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  1. Juvaneska Kalaw will also be a perfect fit for Misss Universe.
    Half-German half-sheperd.
    She hails from Sabtang, Batanes!

    Juvaneska Kalaw, 69, Felepens

  2. Mag concentrate nlang tayo sa 25 na on training now kay mama Jonas at doon pipili sino ang MUP😃😃😃
    Dami koda eh magtanong nlang kayo kay mama J😃
    Yung mga bago Jan eh join lng for experience at magsimula ng sumulat sa notebook😃Malay Baka manalo pa😃

  3. Aces and Queens can do wonders and miracles..same thing above were said about Pia’s rejoining BBP last year..and what now?

    • Lol I’m not being negative
      I just think it’s a bad career advice. You need a new job Queenb lol

  4. YES!

    Laura has everything in one good package. Can you just imagine if she polishes herself further? Wow.

    I don’t think she even needs that Jewish-American connection.

  5. Laura is cute. Looks more like a princess than a queen. Ms. Universe is looking for a queen.
    Monica Sta. Maria can be inconsistent. Sometimes she looks really beautiful, but sometimes she looks a little bit like Boobay in her photos.

  6. There’s only been ONE back-to-back win in Miss Universe’s 64-year history — that was by Venezuela in 2009.

    Statistically, that means there is only a 1.6 percent probability for another back-back win. I am hoping another Filipina wins the title in 2016. However, I’m managing my expectations given the odds. Girls joining Bb Pilipinas 2016 should be aware of the odds as well.

    But that’s just the numbers talking. I hope I am wrong and that the Philippines will defy the odds and win back-to-back in 2016.

  7. When it comes to Monicka Sta Maria; she has a chance through body proportions; she’s tall and exceptionally fit. But I don’t like the way she talks and the way she smiles. When she smiles she often looks very derpy and silly that it’s just not attractive at all. Her voice is quite dull too but I doubt that it matters; her mother is a lecturer and I feel that her family background means that she’s quite smart. Nevertheless if she joins then I see her as a serious conpetiter. She’s extremely competitive and she has that model look that img might be interested in.

  8. I don’t know. She’s beautiful but I see her like how I saw Rogelie Catacutan; she’s artista pretty, the type you want to take home to your family, but she’s not pageant material. She’s quite boring in my opinion especially with her pale skin which I see as bland. I don’t see her standing out and her face is not really eye-catching. She might prove me wrong with her speaking skill since that is basically her job now but I don’t think she has the “umph” that mestizas like Pia and Megan had. My surprise that she made it to first runner up is a clear reflection of my lack of faith in her winning. She just doesn’t intrigue. But that’s just my opinion and I’ll gladly eat my words if I’m proven wrong.

  9. I dont think it’s wise to send our best bets next year. You dont want these girls to be Guada Sanchez-ed. Whoever’s going to be MUP next year will go on a suicide mission.

    • My thought exactly. There’s only a very slim chance our candidate — whoever she might be — is going to win a b2b next year.

      But Hmmm…”Guada Sanchez-ed” now means to go on a pageant suicide mission? LOL!

      • I love it Melanie. Let us make that term official. Lol personally we can use Guada Sanchez or Bianca Guidotti because both are exceptionally beautiful and smart but didnt get the justice they deserved.

    • I don’t know. I think we should send someone who’s palaban talaga na kayang kaya rumampa ng bongga, even if most of the girls aiming for a back to back tend to clap or just reach the Top 10. Look at Ariadna Gutierrez, even if mahirap makuha ang back-to-back palaban siya. Look, she clinched the crown even for just 2 minutes. Yung tipong ayaw niya ma-disappoint yung bansa niya. Just my two cents.

    • And yet Colombia sent Ariadna, a girl I considered a ” downgrade” from Paulina, in terms of beauty, elegance & queenly vibe. But you have to give it to the girl, she really wants the crown, so she worked her ass off, to the point of being excessively drag queen-like in the way she projects herself. But still, finished 1st Runner Up!!!! Almost close in achieving the back to back win. Even if it is statistically impossible for us to win again next year, let’s at least make the other competitors bleed and work hard for them to get the crown. So next time they encounter the Philippine representatives in any beauty pageant , they will get the message : WE MEAN BUSINESS. HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT.

      • I get your point. But what I was trying to point out is the hunger Ariadna exhibited. But not to the extent that our rep next year would look like a drag queen. Hindi yung haggard na haggard na dahil sa gutom para maiuwi ang b2b crown. Yung tama lang.

  10. Monika Sta Maria is not an MU material to me. Nor is Eva P.
    We cannot go head to head with the Latinas in terms of body and sensuality. That’s a given. But we can match them with our girls’ class grace and smart as long as they have a good body proprtion.
    Laura is not perfect facially . Pero kayang kaya namang ipaliwanag. I trust A and Q. they found a way to hide Pia’s prominent ears and nose. I did not like Shamcey Janine and the half-Indian girl when they won MUP. But they impressed me when they showed up on the MU stage. This did not happen with MJ .
    So for me, Laura and AQ. If a KF wins, I hope AQ assists.

  11. I like her too, but not 2016 but 2017 she is MU material, back to back is very rare, she is stunning.

    • I think we have to strike while the iron is hot .lets throw at them the best bets we can have beginning next yr. a btb is not common but it is also not impossible . It’shas happened at least almost 2x
      The judges won’t deny our girl the crown Just because….she will get it if they think she should have it.
      Let’s stay competetive.

      • Fabian — Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I only know of one b2b in MU’s history and that was in 2009.

      • It also happened at MW… and now Miss Earth…
        Miss International org seems to be the only one against B2B but they did have one that just one year apart.

  12. join lang ng join. ayus lang yan. if hinde nya time next year at least she tried and nalaman nya kung ano o saan sya nagkulang then icomplete nya nalang next time she join. but for me i like someone na preety with exotic face nd modelesque. meron nyan im sure kahit half basta lamang ang pinay looks nya. d ko alam kung nakukulangan ako kay lehman or hinde sya MU Material. what advantages on her is her being jewish. but we need more than her surname. kase kung may maganda naman sa 2016 MU she will not be noticed din as top 5. her surname cannot help her. hinde IMG org ang judges.

  13. If she joins this year, she’ll be one of the front runners. I saw her several times in person with very light make-up during her gigs in UAAP games, her appeal is kind of pale and dry, in tagalog, di cya takaw pansin, mapapalingon ka lang dahil she has a decent height, not less than 5’8” I’m sure (I’m 5’9” at parang kasing height lang kami) and her nice silky hair. She’s more appealing when she speaks because her eyes glitters, and she becomes a different persona. Her beauty is so so, meaning not so universal.

  14. My gut tells me no. She’s for other beauty pageants. Also the pitch of her voice is too chearleader type for me, to be very honest.

  15. So far, my bets are:

    1) Monica Sta. Maria – Beautiful Filipina with experience in international competition.
    2) Laura Lehman – I have yet to see if she indeed has no curves.
    3) That 4th princess Ms. World Philippines. (forgot her name. hehe)

    World Peace.

  16. Naku!! Open na pala ang application for bbp16. 5’6 p din yung min height! Jusko! Makapag-apply na nga under NT (Norman Tinio) camp. Hahaha.

      • Jajang, hindi yan ang turo ni Sir Norman sa atin. Lahat tayo ay may equal chance for BBP. Front runner ka nga, dark horse (literal) naman ako. Hahahaha. Girl apply na tayo. Push!

      • Ehh ako nga ang ultimate bet ehh!!!! Char, lakas maka-Ariadna! Sa mga may balak talaga mag-BBP– Gurlsss, and that is how you go down the drain!

  17. I like her and I think she’s MU material but I also agree with Marita that she should finish her studies first para hinog na hinog and mahirap din naman to leave your studies to gor for MUP. 80% agree ako kay BOREE na she’s better of sa MW, she could be our 2nd MW.

  18. Laura’s physicality, background and credentials is for Miss World BUT her name alone could be perfect for the new ownership of Miss Universe… Clue: what does Pia Wurtzbach, Laura Lehmann, Olivia Jordan and the big bosses of IMG have in common?… I guess it’s the same reason why 4 Mullatas from 4 different continents made it to TOP 15… And almost all 15 finalists are as multi-cultural and multi-ethnic as an international rep could be with backgrounds that tackles race, war, religion, immigration, family values, cultural tolerance, discrimination, bullying, etc.

  19. Ived seen her a couple of times na, hindi mo cya lilingunin. Ngugulat ngako ng iiba itsura pag nk-ayos. also sobra payat nya, no curves….yet. sobra puti nmn din. unlike si lucy torres na ilang beses ko n nakikita even nktabi s mga concerts,tumatahimik paligid pag dumadaan cya….ahahaha…

  20. Let Lehmann finish her studies first or whatever she wants to pursue. Tapos isabak na natin siya pag medyo hinog na. I love Laura she’s fun looking, articulate, very youthful and charming. For me she’s channeling Olivia Jordan. What more if na train and groom na ng bongga di ba? However, i think she is too skinny. She needs to gain a little bit of weight and gain some muscles

    • YES!

      Laura has everything in one good package. Can you just imagine if she polishes herself further? Wow.

      I don’t think she even needs that Jewish-American connection.

  21. she’s one of my favorites among her batch…but for MU..it’s a no for me, Miss Globe or Miss Intercontinental, yes.

  22. I don’t see Laura in any other pageant than MU. She is pretty classy smart articulate and ambitious with the next door type of personality.
    When I saw her strut in her swimsuit and national costume in 2013, She became my Alternative to Pia winning MUP . As it turned out, neither of them got it. Of course, the rest is history.
    Laura , you are next in line.

  23. Yeah Laura would be one of the best repeaters! Shes a speaker and her level of confidence is super! the fact na my showbiz or tv background na sha which is a good thing! walk training na lang- then body abs or muscle and then the packaging or the image–kasi sweet sha so dpat iba ang peg sa Miss U -ibahin ang the way she smiles but same personality bubbly pro seryoso na! heheheh

  24. ‘mm ACTUALLY this girl need to look up the second time ‘coz ACTUALLY she’s already fading in beauty but ACTUALLY she’s still a shoo in ACTUALLY!

  25. She’s cute but not of Muss U caliber. Unless she’s 5’11 or taller. Maybe send her to Supra.

    If we talk about repeaters, the only I can think is worth mentioning would be that Gazini girl….

    Don’t really know much about her but her face and name stuck with me.

    Any info of her?

    • Gazinni does look good… Question is does she have better credentials than Laura in anything else meaningful outside of pageantry?

  26. Guys please message Monica Sta Maria on her Twitter. Convince her to join @MonikaStaMaria

    • Monika Sta. Maria PROS AND CONS:

      1. She’s a model, drop dead amazing model.
      2. She’s tall and beautiful.
      3. Morenang morena si Monika.

      1. IMO, her communication skills are fine, but may come off annoying to some people.
      2. One of the judges in AsNTM said her face may become boring. Not remarkable daw, ang interpretation ko sa sinabi ni Kenneth Go.

      Anyway, pwede naman siya. If she gets convinced by Mama Jonas, alright. I believe Aces and Queens can prep her for the upcoming pageant. They’ve got the magic.

      • Even the name is Miss Universe worthy. You know the stupid Latinos will claim her because of her last name and all we be water the bridge with Pia’s “stealing” the crown. Well, except Columbians bwahaahahahahaaaaa.

        A preview poster nailed it: we need EXPENSIVE looking girls for MU. Lehman is cute but for me International caliber only (even Grand and Supra go for sexier looks).

        Now that Phil’s has a Miss U we need step up our game. No more valedictorians, Shoemarts, or sexy Senator wives.

  27. her facial bone structure is really not the best. you can tell easily by how they register on pictures when photographed on a side profile and unfortunately she has a weak chin. With Pia though her profile shots are one of the best so I’m not really solved with Laura as a successor of Pia.

  28. I want Lehmann or Valera for teh BBP-Universe title.

    Ariana Manibog Valera, 69, Felepens!

  29. I think she has what it takes should she decide to be fielded in Bb. Pilipinas 2016. Afterall, she has the same trainer with our present Miss Universe, so they know what to do with her. My take, either a Miss Universe Philippines 2016 aiming for a back-to-back crown or to be the successor of Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental 2016 and hopefully clinched the first Miss Intercontinental crown for the country. I wouldn’t mind her joining Miss World Philippines either and get the 2nd Miss World crown for the country.

  30. i actually dont get her kind of beauty. medyo literally cheeky and toothy. mala malaysian vietnamese macau delegate type of beauty. but who knows what magic aces and queens can do to her.

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