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  1. oh no i hope we dont experience the drought like in 2014 with kf girls winning top plums. girl, if you want to be mup, switch camps alreeady!!!

  2. for me ok lang kahit filam as long as na pinay ang hitsura ng maging winner naten. pero mas makakaproud if makahanap tayo ng full filipina na upgrade kay Pia. nanghihinayang lang ako kay ong. she proved her best in ME and im sure she will do better kung sya ang rep naten sa bbp 2016. but sadly she joined miss earth and she won. as of now liza soberano lang nasa isip ko then ung ist runner up ni Valerie sa MWP. si hannah 28 na sya next year tama ba? til 26 lang bbp at 27 sa MU.

  3. This one’s only the second Kelsey Merritt video I’ve watched so far, and I may already be quite obsessed with her. She’s not even 20 yet, but she already looks super. She’s five feet and eight inches tall. Very pretty. Digging her full lips.


    • Tama ka teh. Sayang ang ibang beauties from Cebu. Sabagay baka naman may nagrereach-out na kina jonas gaffud. Sana mag-decentralize na din ang a&q.

  5. Her still pics look great and she has good PR.
    But based on Chrome’s video, she lacks feminine grace and her diction needs clarity.
    Can she join ? Yes
    Should she win ?No!!!

    • @Fabian,
      You can judge other’s diction but when someone judges Pia’s diction, you become agitated why?
      Just asking, please don’t get me wrong?

      • Why so smart, Jeremi?

        I’m sure pabalang na naman isasagot dyan? bat may mga ganyang tao no?

      • Jeremi, don’t confuse diction with accent; these are two different things. diction is all-encompassing. accent is specific and rather limited. you could also not blame most of the people here for not appreciating your suggestions. they probably find them ill-conceived. i couldn’t blame them either. you have not really commended Pia without being excessively critical of some bizarre inconsequential details you could find in and about her.

      • Oh come on kabiliran please don’t educate me about accent and diction. They are not the same I know but they interrelated.
        To be fair, please go back to my previous comments where I praised and commended Pia for some other things. I am not an Angelo Reyes here

      • Jeremi, please read my last line and put emphatic stress especially on the word WITHOUT. take it from there. and please, you talked not about Pia’s diction but her accent. if i remember correctly, no one else here talked about Pia’s supposedly objectionable communication skills but you. having said that, you admonishing fabian above using diction as your premise is misdirected.

      • “There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”
        ― Aldous Huxley

  6. I wish that instead of calling the top 3 , they would announce the 4th runner up, then 3rd runner up and then, the make an announcement “Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you our Miss Universe final three”

    I want to know the top 5 ranking. I bet the 4th runner up was Australia and 3rd runner up is France.

  7. Enough with the veneers that doesn’t fit the girls KF. Nakakakilabot yung parang ang dami nilang ngipin and ang lalaki. And yes, we need to see the girls in their bare faces. Daming diyosa sa KF pero hindi natetrain and nagu-groom properly. Sorry pero ang pageant patty , we need a modern-day beauty queen.

  8. Seriously, Ms Gigante looks like a cross between two 2011 Bb Pilipinas candidates: Patricia Tumulak and Diana Arevalo… take that as a compliment. Or not.

  9. Hmmm. This girl is kinda exotic, her beauty is intriguing. We’ll see, it’s too early to tell if she’ll be one of the front runners for the crown. I can’t wait to see Jonas’ girls. The momentum is on the Aces & Queens’ side right now, strong chances that their girls will get the Miss Universe Philippines title again, unless the KF camp field a strong candidate who could boost the possibility of a back-to-back Miss Universe crown for us.

  10. My gosh hehe nagmukhang Edymar yung new MU rep ng Venezuela. Yung MW naman na rep nila ay may resemblance kay Megan Young. Mahilig magclone si lola Osmel ah. Haha

    • Base from my observation, they love to dress their girls in gold, silver, pink and light blue colors also it has to be glittering.

      I think Colombia has the upperhand facially but for performance wise and body, Venezuela has it. (Pageantly style)

      Colombia appears to move normally but graceful & queenly.

      Philippines will rock MU2016. We must find that girl that could top both of this powerhouses. Alam na nang Phils ung tamang timpla for MU kaya I hope wala nang palpak. I hope the wardrobe problemaz won’t be a problem again.

  11. can anyone tell who that girl on the left side with tattoo and skin tag on her left chest is?

    • It’s one of the island girls! Sa swimsuit I saw her tattoo sa may tadyang area!

  12. Yes, she is exotic. I saw her personally. She has the cheekbones and veeners are already there, shes always using the grey-colored contact lenses that makes her more exotic. Skin color, very pinay. Body, undercontruction, she always goes to the gym. She has the papaya like pia’s. She is articulate. Height, around 5’6 or 5’7. Basta shes shorter than me. Im 5’7. Pero pageantry sasalihan nya. Dadagdagan yang height nya. Si eva patalinghug sana ang mas pinolish nila. Gazzini i guess will comeback at 2017 alongside with steffi aberasturi. For miss earth 2016 ata si apriel smith under diff camp. 😉 Maraming magaganda ang Cebu, di lang nacacater lahat ng KF. Sayang ang beauties nila.

  13. Hope that 2016 batch will surface this year achievement. BPCI upgrade and change your crowns and allow each candidates to wear Filipino designers gown and natcos and donot eliminate Bb Pilipinas Tourism there were lots of Miss Tourism contest abroad where you can field our winner and make the telecast to be less than 3 hours.

  14. Maybe for Tourism, sure.

    But not Miss Universe. She’s not a Miss U caliber.

    We need an upgrade, not a downgrade.

    Are there any news of new girls for BBPMU 2016?

    And please no girls from previous batch……

  15. I’m very sure she is beautiful but I want to see her picture with less make up. I believe that is what most of beauty pageants are looking for now, the judges want to see the natural beauty of a woman not with the help of enhancement from the surgery nor from the application of modern technology like photoshop. If she believes that she is articulate, tall and talended, then join the Binibining Pilipinas 2016. Who knows maybe you are the lucky one that will win at the Miss Universs 2016.

  16. OMG YES! For back to back Miss U! Body needs work but John Cuay will surely get her there…

  17. Norms I wish you would post one of the most important attributes of these aspirants…HEIGHT. Any word on ELIMA? Facially she’s the most stunning. What about Mariel de Leon? Fernandina Buquid?

  18. Her photos on google look different…. I’ll pass for now, i’ll have to see her fully transform for Bb.

    As of now, Lorraine Kendrickson and Laura Lehman are my bet for MU Philippines 2016.

  19. Btw, glad to see you posting profiles of would-be candidates again, Norman! I missed this part of your blogging this pageant season. Hopefully we see more in-depth analyses of the candidates for the upcoming BBP!

  20. She reminds me a little of MJ. Parang may similarities sa ilong at ngipin in my view point.

  21. The Latino community proclaimed this girl is stronger than Ariadna. Her scores for each segment are higher than Ariadna’s as seen in the video.

    • @Pageant Luv!

      She’s beautiful. Good to see Colombia crowning someone with darker/mixed morena-indigenous features then what they (and Venezuela) are customary to sending.

      • I say this knowing the subtle yet blatant racism that is deeply ingrained in Latin American culture going back to their colonial days with the Spaniards.

    • Her body isn’t quite MU-ready yet here. As much as we all love to hate the Latinos, the bodies of their candidates are always A+. Ariadna and Miss Venezuela had killer torsos!

    • She does have a beautiful face which reminds me of Ann Colis, Janicel Lubina, Lara Quigaman and a bit of Pia Alonzo combined. She also has a more feminine masculature than Ariadna except her chest is a bit too humble for my taste. According to my research, her credentials are not even at par with our former qeens. Therefore we need a winner who has a better height and body than Andrea but the same or even better background and credentials than Pia.

      • I agree to what you said. Anyway we must keep an eye of her because she is still under further trainings for the MU 2016.

        I will look some videos of the new Venezuela representative so we can all compare both. I think knowing what those two Latinas have can help us determine the right girl we could send to top them. 🙂

    • I thought she’s all natural, but when I’ve seen her latest photo comparing to the pageant night, it seemed her nose went under the knife.

    • Unfortunately the organization tagged them as nuisance candidate due to her predecessor. Sorry the fiasco made a huge mark and due to their unprofessional behavior.

  22. she has cheekbones for days which is a must for beauty queen. I can see she’s going to have a beautiful transformation. my wish list though still includes Anne Colis or supermodel Aya Abesamis

  23. She’s pretty but I’d like to see how she move and talk first before I come up with my personal opinion.

  24. Her face is shaped a bit like Tuktuk Thailand but a very symetrical one without a doubt.. Love the signature KF veneers on her… Her head and body ratio is a bit commercial which reminds me of Rogelie. Supranational? 🙂

    • Was MJ also trained by KF? I don’t mind dental work on beauty queens as it’s one of the easiest ways to improve one’s look, but as much as I love MJ (she was my favorite candidate post-BBP of all our recent queens), her veneers lean too much on the fake side, which I fear detracts from her beauty. This girl’s veneers are kinda similar.

  25. Already? I’m still celebrating PIA’s victory. 😀
    Maria is very beautiful. Lo♡
    May the BPCI enjoy another stellar year in 2016.

    2015 BPCI results;
    Globe – winner
    Grand Int’l – top 4
    International – top 10
    Supranational – top 20
    Intercontinental – top 2
    Universe – winner

    What a year!

  26. Unfortunately, I believe that Pia’s victory paved a way for the half pinay beauties/ mestizas to be favored in Philippine Pageantry, especially for Miss Universe. I have a feeling that beautiful half pinays that have been holding back and repulsed by the idea that they will not win Bb Pilipinas Universe anyway is now thinking otherwise.

  27. These are great, flattering photos of her, but a quick google search showed that she’s not as facially gorgeous as I originally thought. In these photos, she looks great facially, but I’m afraid features like hers won’t stand out on the Miss Universe stage. They could, but I don’t think so. One of the reasons I believe Pia did well in MU this year was that her features are more unique. She may not be the most facially perfect candidate, but her beauty had recall power – she did not blend in that sea of beauties. Maria looks BBP ready here, though, and I’m excited to see if she will surprise us.

  28. May hawig sya kay Christi! And if i remember correctly matangkad sya. Is she your ultimate bet Tito Norms?

  29. She resembles a little bit of Flora Coquerel in some angles, which is a good thing!
    Looking forward to hearing her speak 🙂

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