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  1. Isnt it obvious wala nmang kinalaman ung accent ni Pia sa pagkapanalo nya sa Miss U! Duh. If perfectly fine with that it only shows how natural and organic (sensible) the way she handlea herself

  2. Hi, Norman:

    Greeting you on these blessed holidays and God Bless you always.
    Thank you so much for all the posts and comments, very informative for us here in the USA.

    Hope to meet you personally. God bless you always.


  3. To all those who just loathed me for suggesting Pia to take up public speaking and accent training, please don’t get me wrong dahlinns coz I love the girl now for defying all the odds. We are all very happy for Pia of course but wouldn’t we all be happier if her eloquence (candidly) and her accent is at par with Megan Young’s? Wouldn’t we all be more proud when we see our Miss Universe doing all those interviews with ease and confidence albeit those “hmmmms” and “ahhhhs”?

    What I have suiggested is derived from everyone’s desire of Pia being the best Miss Universe ever in all the aspects and essence of being one.

    Sure, she was very good during the Q&A (memorized or not) but if we were to watch her closely during her victory press conference, there are definitely rooms for improvement, let’s be honest please.

    • @Jeremi

      She just came from the biggest shock of her life… I’m sure anybody would almost be speechless after a roller coaster of emotions but Pia was still able to gather her wits at the last minute to answer questions about an event that just happened minutes ago after a big day of rehearsals. I’m sure she was already beat tired yet all these people had to squeeze the remaining juice out of her head and who knew there’s still a lot of brains to spill.

    • B—h, napakayabang mo. Just die in hell, May pa-thank thank you ka pa sa Nanay mo for your perfect English . Pwe. You are no Thomas or AJ. Dream on.

      • Jeremi is Jeremi dahlinnn, who told you that I wanna be like those people you’ve just mentioned PageantXXXpert?

      • Well, you make it sound like your English proficiency is at their level… Criticizing Pia for what? I’m not pageantxxxpert but I hope he aj and aljur show up soon so they can ‘slap you in the face’

      • I meant… You are making it sound like you think you are as good as Thomas and AJ

      • @Fabian
        You are the one saying that not me, if that’s your perception then it’s not my fault.
        Sure, they can show up anytime.
        FYI, I don’t compare myself to anyone, please take note of that
        because I am very much contented with my long legged.
        Thank you, yeah but thank you Fabian

      • Omg. Is that my name I’ve just spotted? Thank you so much Fabian for considering my English as a benchmark. But let it be known to the world — to the Universe rather — that I’ve never really thought about the quality of my English & that I’m just à simple person who is confidently beautiful with à heart. Choz! 😀

        Cheers & chillax my bruddahs & sistahs! Ganyan talaga tayo dito sa normannorman, but that doesnt mean we love each other less. Si ANGELO REYES lang ang d q ma-take talaga. Eww. But I hope he take à new turn in 2016. Di pa rin naman aq nawawalan ng pag-asa sa kanya.

      • Is Angelo Reyes the version of Nina Cleopatra in Norman’s Blog? Buti na lang walang tag d2, made-demote si AR na Sapyot Tag… Bwahahahappy new year 🙂

    • You really are a fault finder – what a horrible job you could only have. For all the words you said against Pia, I only gave you 6 or 7 dislikes. I think from now on I’ll be more generous in giving you that thumbs down should you continue this way. Seriously man, you can do better than what you think you can actually do.

      • Thanks but I actually couldn’t care less if a comment of mine elicits more thumbs up or thumbs down
        I am just posting what’s on my mind at that particular moment.

    • Hi Jermy dahlinnn, I know we both know na kinain mo lahat ng mga pinagsasabi mo about Pia, and there’s nothing more i can wish than for our queen fulfilling her role as the new miss universe and for u to stop nit-picking on Pia (whether intentional or not) as well.

      Her victory is our victory and clearly even when u say you are proud of her winning there will always be something about her you’re unsatisfied with. Maybe try asking yourself, why aren’t you easily impressed? Pinapahirapan kaba ng buong mundo to appreciate small things? That even the tiniest bit of flaws you see as something negative, para lng makapuna?

      But then again it’s you. Our opinion doesnt matter at all. I agree you are you, and it’s better you keep it that way. I wish u well… well to become someone who has a heart.

      World Peace… sabi nga ni Thomas.



  5. @Jeremi: Accent might be a distraction for some, funny for some, music to their ears for some, and cute/lovely for some. The measure in public speaking is that you convey your message to your audience clearly and you are being understood of the ideas you wish to impart, regardless sound, flavor, or rhythm of your speech! 🙂

    In Pia’s case, Public Speaking and Accent training that you suggested for her to take is redundant. She’s good at it already and will get better and better throughout her reign.

  6. accent! accent ko mukha nyo!!!! you are the Best example of Hatefull Accent. ikaw? magaling ka mag speech? shame on you mga pekeng pinoy.

  7. tang ina lang talaga, accent naman isyu ngayon? yung ibang mga bakla dito akala mo kung sinong magagaling. Makuha ko lang tlaga mga real names nyo lagot kayo sa akin

  8. 2015 is turning out to be the best in Philippine pageantry !
    Congratulations to all our reigning queens !
    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas !
    Love love love 🙂

  9. To Jeremi, what accent r u talking Abt, you a–h—??? Why don’t we hear u talk ? paging pageantxpertxxx, aj, and aljur… Please shove something in this b—h’s mouth asap. This guy is absolutely shameless

  10. Talbog si Mary Jane Lastimosa. If only Pia was sent last year then we would probably have the ms. Universe 2014 crown. Pero nagkamali tayo last year. Trying hard si Pia but Maryjane Lastimosa is more trying hard. I fuckin hate that Lastimosa…look at her Ms.Universe 2014 final performance….in the last part of her introduction..she was acting like i dont know..she funny and fuckin ugly.

  11. Congratulations everyone! By the way, Is Hannah Ruth Sison going to be declared as the new BB Pilipinas Universe?

  12. Does this mean Hannah Sison takes over as the new Bb Pilipinas Universe Philippines? Congratulations everyone!

  13. Year 2015 is something to remember in the beauty pageant history. After Donald Trump transferred of ownership to IMG, we were all ecstatic to witness the crowning of Miss Philippines as rightful winner of Miss Universe 2015.With the new competition format of Miss Universe, I hope we will send a woman who is articule, talented, tall and beautiful for Miss Universe 2016. Miss Globe beauty pageant became household name after Miss Philippines captured the crown. Hoping more years of success in all the beauty pageant including the minor beauty pageants, the transgender beauty pageant and the male beauty pageants. Hoping also that the number one blogger in the world rather universe Norman will bring us more interesting stories in the year 2016.

  14. Congratulations to all !!!
    Of course Ann Colis is my favorite among them
    while Angelia has the best performance of them all.
    I like her diction which doesn’t have that Visayan twang.
    In terms of speaking English, Angelia, Venus and Janine have the most universal accent IMO.
    Go Philippines !!!!

    • Pia during the finals looked very Asian
      She was actually a cross between my 2 favorite queens Mirriam Quiambao and Janine Tugonon
      She may become my 3rd favorite, I’ll see (hope she takes up public speaking and accent training though)

      • Dude get over the accent thing. Pia was articulate that’s enough. I don’t get why Filipinos are averse to accents. Embrace it! What matters is what she has to say. Her accent is true to who she is and where she is from. It makes her more colorful. Plus she was very clear and eloquent. Nit picking accents is so passé. We live in a global era where what you say matters more than how you sound.

      • The accent of Margarita Moran on her finals night was very evident. How about that?

      • excuse me Jeremi, pias accent is one of the factor why she won. She is filipina representing philippines. then you expect a british accent?

      • Pati ba naman accent gagawin pang issue? What kind of accent do you want? Anerican? British? Philippine english accent is no problem kasi it is very clearly understood. The problem I see is when you can not express yourself or if you lack tbe knowledge kahit na magaling ang accent na sinasabi mo.
        Pia’s english is perfect during the q and a.

        Kaya bago isali sa national pageants ang mga candidata kailangan mai-train muna sa public speaking. If possible college graduate sila. No matter what accent they have, there is always a room for improvements.

      • whatever ACCENT you have, as long your heart is to serve and you have a strong mind to.. to show people then you can be Miss Universe. Diba mareng Janine T? Pak!

      • Jeremi, puro ka pintas kay Pia. Eh kung si USA nga native speaker na di pa rin nanalo. Ang tanda ko nung nanood ako ng Miss U eh ang linaw linaw naman ng mga sagot ni Pia na kahit judges nga walang mga reklamo. Nasa America ka ba talaga? Kasi ang alam ko sa US ang mga tao dyan wapakels sa accent accent na yan, basta naiintindihan nila ang gusto mong iparating. Move on dude. Please lang. You are so annoying, really.

      • @Jeremi

        For your information, although the pre-colonial Filipinos already had a caste system, the inferiority complex of some Filipinos based on accents is one of the various regionalisms that was created and popularized during the Spanish era to divide us “Indios” (Spanish colonial Filipino masses). It started when the elite social community of Las Islas Filipinas (The original group coined as “Filipinos”) was also divided into classes which was mainly based on place of birth and upbringing, racial ancestry, amount of wealth and current social status. Their accents were used as an indicator on who’s who without asking for their heritage, somewhat like a “polite” form of racial prejudice. The higher ranks are celebrated while the lower ranks are discriminated.

        These ancieny social norms may have changed labels but they have been perpetuated upto the american era and some remnants of this caste system may no longer be talked about but are still evident among the culture of Filipinos today. The current lack of knowledge about most of our nation’s history lowers one’s national esteem, promotes colonial mentality and perpetuates the division of our countrymen. Most of our pre-colonial identity has already been erased and upto now most of us and our politicians remain divided which is the main cause of our nation’s continues political turmoil, oligarchy and economic inequality. The purpose of pageants is to remove those barriers that divide us and to unite us for a common cause for the greater good of everyone else. Thus, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach as what she is, has become and will always be the ideal embodiment of a winner! PIA PAPAYA IS MISS UNIVERSE! 🙂

      • OMG! Bitterness at its highest form! Buhay ka pa? Shame on u…accent won’t make u a better person! Pia delivered well, she has proven her worth to all the filipinos especially to all the bashers like u, thomas, angelo reyes, venus rah, MM2015 and basil, now get a life or karma will hit u in the most perfect time! Shut your big mouth and ass up! You haven’t proven anything yet, asshole!

      • Jeremi dahlin, quit it. Eto lang masasabi q sa you, & it’s an excerpt from one of the best Ms U final Q&À answers of all time: “…whatever language you have as long as your heart is to serve and you have a strong mind to show to people, then you can be Ms Universe.” Although the référence was to language, we can judge for ourselves that the same principle of substance over form also applies to the relevance or irrelevance of accent in the way à Ms Universe speaks.

    • Maybe Jeremi works for call center. Kaya important sa kanya ang accent. Hahaha! What matter is the content and substance of the answer.

    • Boba! kahit mga americano nga me sari-sariling accent wala naman silang paki.. ikaw ginagawang issue. wala ka lang sigurong hobby no?

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