6 comments on “Gentlemen of the Philippines: Big Brothers and Bigger Hearts

  1. Tito Norman, bakit ndi mo inintroduce si Rein as Mister International Philippines 2015? may nangyari ba? kasi nanonotice ko din sa mga post nya yung #ENDED. my connect ba?

      • Tito Norms, what led to his resignation? Does this mean he has been dethroned as well thus the lack of introduction with his “erstwhile” title in this article? This is so sad. Please please spill the beans in a separate article ASAP – this is definitely news!

      • I see tito norman, thanks for the information. As his FB friend and IG follower i was really curious about those hashtags. Btw, care to share/blog about the reason behind it? and who will take over with his title? So sad, but im gald he was able to represent us in Mr. International. He’s a great representative.

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