally got the closure she deserved.

      • wow, why not write a book?
        in other words, Holy Mary Jacko, it is criticizing if you Maryjacko say something negative about other people… Yet it is bullying if other people do exactly the same.
        you are so Goddam ‘ special. Aren’t you, Maryjacko?

      • Maryjacko,

        True. I think may preconceived ideas lang sila abt Pia na nung Hindi nila naging ka close na stuck nalang doon. Siguro I was just expecting na at this time mas marami akong naririnig na good things from her co-candidates. Lahat ng naririnig ko now seems like Hindi nila kilala talaga si Pia. Si MJ kase before naalala ko Africans, Latinas and Europeans halo-halo grupi nya. I hope Pia wasn’t too serious nung time na yun. Nakikita natin dito she was doing her best not to look too “gigil” for the crown.

        I liked Adriana’s interview too. She’s obviously still hurting and her less than perfect English makes her answer questions na walang echos. Uncomfortable pakinggan pero true. I just believe na kung ano mang hoopla yan. Right choice si Pia for MU. Not because I’m a fan pero sa unang venture ng IMG they really need someone na kayang makipag sabayan sa media.

      • Yum yum, Mrs spainhour!
        Magagalit sa yo wife ko, she repped the US to the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Imternational almost 10 yrs ago hihihi!

      • @mrs spainhour,
        Yum yum, San movie ba to?
        Magagalit sa you wife ko. She repped the US to the Miss Hawaiian Tropic International 10 yrs ago . Ako nagkulot Ng buhok nya hihihi!

      • Mary jacko, take an enema. You may need some sorbitol too to clean u out. Hihihi!

    • @laila, Hindi ko alam may f-up statement si Monika. In a way, I can’t blame her if she is feels that way about the 3. She is really Gorgeous . she could easily be a winner too if the circumstances were different (judges etc)

  5. According to Pia’s bestfriend Harley:

    Updating with p again. doing something special ๐Ÿ™‚ can’t wait to see u ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yup, Pia is now in Indonesia.

  6. Sir Norman, I saw you at SM Sucat Hypermarket wearing white sleeve around 8 this evening with kids and two women. You’re taller and fairer than what i expected and with good posture too. You kinda look strict though.

  7. Exciting toh, maglalabasan lahat ng beki wearing crowns. I Luvet parang Gay Pride!

  8. Pageant experts,I need a clarification on how many crowns will be awarded by bbp this 2016. My knowledge is it should be six but upon checking bbp web. The Bb pilipinas globe is not on the list.

  9. excited na ako. ang tagal tagal ng screening hmmmp. sana kahit official list ng mga magpapascreen ok na ako. nakakastress agad hahaha.

  10. Other than this, mas excited akong makita si Pia sa Indonesia na suot ang Kebaya, yung sa Russia together with miss world 15, ung fadil berisha shoots nya, yamamay shoots nya, chinese laundry shoes shoots atbp. Remember olivia in India doing her chinese laundry shoes at yung kay molly for yamamay sa isang exotic paradise beach (cant remember kung san yun) sana ganun din kay pia.

    OT: miss ko yung mga charity works ni ate megan. She is still the best MW for me, sana si Pia can do more beyond her responsibilities as MU now that it is under a new management. Enfernez, hanga ako sa reign ni Molly, mala-MW ang dating, daming charity events nya.

    • On molly’s swimsuit, Yamamay was sort of trying to mimic Victoria’s Secret’s wonder bra by creating a million dollar swimsuit and it was announce even before the the pageant that the winner will get to wear it. Just a curious thought though, was that dry cleaned before she wore it? I mean Olivia Culpo wore it at the start of the swimsuit competition i think then Molly wore it the day after for an event.

  11. Pambansang Kamao – Manny Pacquiao.
    Pambansang Isda – Bangus (milkfish)

    How about Pambansang Beauty Queen?

    Pwedi si Pia?

    • Just sad that Beauty Queens representing our country doesn’t know our national fish which is milkfish.

      But its ok. Steve Harvey made a mistake too

    • Sabi ng niece ko puede ba dawTila-pia masarap daw with burong isda? Forgive her kung offensive pero gusto ni maging Miss U din.

      • Is your niece a Culunary Graduate who loves to cook Filipino food? Specialty in Filipino food? LET her cook sinigang na Bangus first.

    • Ariadna – My niece is 7 years old. Intiendes? Dugay ka na sa Manila tonto ka pa gihapon. Samok ka diha! Yung pangalan mo gaya gaya.

  12. Ang sarap ng feeling kapag ilike mo yung sarili mong comment using your 5-10 fictitious names ano:-) ha ha ha ha
    At least nawawala ang stress mo at nakakagaan ng feeling na may naglike sa iyo :-)ha ha ha ha
    Juskopo ๐Ÿ™‚ Malala na talaga …ha ha ha ha ha ha ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Never akong naglalike at nagdislike ng mga comments miss tissa ๐Ÿ™‚
        Tanungin mo pa si Sir Norman kung namomonitor nya mga likes and dislikes ๐Ÿ™‚
        Basta nasabi ko ang gusto kung sabihin and i don’t care sa likes and dislikes ๐Ÿ™‚
        May tinamaan lang sa sinabi ko at alam niya yon kaya galit na galit na naman cya ๐Ÿ™‚ ha ha ha ha
        No. 1 cya ang nagdidislike sa mga comment ko kaya nababaliw sya sa laki ng galit sa akin ๐Ÿ™‚ ha ha ha ha ha
        Pero intindihin natin sya kc ganyan talaga kapag may diperensya o sakit sa u__k ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

  13. OMG ๐Ÿ™‚
    I wish i’m there ๐Ÿ™‚
    Enjoy your homecoming Queen Pia ๐Ÿ™‚
    We love u ๐Ÿ™‚

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