22 comments on “Call her Krizzia Lynn Moreno. Or just plain Kia if you will.

  1. Guys please convince Monica Sta Maria to join. Send her a message there @MonikaStaMaria. I think she need our push.

  2. ‘mm ACTUALLY she’s beautiful and ACTUALLY she’s sexy and ACTUALLY she could be next MU and ACTUALLY I hope she’s a good speaker ACTUALLY!

  3. TEAM ACES AND QUEENS IS THE RIGHT CAMP FOR YOU. Jonas and team better find this girl as soon as possible. Plain? Well with the power of Jonas Gaffud she can be a beauty queen material. Lalo na at matalino pala ang batang ito mabilis to matututo.

  4. She has the height and it seems the intelligence. But Mr. Norman you are right in calling her “just plain Kia”. =) I am not sure facially if she is a beauty queen material.

    Last picture reminds me of a young Keana Reeves.

    World Peace.

  5. Now that’s a winner waiting to be crowned…

    Let me help you

    Team ACES & QUEENS!

    Let’s resserve Laura Lehman till she gets curves and graduates… Meanwhile, this girl Krizzia can possibly win us any of the crowns… 1st lesson: How to draw the lips with he correct lip color. 🙂

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