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  1. @c2f, your theory about ‘ provincinas’ may be true in the US Canada and Australia. but the Philippines? It’s a little bit too dreamy. Pia grew up down south but it took her 15 years to get this far.

    • i think fresh queen will win bbpUniverse a queen who never been joined a pageant before. but there are some experienced ladies will success ds year in bbp for some titles. just my feeling.

    • @baby nica, I agree. She is very pretty, very feminine , and very ambitious …she has the fire to get it all.
      However, I think AQ needs to help KF do her transformation. Remember MJ? She did not change at all from MUP to MU (vs Venus Shamcey and Janine)

  2. She gets a yes from me

    But these photos are way too enhanced. She looks different in person.

  3. Eto na sya! The first on my lists for possible contender and winnable at that on the first sight!

  4. Betsina ko rin ang mujer na itey.
    Kaya lang her contract with ABS-CBN will be a big hindrance.
    And besides kakalabanin pa nya ng jowawers nya na magpapa-screen rin, ang diva reina na si Xiana Lim.

    Kim Chu, 69, Felepens!

  5. She looks like a dusky version of Georgina Diaz Wilson and a more statuesque Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach… Wow!

    Simulan na nya kumain ng tokwa, taho, suha, ube, at iba pa ng sa gayon ay kaya na din nya makipagsabayan sa mga Papaya ni Pia. 😀

    • yup exactly c2f. georgina wilson + Pia wurtzbach . pasalihin na ang mga potential ladies na nahihiya noon this is the right time for them. we need to maintain our position in top 5 or even top 3 or even win. i know eh marame talagang nagtatago. for some reasons. ung iba kawalan ng budget. kung may pera lang talaga sasagutin ko gastos nila. nakakatuwa kase talaga sa MU na eenjoy ako lalu na if nasa top 5 tayo lage. will add this lady in my list. whos next???

      • Wow… dami sa province…. remember the gorgeous dusky statuesque girl from Sultan Kudarat… If she had the budget to go here… she wouldn’t be married with a kid today.

  6. Never heard of her before but DEFINITELY YES!

    On the side note, just amazed that MU has now become a competition between two countries. What happened to Power V?!?

      • Osmel is sending their best bets at other pageants while giving chance to others at MU since they already won 3 times in less than 10 years. They are also getting a lot of flack from all the nips and tucks they did to their candidates.

  7. Whoa, this girl just blew me away !!! Kim Ross Williams is loaded with X-factor, the cameras love her. If she ‘s the one who’ll be facing Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar in MU 2016, damn, that would be one hell of a battle. I hope she joins. Her chances: possibly 2nd or 1st Runner up, even the Miss Universe crown if she’s a smart and spontaneous speaker like Pia. Can’t wait for BbP 2016 !!!.

  8. Facially she has what it takes to be a beauty queen. She has a resemblance of Pia in certain angle based on her photo grid above. I just hope this gorgeous woman has substance also. I like her.

  9. Based on beauty and projection alone (we have yet to see her speak or witness her attitude), this girl will be a frontrunner. What is her height?

    Kim Ross Williams : 5 Stars.


    5 Stars : Worthy of a crown / Among the front runners.
    4 Stars : Finalist material. Needs some polishing to be a 5 stars.
    3 Stars : With Potential. Needs a lot of polishing.
    2 Stars : Don’t quit the day job girl.
    1 Star : In the name of everything good and decent, why!?
    1/2 Star: Sure winner for Super Sireyna 2016. Lol.

    World Peace.

  10. Another wow for me !
    This year’s BBP edition could turn out to be the most competitive in recent years !
    I already like this girl Kim ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hope she signs up ♡♡♡

    • Parang kahawig nya si Trovar yong Miss Universe Colombia this year. Magandang laban to pag siya ang MUP…

  11. nice ng miss universe song, anong year or decade kaya ito? parang 1980s. sana ibalik.
    di ko yata naabutan. i’m 24.

    • Much better candidate than Ariadna. Beautiful. But I think she might fare much better in Miss World. She’s the kinda of sweet looking candidate the MW is looking for.

  12. Hinihintay ko yung mga comments ni #idon’tknow #batapaakoeh #ebaksapyot para magkaroon na ako ng Final Medical Diagnosis 🙂
    May symptom na ng delusions of grandeur which is common in patients with Schizophrenia(meaning – bagtit, buang, baliw).
    Hayaan na lang natin sila sa kabaliwan nila at intindihin lagi dahil hindi nila alam na kailangan na nila ng manggagamot 🙂
    Sa kasamaang palad, mukhang sa Quiapo lang sila nag-iikot at nagtatanong kay Baraha/Tarot queen, Herbal/etc queen, at naging friend din daw niya ang poong nazareno at doon daw galing lahat ng impormasyon na sinasabi nya sa blog ni Tito Norms 🙂

    • Nag-komento na sa baba gamit ang isa sa higit na dalawampung pagkatao niya dito. Mukhang namangha naman siya sa kagandahan at alindog ng Pilipinang tinutukoy dito. Hindi siya naninirahan sa Pinas. Sa Norte Amerika siya nakatira. Kilalang-kilala ko ang modus niya dito dahil ako ang pinaka numero unong kinagigiliwan niya sa mga nagko-komento dito. Ang una niyang ginagawa sa pagbabad dito ay i-thumb-down ang mga komento ko at ang sa iba pa na hindi niya sinasang-ayunan. Kapag sinasapian siya, kinakausap niya ang iba niyang pagkatao para gumawa ng eksena sa mga kagandahang pasado sa kaniyang panlasang napakakitid. Ganiyan talaga ang buhay, may naliligaw lagi ng landas.

      • Ganun ba???
        Clue ng name na ginamit nya 🙂
        Meron din akong nahalatang nagkamali ng gamit ng name sa baba …
        Ibang name nagamit nya to respond sa kakilala nya dito. 🙂

      • Tatlo so far dito lang sa thread na ito. KF camp supporter #1 but hates Bea to the max. Definitely Baby Nica is another person working in Singapore.

  13. That face is gorgeous. I ‘m buying that for B2B.

    But i do not know if the ” myth” of most Miss Universe winners name ending in ” A ” should be observed . (Of course i m kidding here 🙂 )Thou there were some MU who s name doesnt end in” A”.

    Kim should chnage her name 🙂

    Etc etc

  14. Naku magsusunog na naman ng Filipina effigy ang mga Colombians :-O

  15. Sayang naman ang beauty nya pag nanalo this year. I think we need to send a strong candidate but the chances are very slim to win b2b. I’d rather send someone who is capable of making it to the semis or top 10. Sometimes you need to play you cards right. I don’t think Miss U and IMG would allow a B2B to happen this early in their ownership. But she would be great for 2017… I think she has a really great shot.

  16. I hope she joins. You cannot leave her unnoticed. Another contender for MUP

  17. Woah, if she joins, she will be my bet for MU. Now that we have an idea of what IMG is looking for, I am sure that Kim could be a spoiler for a back to back. She is perfect for MU.

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