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  1. i like her. also her eyes. she can smize like pia did. medyo hate ko lang ung nose nya. pinagawa ba yan. kung oo sana naman try to consult to others at ipaayos ulet ung hinde halata ang nose job. i like emmas nose sana ganun kaganda hinde msyadong halata. pwede talaga sya with proper training and transformation. i want her team to focus on what she need to change o need to add.
    this ladies i want to join bbp 2016
    Jamie Herrel
    rachel peter
    gazini ganados
    charmaine elima
    emma tiglao
    mia howell
    maria gigante
    janine gutierrez
    kylie verzosa
    maurene montagne
    marame pa forgot their names, konti lang sa kanila ang possible na sumale but i really hoping na marame sa kanila ang sumale. bawiin ko ang sinabe ko na magiging weak ang batch ds year. coz im sure marame ang aspiring beauty queens ang nainspired kay Pia. so dadagsa ng diosa ds year. other fresh potential ladies will join coz they wont to break the successfull streak of ph in MU so those potential ladies will be joining im sure. pray tayo for that.

  2. so far , my choices are Lorraine K. Laura L. and Rachel P.
    I have no problem with pure Pinoys if they can transform them into real contenders like they did Janine and Shamcey

  3. Another stunning lady!!! Is she half- Italian? I love her eyes, very expressive and alluring. She has the ABC’s of a true beauty queen – the height, the beauty, the fact that she photographs very well. If I were her, she should join Binibining Pilipinas next year, 2017. It would spare her that tremendous pressure of representing the Philippines in Miss U 2016 because Pia Wurtzbach is a tough act to follow. As is in the case of Pia, timing is everything.

  4. gandang ganda ako nito kahit maka A&Q ako. sana pumayat pa siya konti compared nung nag.miss world siya…

  5. Personally talked with her sa isang event sa cebu. Yes!! Shes very pretty and statuesque and dating. That KF veener signature is already there and the landi factor. Not this year pa po. Sa 2017 pa sya isasabak. She needs to fin her studies first. She and steffi aberasturi will screen sa 2017 pageants pa. KF cebu so far will field in Maria gigante, sasha and another girl.

  6. Calling the OSCAR and GOLDEN GLOBE it will be a nice thing to let PIA and HARVEY present a nomination on the aforementioned events . That would be a blast. So calling the organization it will be a good promotion of GOODWILL.

      • absurd. It is film industry at the highest helm not TV entertainment pleaseee masyado kang ambisyosa pa patent patent pa che!!!!

      • Ang sarap manampal ng baklang nang gagaling galingan….kaasar to ultimate level, okay lang sana kung maganda o kahit paano kamukha ni ni level veejay floresca pwede na eh, malulunok ko yung patent churva, pero yung kulang ng isang paligo kay veejay floresca tapos nagmamarunong ever, hay nakakapangilabot!!!! ever

  7. Ano sa tingin niyo, gusto nyo bang sa pilipinas ma-held ang Miss Universe this year?
    Ako hindi, kasi baka magkatotoo iyong sinabi ni Ulikba-shi na kaya nanalo tayo kasi don sa pinas nag MU2016.

    • @ Padede boy
      For your information she didn’t say negative about our Queen, as reported by Inquirer.

    • @padede win or not willing ang PH to host MU so no need ipanalo ang ph dahil gusto nila sa pinas mag host. para bang pag nanalo lang tayo dun lang tayo papayag na mag host. not like that. matagal na willing ang PH to host MU and beside judges na ang nagsabe she won. so no need to agreeing in urvashi statement. dala lang ng pagiging bitter yan. ang umagree sa kanya bitter lang talaga. whole words know why si pia nanalo. hayaan na sila urvashi at mga ka ampalayahan nya. nakakaexcite ang bbp 2016 and MU 2016. pero okay din naman if sa ph ganapin. pero bet ko sa ibang bansa nalang. pwedeng thailand or india wag lang sa indonesia bawal ang SS don. pwede din sa mga african countries

    • No it should not be in the Philippines , if for some reason our candidate will be the best so winning the title will not be as good as if it is held in another country. They will say lutong macao. So please i dont want Miss Universe in the Philippines.

  8. She can definitely join BbP2016 but she does not give me any MUP vibe at this point. Anyway, there are other titles at stake so she should go for them.

  9. Very pretty and strong features. She might do really well in Miss International.

  10. Shocks!! she is GORGEOUS!!!! Sayang lang in a way kc mhirap nga b2b…next year kya? as lots of you are saying she needs honing…e di mg-train n muna ng bongga this year, then next year pasabog na talaga cya da bah?! …Naisip ko lng din, hindi kya masapawan ni Queen Pia wedding nila Vic and Pauline? …have to be honest, kung nandun ako si Pia pi-picturan at kay Queen Pia ako mgpp picture!!! ahahahahahhaha… Approved na leave ko for Queen P’s homecoming, Pernes to me!! hehe

    • Well I hope my bundant friends from KF would really work very hard to prepare their girls, fashion forward para kasing natraping sa 2000 era!!! Something new naman, fresh and exciting ang presentataion ng mga girls nyo. AQ really made a milestones!

  11. This girl is screaming Miss Universe. Pag ito pinadala natin.. nako po.. it’s like Miss Universe 2015 all over again.. pagkakaguluhan ang 2016 edition na ito. Turuan lang itong ng smize ni Pia at likeable personality. Ang alam ko this year magsisimula ang IMG look ng Miss Universe. Im hoping magaling din sa Q&A ito.

    • Baka maghoping itong si Gazini and not doing her home work!!! Pedede boy nag place ba ba yan sa MWP?

  12. I think Gazinni has the goods to win… she’s got the face, the body and the skills. I just hope that her chosen camp provides sufficient personality developement trainning for her. If her personality is molded into a spokesperson and a role model that people would look up to then I dub thee, BBP International or maybe even BBP- Universe!

  13. She need to work on her body, she’s on the heavy side. She has to work very very very hard like PIA. And can she talk?

  14. Ok she has a potential . Let her file an application now. So far sa mga article ni Norman eto palang yung medyo mY POTENTIAL .

  15. Sana sabihan niya yung tita at pinsan niya na tigilan na mambash ng ibang mga kandidata sa social media. Baka ma-Carmi Martin na naman siya, like last 2014!

  16. As for Gazini,

    I’m on her team. Si Lorraine din if sasali. Na preprettyhan ako kay Gazini and I like saying her name haha. She’s just skinny pero if maka place naman sya I have no doubt mas lalo pa ma eenhance face and body nya. Maganda na foundation to start with. We’ll see

    • Really???? Sabagay pag convert mo sa US dollars it does make sense in terms of the materials pa lang and the manual work involved like for the national costume..if this is true then it does put everything in perspective as to why medyo nag-aalangan si Mrs Araneta on over-hauling the girl’s wardrobe. My goodness, mapupunta lahat pera ng Binibining Pilipinas Charities sa damit, walang maiiwan for the charities! And it’s not like what Aces & Queens would claim na for them, TY (thank you) halos lahat ng gowns nila for their MW reps. Stella has to really make sure that the budget works- the plane tickets, the contingencies, etc- and that it doesn’t get blown over by a single dress.

      I bet masakit ulo niya ngayon knowing na she can’t possibly go back to the pre-MU 2015 days when she could demand for a ‘make it work moment’ with an ill-fitting gown from her baul.

    • That’s why in Venezuela they have a roster as in a long list of designers who are willing to provide their gowns for FREE. It is their delegate who chooses which gown she would like to wear. Nobody is asking BPCI to spend. Michael Cinco and Oliver Tolentino for example are more than willing to invest with zero charge if it’s for honnor and our national pride.

      • If i were to rank these beauty Queens not on their placement at MU but on my own personal taste of beauty, as follows:

        1 Pia
        2 Janine
        3 Venus
        4 Shamcey
        5 Mj
        6 Ara

        and not to forget i’m the most beautiful among them.

      • @ARIADNA

        You don’t deserve to be on their level.These are beauty queens have heart to show the world, universe rather…But i agree with you at some point.

        1.Pia 2. Venus 3. Janine 4. Shamcey 5. Mj 6.Ariella

    • It started with a Venus to reach the Universe!
      Credits to Venus Raj, laki ng tyan sa pic bat ganun?

      Pinaka maganda parin ako.

    • Mag do donate ako ng Piso galing sa puso para sa gown at natcos ng MU16
      Kung lahat ng mga baks eh mag do donate wala yang 1.5 million basta manalo lang bet natin”. Piso para sa MU’.

      Kung hindi si Ariadna parin mananalo!

    • venus and pia almost has the same in SS portion. venus started the fire and MJ end the fire but Pia started it again. i wont to say that Pia end the fire. we need some one who is tall more than Pia with a sexy body and even not too exotic but can smize. madale na naman sila itrain sa Q&A. ist of all we need to her physically muna if one won coz of her physical beauty and not on her answer. its okay. they can train her in Q&A. i think IMG will looking for the same like what donald trump looking for but with the aura of pia, modelesque beauty queen. sure na sure na yan coz they are into modeling also. they are amaze on Pia’s performance so no doubt they are looking for someone like her.

  17. Teka later na si Gazini…break muna tayo. Nasagap ko sa FB. Kakaloka halos kopyang kopya.

      • May clover sya! Ako walang cover, may offer na sa akin 1 million dollars for X! Say mo Laila!

      • Ariadna,

        Good for you take it take it !!! Magiging useful yan sa animal husbandry lalo na kung tungkol sa proper mating ng mga kabayo. woops.

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