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  1. Pasensya na readers pero I disagree na powerhouse na tayo. Malayo pa tayo sa na-achieve ng Venezuela. But I think our country has better chances now that MUO has new owners. I can boldly predict that gradually, bets from Latin countries will take a back seat for a long time now.

  2. The Philippines remains as one of nations with the most number of placements & awards from the Miss Universe Pageant.

  3. Must watch!!! – Pia’s story and journey to Miss Universe crown in one video 🙂

    • Thanks much Jo ! What an inspiring journey indeed for our very own Miss Universe 2015 ! I couldn’t help but get teary eyed watching this video ! Whew !
      Thank you Pia for making every Filipino proud ♥♥♥

  4. you guys stop speculating. just concentrate on laura lehmann and Rachel peters and we will have fun again in 2016.

    • I think me potential talaga si Mariel De Leon. I can see that gustong-gusto talaga nya maging beauty queen. I remember Jonas and Mama ruffa once mentioned that one important trait for a possible winner is yung drive. I guess Pia has proven that, and I think Mariel has that.

  5. Pageant Host – How many islands are there in the Philippines?

    Contestant – I’m not sure.

    Pageant Host – More or less?

    Contestant – More?

    • Mars gaano katotoo na ito ang name ng colombian na sumunog sa effigy ni Mareng Pia?

      Noider Almanza Barraza

      May chance kaya na kamag anak itey ng Lolo Alfredo? Kaya siguro ang laki ng galit nitong boylet kay Pia.

    • Comedienne retaliates against Colombian who burned effigy of Pia Wurtzbach
      She posts picture of herself burning an effigy with man’s face on it
      She also pokes fun at Colombia, compares it with candy-maker Columbia
      MANILA, Philippines – Fighting fire with fire.

      With outrage growing over a Colombian man named Noider Almanza Barraza’s burning of an effigy of Pia Wurtzbach, comedienne Ethyl Gabison aka Ethel Booba hits back with a mocking picture of his effigy.

      On her Twitter, Booba posted a photograph of herself burning an effigy with the body of Wurtzbach but with the sash of Miss Colombia and the face of Barraza.

      “Kalma lang guys. Ako bahala. Babawi tayo sa sunugan ng effigy. Charot!” read her post.

      (“Calm down, guys. Leave it to me. Let’s get even in the burning of effigies.”)

      Barraza has been facing a barrage of criticism from Filipinos despite his apologizing and taking down of the original video.

      In an earlier post, Booba posted a picture of Barraza posing with Pia’s effigy along with an explanation of the tradition of burning dolls.

      “In the Andean countries, people burn little doll-like effigies (muñecos) on December 31 — a way of burning up any regrets, things they want to forget, and things they want to let go from the old year before the new year begins,” read the explanation. “So don’t hate them just because they burned an effigy of Miss Universe. Instead be glad that they are willing to let go of the fiasco. If the Philippines has “Paputok, Colombia and other Latin nations have the (Muñecos).”

      In a later post, however, Booba took one final dig at the man and Colombia in general by making a play on the country’s name.

      “Love Love Love not War,” she wrote. “I love Colombia and Columbia because of Frutos soft chewy candy. Charot!”

      Source :Twitter, ABS-CBN

  6. “If I had to marry a person outside of my faith, I would not marry that person because the only person that I love is God, the one who created me and made me who I am so if that person really loves me, then he should love my God too.
    — Shamcey Supsup (Miss Universe 3rd Runner Up)

    • Harry: Good evening. How are you?

      Angelee: Good evening. I’m so fine and I feel so great that I’m one of the finalists. And I feel so excited that one life will be changed tonight.

      Harry: Wow, you answered the question before I asked! Let me try… How would you show to the rest of the world that it’s more fun in the Philippines?

      Angelee: I can show to the world that it’s more fun in the Philippines because I am a nurse by profession and I decided to stay in the Philippines because we have a very beautiful geographical setting which we can travel through land, air and seas. And I think that we have beautiful people and standing here in front of you right now is an example of the beautiful people of the Philippines”. – Angelee delos Reyes

      “Well, I’ll tell her to believe in herself because it’s not only physical beauty that’s important but also inner beauty. Like what the Little Prince said, ’What is essential is invisible to the naked eye.’ And I believe that character and personality are more important than physical beauty.”-Charmaine Ruffa Gutierrez

      The Question by Gloria Diaz: “If you were given a chance to choose to become beautiful but not too smart or very smart and not too beautiful, what would you prefer to be and why?”

      The Answer: “Well, um, quiet please! Okay. Well, I’d rather choose to be, uh, beautiful. Um, because, um, to be beautiful like, um, it’s natural. But, um, being smart, you can learn. You can learn, um, a lot of things. You can learn from the experience. You can learn from a lot of things to be smart.”- Jeannie Anderson

    • ” If I had to change my religious beliefs, I will not marry the person that I love. Because the first person that I love is God, who created me. And I have my faith and my principles. And this is what makes me who I am. And if that person really loves me, he should love my God too. Muito Obrigada Brazil! ”

      -Shamcey Supsup

    • “If I had to marry a person outside of my faith, I will do it — because real love is unconditional, non-judgmental, embraces all differences, and surpasses all boundaries. ” — Melanie

  7. I can feel the pressure right now for those ladies joining in the National Competition for Bb Pilipinas [ Universe, Globe and International ] and Miss World Philippines. Kung sino manalo, dapat moldable and studious like Pia, conversationalist like Megan, charming like Mutya, elegant like Bea, confident like Angelia, and mysteriously exotic like Ann. Of course, to our Pinoy designers who constantly are pushing boundaries with their artistry and skills. Sana nga matatapang at maswerte manalo, suportahan sila at sana no bashings na from anyone [ Pinoys ] kasi mga Thais, Colombians, Venezuelans and other countries are gonna be hitting our ripe fruits soon. 🙂

    • That’s the sad part. But i think the key to winning a pageant is attitude. Megan, Pia, these ladies are down to earth, hindi maldita, in other words, kailangan mabait. Ung mga umaattitude na feeling maganda dapat screening nalang ligwak na

      • @urbandecay naaksidente? New term ba ito pag pangit ang retoke? Some women dont realize that going under the knife does more harm than good. Magandang bata ito nung Starstruck days. Masama lang ugali pero isa sa mga maganda.

      • “Naaksidente” daw kaya nagpaayos ng mukha is the chismis. At bakit naman masama daw ugali? Anong kwento?

      • @urbandecay i met her once post starstruck, she was introduced by a friend. The girl was nice to me but it didnt feel genuine. I am sure you will agree may mga taong pag nameet mo alam mong fake ung personality. Then i met her again for the second time nung nasa TV5 na sya. May superstar attitude na. Like she’s The Anne Curtis of TV5. Ewan ko ba. The way she carries herself, hindi queenly. Maganda sa maganda oo pero attitude wise, pag na Miss Colombia yan baka itakbo nya ang korona at hindi na isoli.

      • She is the complete opposite of Aileen Iwamoto. Yun, un ung labas na labas ang ugali. Butangera at palengkera. itong si Ramona she reminds me of Regine George. Nakakatakot maging kaaway pero mas nakakatakot maging kaibigan.


  9. I-career ang intercontinental and grand inter for 2016! PAK!! =) ahahhahahaha… may pagka-greedy na ba?

  10. “I want to be confidently beautiful with a heart”
    — Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach (Miss Universe 2015)

      • “I treasure a core value of humanity and that guides her into understanding people, why they act the way they do, how they’re living their lives. And I will use these core values and understanding not only in helping others but to show other people how they can understand others, to help others. … So that as one, together, we shall help society. Thank you!”-Megan Young

        “The whole world saw how my country suffered. One by one, other countries helped. You have opened my heart and eyes on what we can do to help each other. I will work to sustain the spirit of sympathy and spirit of hope. As long as we work together, there is hope”.-Bea Rose Santiago

    • You a–h—e, Pia has already slapped you in the face …really really hard. And you still continue to put her down. LOSER!h

    • “I was born by a Filipino mother who is a christian with an Indian father who is a Hindu and was raised in a country governed by muslims. My father thought me that in diversity, peace can be achieved”
      — Parul Shah (Miss Grand International 3rd RU)

      • 1. “High tide or low tide?”

        – Charlene Gonzales (Miss Universe 1994 top 6)

        2. “I am proud and contented with my long – legged”

        – Melanie Marquez (Miss International 1979)

        3. Q: If you had to pick one out of the five senses, what would it be and why?

        A: ” If I had to pick out of the five senses, I would pick seeing because seeing is the sense that we can ever see because seeing is believing. And believing…what you see is perfect and out of all the senses, seeing would be really wonderful because…Thank you that will be it.”

        – Joanlia Lising ( Miss Philippines USA 2013 candidate )

        4. Q: The question is, what role did your family play to you as candidate to Binibining Pilipinas?

        A: “Well, my family’s role for me is so important because there was the wa- they’re, they was the one who’s very (laughs). Oh I’m so sorry. Um, my family, my family. Oh my god. I’m…

        Paolo Bediones: Pwede ka magtagalog. Okay lang.

        A: “Ok, I’m so sorry. I, I told you that I’m so confident… Eto, um, wait… (laughs). Um, sorry guys because this was really my first pageant ever because I’m only 17 years old and (laughs) I, I did not expect that I came from, I came from one of the taft 10. Hmmm, so… but I said that my family is the most important persons in my life. Thank you.”

        – Janina San Miguel ( Bb. Pilipinas World 2008 )

      • “Sir, in my 22 years of existence, I don’t have a major, major mistake in my life because I love my family.”
        — Venus Raj (Miss Universe 4th Runner Up)

      • Pageant Host – How many islands are there in the Philippines?

        Contestant – I’m not sure.

        Pageant Host – More or less?

        Contestant – More?

  11. I’m seeing a lot of posts on arci munoz. Kaka ko dati joke joke lang para kabahan mga shupitbahay. Seryoso na ba to now? How tall is this girl?

    • Mars maganda si Arci at malakas ang dating. Worry ko lang baka maging issue yung pagiging calendar girl nya ng Ginebra at parang ng pose ata sya sa Mens Mag. Ayaw ata ni SMA ng ganun?

      • Then she will be 27 this year? I’m not sure about other pageants, MU lang alam ko na pwede till 27 yo.
        Maganda talaga sya

      • Sa dami ng crown ng Binibining Pilipinas, kahit anong title dun will save her showbiz career. Tagal na nyang artista di parin sya ganun ka big star. Feeling ko susugal na yan to join yan for Showbiz career. Last chance nya na.

      • Yang mukhang yan sabayan mo ng tangkad, strong personality, charm and good oral communications skills, pwedeng pwede yan sa BBP

      • Nung nasa TV 5 yung Miss World, nag try sya dun. Parang OC na yata sya then nag back out din agad.

        Correct me if I’m wrong

      • Di na mag back out ngayon yan 26, na sya last chance nya. Wala rin naman nangyayari sa showbiz career Nya. Any crown will boost her showbiz career.

    • I like Arci since Starstruck pa unfortunately madami ma- uungkat na before and after photos ang mga kapitbahay natin. Bugbog sarado tayo sa mga photos nya especially nung starstruck days na hindi pa sya nagpapa- nose job.

      • One more

        Tapos endorser at model pa sya ng goretex noselift. Meron sya dating before and after photos sa clinic na yan.

      • Ang aksidente ni Arci was last year. Mata ang na- aksidente sa kanya at hindi ang ilong. Her nose job procedures were done years ago pa right before the accident. She’s even a model and endorser ng goretex noselift ng Shimmian Manila. Her before and after photos are all over sa website na yun. I’m pretty sure Arci won’t deny it that’s why I like her.

  12. gusto ko lang i-point out na simula ng maupo si noynoy, sinuwerte na tayo sa miss u, since last yr na niya ngaung 2016, last tym na rin kaya nating pumasok sa miss u? isang pang na-observe ko parang naging lucky charm si janicel, 1st ru kc siya pareho kina megan at pia na parehong nakapag-uwi naman ng mw at mu crowns! coincidence? 😀

  13. I’ve always believed we’ve just regained our pageant powerhouse with the recent successes of our Misses, especially with the wins in Miss World and Miss Universe. From 1969 to 1979 – a decade of victories in Miss Universe and Miss International as well as placement in Miss World had made us a powerhouse in my opinion – way before Venezuela took away that title. India surged in the 1990s until mid 2000s, only to lose its powerhouse status since then. However, the black years from 2000 until 2010 dimmed our powerhouse status. This present era is a new golden age of Philippine pageantry- a time when other countries watch us closely to see our national bets they will be competing against – the way they look at Venezuela. So our girls will be in a lot of pressure, with in and with out and it will be a test of grace under pressure indeed. I’m so looking forward to what is in store for us this year. Exciting times ahead my fellow Filipinos!

    • Let us also recognize the commendable performance in recent years of our Asian neighbors like Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Mongolia which are slowly gaining ground as runners-up or semi-finalists. Humahabol na sila sa Thailand.

  14. Without a win is okay for me.. pero kung manalo man.. bonus na lang iyan… ang sa akin lang.. pangit naman kung every year laging tayo. Top 5 or Top 10 is better than not placing at all.

    • same here. actually next year kahit di pasok okay na din…the fact that we finally got the crown this year enough na yan!!! can’t have it all nga di ba!

    • me too. pabor ako dyan pero i want israel, bulgaria, malaysia wins and other countries na naging close kay pia until her coronation. manalo or top 5 for them ok lang. wag lang ang mga plastik. kahit ibang candidate na ang ilalaban at least those ladies prove how nice their ountry are. kung ung mga babaeng yon eh maging rep ng bansa nila sa ibang pageant this year wish them to win. asian or african gusto manalo sa MU ds year. kahit runner up lang tayo ds year ok lang give way to others no need maging colombia ang paguugale masyadong uhaw sa korona pero syempre laban talaga kung laban kung manalo mas ok.

    • Yeah as long as you keep the semifinal streak alive. To me a powerhouse is being consistent in placing or reaching the semi finals despite not winning the crown.

    • for me ang may pinaka magandang korona ay ung sa supranational miss universe (looks expensive)

  15. just saw this on IG. Daaaannnngggg!!!!!!!!!! Miss Vietnam, this is how you do it!!!

  16. .”The list wouldn’t be complete if our representatives did not make the cut at the very least” i agree with this madam!

    Ang sa akin naman, this year okay lang kahit walang panalo. Okay na ako na makapasok sila sa semi finals dahil kahit saang anggulo, mahihirapan ang mga queens this year na sundan yung mga nagawa last year. Wag sana natin sila ipressure na dapat back to back (though it’s not impossible)
    Let’s just support our queens. 🙂

    Thats all thank you!:) Char!!

  17. I find it unfair the way Megan is relegated to the side in this grid. Yes, Pia’s victory is the most recent. And yes, Miss Universe will always trump (no pun intended) Miss World in Filipino’s hearts.

    But Megan made our Big4 complete. Our third Miss Universe is sweet victory of course, but our first Miss World should be celebrated equally as well. Parang ginawang accessory lang si Megan dito sa photo grid. Just my two cents, no harm intended. Happy New Year Norms!

    • No problem, Irina. I’m just an amateur graphic artist so I placed photos the way the sizes of the images fitted each other when placed side by side. The pressure of writing an inspired article and coming up with an image to come with it. I wish I had the skills of a seasoned computer artist. 🙂

      • The positioning of the photo grid is fine sir Norman.
        I guess it depends on the person’s interpretation.
        MU and MW are our most prestigious crowns that’s why they deserve
        to be at the very center and in this grid, they are 😉

  18. Why is is that the font size of MISS is larger than the UNIVERSE? I suggest it should be the other way around to give more emphasis to the word UNIVERSE. d:-)

    • Ateng 4 letters lng kasi ang MISS, nasa layout po kasi yan, kapag pinalaki mo ang UNIVERSE, mas lalaki ang MISS. Proportion kasi un layout.

      • You’re wrong! I have seen posters na mas maliit ang miss, which is the correct way. Kung di kayo makapag-isip ng paraan wag na kayong gumawa ng posters na glaring ang flaws. Thanks!

    • Bakit kaya bilog ang buwan? Bilog nga ba? Dapat kwadrado para ma-emphasis ang kabilugan ng buwan! Tama ba ako?

    • Gusto ko po magrequest. Pwede po bang gumawa din kayo. Sa tingin ko magaling ka sa larangang ito dahil napapansin mo yung ganung detalye ng poster. Sigurado akong magugustuhan ng marami ang gagawin mo

      • Magaling kasi ‘yang si Lem. Tiyak nga pag siya ang kandidata natin mananalo tayo eh. Puwede nga siguro both Miss World at Universe para Tiyak na atin ang mga Korona pag siya ang kandidata… Kaya dapat kung anong gusto at napupuni niya, iyon talaga ang tama. Dapat ‘pag sinabi niyang lakihan ang letra, lakihan agad. Nakakahiya naman sa galing niya.

    • Omg.big or small it does’t matter,as long as you could read.what’s the big deal! you don’t have to make the word bigger to emphasize something.

      Pia is shorter than her competitors but she was noticed..my point is don’t quarrel over small things!

    • mas marami kasing letra ang universe. Pag nilakihan mo ang font nya kagaya ng sa miss, di mo na sya mababasa. Masyadong crowded at magiging payat at stretch na yung letters. Unlike sa miss 4 letters lang. Hindi sya crowded kahit lakihan mo pa ang font size nya.

  19. Tito Norms, thank you so much for always bringing us where the pageant actions are. I may not always agree with your predictions hehe, but that doesn’t lessen my unshakable esteem for you.

    I am very happy to have witnessed the writing of one of the most glorious chapters of our country’s pageant history by regularly checking your blog. Thanks to you Tito Norms. You yourself deserve a crown!

  20. Good job Team Philippines!

    I hope your victories and successes inspire not only the young Filipinas but every Filipino to be the best version of themselves as an individual and as member of the society. Our country still has so much to prove to earn the respect of other nations, especially in the area of economy and civic engagement. I hope that you, our confidently beautiful queens with your strong mind and heart to serve, will mâke full use of your crowns and influence to be at the forefront of the major major mission to make the Philippines a great nation once more. You will because you can!

    Long live our queens!

  21. Everything and everyone has its place in this world, universe rather, it’s just the right timing
    ..’the popular saying in Eat Bulaga ‘ sa Tamang Panahon! The challenge is to maintain Philippines the country of Beauty with a Heart…However reality tells us that nothing lasts forever though we wanted things to Last Forever! Even kings and queens die.Only memories Last Forever!

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