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  1. In fairness my aura na beauty queen fabalosa sana làng confidently beautiful sumagot!

  2. In my opinion….

    To those who say the camp of the candidate doesn’t matter, I hope you reevaluate what you’re saying. If you analyze the Big 4 beauty pageants: Our MU and MW crowns were brought home by Jonas Gaffud’s ladies. On the other hand, our MI and ME crowns were brought home by Rodgil Flores’ ladies. Makikita naman siguro kung ano forte ng camps diba? Just my two cents.

  3. Can a Mutya ng Pilipinas 2015 runnerup be a BP candidate??… I suggest Julee Ann Marie Bougoin. Thanks

    • Julee Ann Marie Bourgoin from CDO, first runnerup to Leren Bautista and janella Cuaton in the mutya ng Pilipinas 2015. Also the muse of Rain or shine in the PBA. Thanks

  4. She looks like Ariella Arida, same height(5’7) and same regional stint except this girl won the regional pageant. Question is, does she have better academic credentials and speech articulation than Ariella? If she does then I guess she is a shoo-in for one of the crowns.

    • Didn’t Ariella graduate valedictorian in HS and finish chemistry at UP? Wasn’t it impressive enough?

      • Yes, and she made it up to 3rd RUP. We’re gunning for a Back2back therefore we need a total package. 🙂

  5. Pag nagpa-veeners na yan. Tyak sasabak agad yan under KF. Naglalabas na ang KF ng shondidates profile for PR and publicity. Aura na kung aura. The earlier the better. Sa A&Q naman, sobrang tahimik lang, mysterious effect. Para pag-screening day na. Pasabog agad ang mga alaga nila. Mama J and mama Rodgil knows how to play their game and tactics. They work in diff ways pero in a good way pareho. Opinyon ko lamang to. Thats how i see these camps work.

  6. Tito Norman, baka puede mong I feature dito yung 25 na ititrain or tinitrain ni Mama Jonas. Group picture with names and summarized profiles nila. Paki feature na rin po yung top 10 nyo Kay Mama J para masintinsyahan na sila😃😃😃
    Salamat po😄😃😁
    Happy New Year to all😉

  7. I hope Bb would start the trend of doing makeup-less photoshoot. I think that would be a cool thing to do, right?

  8. Sorry, but a height of 5’7″ isn’t gonna cut it. I’m not saying height is everything, but when Colombia and Venezuela are sending girls who are 5’10” and taller, we should at least be sending girls who are at least 5’8″ or taller to be competitive.

    • How is a 5’7″ girl gonna look any different from a 5’8″ ? I think it’s a stupid argument.

      • So what minimum height would you suggest? 5’6″?

        If you re-read my post, I was merely suggesting 5’8″ as a MINIMUM standard.

      • Wynwyn, she looks too short on tv. Maybe someone a little taller than her ? She almost got my vote but she looked like a little girl in a Cinderella outfit .Is it her height or just her body proportion?
        You sound knowledgeable about these things

    • Pia isn’t as tall as the girls in the MU top 5, but she rocked the Q & A , walked and projected like a supermodel and exuded confidence and elegance. Her height did not make any difference at all, and she still got the attention of the judges. She worked with what’s she got, highlighted her strengths and downplayed her weaknesses. Miss Universe isn’t about perfection, its about diverse women from all over the world going in the competition presenting the best version of themselves to the world, to the universe.

      • Dandy, yes, of course I get your point — at some point in the finals, height won’t matter since other factors come into play like the Q&A, etc., — but the candidate still has to get from point A to point B. The candidate still has to make the first cut and it’s clear that the preliminary judges screened out the shorter girls to meet the pageant’s standards. Obviously, at 5’8″ Pia met that standard. Twelve of the 15 semifinalists were at least 5’9″ or taller, so obviously height plays SOME role in pre-selecting the semifinalists.

      • Height still add some points. Look at Ariadna, with that kind of answer in the final round and yet muntik pa niyang matalo si Pia. If you are short you must be very pretty, very impressive, articulate and can answer all the questions very well.
        Magaling lang talaga ang ating mga kandidata kaya umaabot sila sa finals.

  9. so far on Norman’s list of possible binibinis, no one has yet come close to pia’s beauty

  10. Tito Norman, I am sure there are other ladies in every corner of the Philippines who has the potential to become Miss Universe Philippines 2016. Keep looking and I can see with your diligence you will find one woman confidently beautiful to become the next Miss Universe Philippines. As we all know there is a new format competition in Miss Universe and I am wondering if there are plans in changing the format competition in search for the new Miss Universe Philippines. Maybe you will seperate from the Bb. Pilpinas with your leadership. What do you think Tito Norman?

  11. She looks great based on pics above. But I will wait for Laila et al to upload more pics before I decide . Lol

    • has glennifer perido aged out? She has a sweet face that the Japanese judges will love in Miss International

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