26 comments on “Sunday Specials: Raymond Saldaña and his Tribute to Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach 

  1. I’m from Venezuela where beauty pageants are practically our national past time. From the moment I saw Miss Alonzo I had no doubt she had to be the winner. She definitely has the IT factor needed for such achievement… Gorgeous Philippino beauty, grace, poised and elegant. Her grace reminds me a lot of Molly, her spontaneity of Alicia, her sweet character of a Estefania Fernandez and unique oriental gorgeous features made her unbeatable. Philipinos enjoy this well deserved crown. Pia you’re lovely!

    • Love Venezuelan beauties. My favorite is Molly, she has a very warm personality. She actually did an amazing job during her reign.

      • @Maria.

        I am with you. These losers were trying very hard to have their 5-second of fame during that program. Their antics were probably for them the next best thing to being Top 80. Lol. Give it to them. Their true color (dirty black [if there is such a color. lol]) shone that moment for all the world to see.

        The real victims (Ms. Colombia and Ms. Philippines) have shown more temperance and class than all these ugly b_tch_s in heat combined (No offense to female dogs. Lol).

        Ms. Colombia, for braving this global humiliation to her being and to her country. And Pia for being humble, elegant and magnanimous in winning. One can just imagine Pia’s perfect grace to be able to balance extreme happiness for winning the crown and at the same time show sympathy and respect for her opponent.

        I also feel for Paulina. A Colombian herself and a cousin to Ariana who has to remove the crown and show happiness for the real winner. I have new found respect for her.

        Let us not stress ourselves with the clappers like Ms. Germany or Montenegro or India. We have the crown. “Too blessed to be stressed”.

        World Peace.

    • HAHAHA natatawa ako kay montenegro. I’m sorry but she doesn’t even look like a beauty queen loll. parang saling pusa lang. Push mo yan teh.

      But you can really see after Colombia was announced as the winner, the candidates at the back looked uber confused. lol

    • Miss Montenegro Org released an apology statement sa facebook. Mas lalong dinagsa ng kutya ng mga pilipino. Di nila alam kung ano ang people power of the philippines. lol

  2. What a fitting tribute indeed for the most beautiful girl in the Universe !
    She is the epitome of what a true Filipina beauty really is.
    Mabuhay ka Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach ♡♡♡ 🙂 🙂 🙂

    P.S. – Raymond is cute ! Ha ha ha. Sorry I have to throw that in because I find him handsome in his photo as well. Thanks Raymond !

    • Geez, I’m fed up with all these reaction videos. The first one during Venus Raj was ok, but all that followed up to now puro papansin lang. I find these reaction videos really really cheap and ewww. Maybe it’s just me, sorry.

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