8 comments on “Mister & Miss  Philippine Youth 2016

  1. Congrats, MJ Novenario…another pride of Pola, Oriental Mindoro….Keep it up !

  2. Congrats, MJ Novenario…another pride of Pola, Oriental Mindoro ! Keep it up !!!

  3. congratulations MJ Novenario of Pola, Oriental Mindoro for winning the crown!

  4. It seems that the said pageant was full of shifty, especially to the male candidates … As I was noticed, hear and saw they are close to the gay organizers like Nestly Biscayda, and the worst of it they using their own body to win the title. And some productions said that they are also making their own top 3 to give them the title to win. Even the Question and Answer is been given before the coronation, because their own top 3 didn’t have the guts to answer them. Thank you!

  5. Bakit walang school ID ang iba? Taga DLSU, UP at Ateneo lang ang inaydentify.

  6. This pageant doesn’t seem to make any sense but at least the crowns are pretty.

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