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  1. Watch Pia all over again now in Slow motion…am slowly falling for her 🙂 She’s very classy, elegant and confidently beautiful 🙂

    Read the video description as you watch 🙂

  2. In 2013, the pageant season opened with a surprise win by Mutya at Ms. Supranational.. The it continued with Meagan winning Ms. World then Bea for Ms. International.

    In 2015, Ann opened the season by winning Ms. Globe followed by Angelia for Ms. Earth and ended with a bang by Pia winning Ms. Universe. It’s 3-streak for both years, one (elusive) crown for that year which was finally won and surprise feat for other pageants. 🙂

    In summary:

    2013- Supranational, World, International
    2015- Globe, Earth, Universe

    🙂 🙂

  3. In the US, they have a rule that when the rep wins Ms. U, the runner up automatically takes the place of Ms. USA. Like Nana during the time when Olivia won.

    Sa Philippines ba meron? Since this is the first time in 42 years? To continue the reign perhaps since Pia is already under IMG and Ms. U. Anyhow, give and take 3 months na lang naman before her reign ends.

    I wonder tuloy who will join this year. I can feel the pressure as early as now. Feeling ko walang repeater this year because of the pressure 😊

    • This was my question as well in the previous thread.

      If we use the same rule as miss USA, i thibk its Hannah or Kim who will take over. (Not sure )

      • i think walang replacement, coz the title that Pia previously held was Miss universe Philippines. meaning designated talaga to participate in a specific pageant, ie MU. Unlike sa US na Miss USA lang ang title, kumbaga it’s a title of its own and part lang ng premyo nya yung magcompete sa MU. if hannah or kim will take over for the remaining months, what would either of them be called?

    • O my God, I cried upon reading Mr. Bino Realuyo’s article! perfect! Thanks Santiago for sharing this…. Merry Christmas to us all

  4. Another raw footage from a Colombian fan. You can clearly see how bitter Miss India’s face/ reaction was when the Philippines was called as the new Miss Universe. Sa una inis na inis ako sa kanya pero ngayon natatawa na lang ako sa pagka- ampalaya nya. Feeling talaga nya Latina sya. Haha. So sad for what had Trump created out of MU. Some believed that the Latinas are the standard of beauty. Yan tuloy most of them merong feeling sense of entitlement. What a shame!

    Miss India misguided jealousy is not pretty. You will never ever be Sushmita and Lara. Kakahiya ka!
    Miss Colombia, If I were you I will tell my fans to stop bashing Pia. I wouldn’t want to keep something that was given to me by mistake. I would want the rightful winner to get their prize.

  5. In 2016, i wish to see Charmaine Elima and Luzelle Felipe taking either the MU or MI. They can surely shine in the international pageant arena. Hope they’ll join again,

  6. Philippines must break Venezuela’s records (1983-2003 in semi finals each year) & (1991-2003 in finals each year) GO!GO!GO!

  7. Here’s Pia’s overall performance with extended Crowning moment HD video, ENJOY!!! She’s really was a deserving winner after watching her in HD 🙂

    Unfortunately, Youtube blocked this video.

    • this video proves it all, it’s mainly the latinas that surrounded Colombia.. Given na yun, latina slang lahat eh. LOLZ

    • Amazing, she was the one who tried approaching Colombia, while Colombia was just there, thinking she’s really the winner. Humble!

  8. Just out of curiosity, did any of the previous years BB Philippines Universe go to Vegas as a moral support team for Pia like in the past? Janine lives in L.A. so it wouldn’t be that far of a trip.

  9. The only good thing I saw was how united the Latin candidates are. WOW grabe ah. Si India feeling Latina din. Kaya ayan talunan!

    Anyway it’s time for us to bury the hatchet and focus on the good things. Pasko na naman so let those bitter people be bitter and let’s rejoice!

  10. If we want a back to back win send PARUL SHAH with extreme workout proper styling for sure shell be a BIG hit. Exotic beauty with very radiant personality ala miss angola

    • Pageantxxx, I beg to disagree . I have doubts about Parul’s language skills. She may make top 5 but not top 3.

      • Aljur, I was not a Parul fan . But she impressed me at Miss Grand Imternational.
        Just to let you know , I haven’t listened to her speech to this date. I’m afraid it would ruin it all for me.

      • Meh. Parul Shah for me is a runner-up beauty. When I listened to her speak it turned me off. I’d have to say, send Ann Colis or Mutya Datul if we were to “recycle” :p Or better yet, wait for Liza Soberano.

    • I may not be ryt but i can sense something in herr. Same feeelibg i got from venus (not until she delivered her major major answer…) and ofcourse Pia. Its intuition. Peace fabian muah

      • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😀😀😀😊😊😊😊😃😃😃😃💕💕💕💕

    • Nah, I’m giving my money on Aces and Queens’ girls for Miss Universe Philippines. Venus Raj, Shamcey Supsup, Janine Tugonon, Ariella Arida and Pia Wurtzbach are all boom boom boom boom boom in Miss Universe. All reached the final round. Jonas is getting the formula slowly kicking Osmel Sousa and his girls’ butts.

  11. hinde naman siguro masama if gayahin ang MW i mean during annoucement ng winners si shugart nalang mag annouce. para sure na sure. kase oag emcee mas malake ang possibilities for some errors. so kung org mismo ang mag annouce mas ok pa. then during annoucement of winners bukod bukod ang card for runner ups until MU winner. then once annouced may malaking tv naman sa stage so ipakita sa cam ang card for transparency. mas ok na ung gnyan kahit medyo awkward at least maipakita ang evidence.

  12. I’m sure Pia will have a great reign. What, with the support of all our kababayans everywhere? I’m sure that whatever project she will launch or advocacy she will spearhead will have the support of her kababayans.


    • So the black lady in red gown who apparently “pushed” Pia away is Angola.

      No wonder these bitches never placed anyway.

      • Look at Angola’s hands at Pia’s back it was diplomatic/civil. Maybe she was the one who whispered Pia, “this is not the right time” – thus it seems but not really pushing away Pia. And it happened that she supports Colombia. That is how i see it.

      • You all need to stop thinking Angola was pushing Pia. Ang OA niyong makareact. Ang obvious naman na she wasn’t being a bitch. I think she wanted to congratulate Pia. Tignan mo ng maigi. Angola tried to grab Pia’s attention but Pia was already being called by the staff member to exit the stage for her press con. You can clearly see at 2:36 that she gave Pia a very friendly brush on her shoulder. I honestly think she was congratulating her or giving her a positive comment. Tapos nung umalis na si Pia, angola went ahead to comfort Colombia. Mga praning naman quasi kayo.

    • Naku…naku …naku.. buhay ka pa pala shoesses! Ano bash pa more! Bitter ka pa rin hanggang ngaun, nasan na ang imaginary friend mo, may bago bang chismis!!

    • The bitchy one for me is Miss Montenegro. What a diva. And why do they have to shout Colombia? I know they are trying to uplift her but seriously, it is disrespectful to the rightful winner. And Miss Colombia is acting like the real victor here. She should have approached and embraced Pia. I couldn’t believe she even posted a photo of herself on instagram as Miss Universe.

  13. Sino sino ang mga lumapit kay Pia after ng crowning nya?
    I have seen Misses Malaysia, Israel, Bulgaria, British Virgin Islands…

    • In her first TV interview the following morning, Miss Australia herself said to an Australian show that most of the girls went to Colombia first because they felt bad for her — not because they like her more than Pia, but just because they felt bad for her as she was crying profusely. Then, they all wanted to go to Pia afterwards but she was already whisked away and was busy with photo shoots.

    • Ariadna:
      Latina girls except Dominican Rep.

      Her besties from the start of the pageant.Misses Malaysia, China and Myanmar.
      Vietnam?Akalain mo yun?Bestie ni Ariadna?Hahaha
      Most European (especially Bulgaria),Caribbean, and African girls.

      Some girls pinili nila na sa likod na lang.Parang kakaawa si Pia dahil dun sa picture na kumakalat na parang 6 pumunta sa kanya.Pero yung totoo mas marami ang lumapit sa kanya.

      • I think some of the candidates went to Colombia dahil naawa sila sa kakaiyak nya but actually that doenst mean ayaw nila kay Pia. Si Pia na kasi ang winner na mas masaya na ang pakiramdam as compared sa feelings ni Colombia kaya sya ang gustong lapitan para i-comfort.

    • Belle’s boat has already come and GONE. The Philippines has done extremely well in Miss Universe without her. Her not joining Bb Pilipinas has had zero impact.

  14. Shet! Di pa din ako makaget-over!! Hahaha. Sana sa next edition ng BBP e all-stars ang dating. Mga shondidates na nanalo sa ibat ibang national pageants pero di nai-uwi ang international crown ang magcocompete ulit for Miss U ’16 crown. Hahaha. Wishful thinking na naman ako for a back-to-back win. Magcocompete sina:

    1. Janicel Lubina
    2. Kris Janson
    3. Parul Shah
    4. Christi McGrary
    5. Val Weigmann
    6. Yvethe Santiago
    7. Venus Raj
    8. Ara Arida
    9. Janine Tugonon
    10. MJ Lastimosa
    11. Gwen Ruais
    12. Steph Stefanowitz
    13. Queenie Rehman
    14. Angelee delos Reyes
    15. Diane Necio
    16. Nicole Schmitz
    17. Biance Guidotti
    18. Hilarie Parungao
    19. Atbp.

    Siguro riot yun. Sasakit ulo ni SMA. Hahaha.

    • Sana nga pwede kahit sa Miss Universe Philippines lang. Basta below 27 years old lang.

    • I will agree to the idea.

      BUT the contestants that have had been to Miss U, should not be included anymore . ( Ara, MJ,Janine,Shamcey, Venus ) Matira matibay 🙂

      Friendly-celebrity-competition lang; para sa Back to Back ng Miss Universe.



      Delos Reyes


      Battle of the 12 QUEENS lang 🙂

      Then they have another BB pilipinas for the 2nd Tier Pageants like Supra Intercon etc etc

      • I would suggest a separate pageant for Miss Universe Philippines only.
        1. Natural born Filipino citizen
        2. Minimum of 5′ 6″ tall
        3. At least College level
        4. 21 to 26 years old
        5. Good moral character
        6. Have trained by any reputable beauty camp.
        7. Experiences to an international pageant is a plus factor.

    • Guys sorry pero janicel in your top list? U must be kidding me…. 1000000000xx sure ako dto na hindi cya spokesperson. Mpphya lng cya mark my word.

      • Janicel can be a strong candidate if she finish her college and should be trained thoroughly in public speaking. Yung physical feature nya pwedeng pwede na. But she should be trained more.
        Napansin ko lang masyado kang galit kay Janicel. Did she do something wrong for you?

      • Miss tissa excuse me.. Y should i have to be angry with janicel? She filipino im pro pinay 🙂 im just stating the fact. Being well spoken is a pre requisite in winning the m.u crown.. . For the record she cant express her words with flair in both engkisg and in filipino.

        And lastly… The followers of janicel are squatters mannered like angelo reyes jack ammo jeremi thomas and might be u…. U are all getting into my nerves! So please wag ipilit pag bungahin ng mansanas ang sinenggwelas

      • @pagentex

        Nope – Lubina wasnt on top of my list. I just thought to have a battle of past runners up from 4 pagents . If u notice my post , it was actually grouped

        Lubina can join for 2018 if u wish. She need to really study public speaking and the likes.

        If i were to choose someone for Miss U, i need someone who knows how to directly answer a question sensibly/ a background in hosting/relevant tv guestings and interviews to remove those “ummm” – “ahhhh” while answering a question.

    • Gusto ko to para b2b win tayo or at least mataas pa din ang placement natin next year. Gusto ko talaga isali ulit sina kris janson, val weigmann at christi mcgarry. I really have a thing for tall girls. Matatangkad yung tipong di 5’8 ang barefoot height kundi 5’9 talaga. Or extremely beautiful girls. Hehehe. Madam!!! Mag recycle ka ng girls next edition. Mahilig ka naman nun. Diba sa history ng MU may mga naging candidates ng MW pero sa MU nananalo? Baka ganun din fate nila.

    • Bet ko to!! Hahaha. Mala-ANTM all-star ang dating. Pero sa actual coronation night lang sila magcocompete. Hehehe. SMA, mag-recycle ka ng candidates, mahilig ka naman sa recycling eh. Hahahaha. Bet ko talaga si Kris Janson, Christi McGrarry, at Val Weigmann for BBP-U ’16. Sana maka-abot to sa camps nila. Diba may MW candidates na sa naging MU winner? Baka ganun yung fate nila. Push na to!!

      • Firstly, I did not like the rectification because in my opinion I do not think that Miss Philippines is not the most suitable candidate for the MU crown. Colombia is an excellent candidate and it would have been better to see her win and there wouldn’t be a controversy about it. Then, Osmel said that a similar error occured when Gloria Diaz won and at the time the host misread it the card from in the wrong order. The rest is irrelevant…

      • Firstly, I did not like the rectification because in my opinion I do not think that Miss Philippines is the most suitable candidate for the MU crown. Colombia is an excellent candidate and it would have been better to see her win and there wouldn’t be a controversy about it. Then, Osmel said that a similar error occured when Gloria Diaz won and at the time the host misread the card from in the wrong order. The rest is irrelevant…

    • Ay nako napaka bitter ni Osmel.
      Hindi niya gusto si Philippines. Gusto niya si Colombia. Also, sabi niya na 5th placer daw si Gloria Diaz hindi MU dahil mali ang pagbasa ng host.

      • Pwede bang idemanda si Osmel ng libel ng MUO or mi Gloria Diaz? I think he is too much. We must given them à lesson this time! Pinalagpas na natin ang pang-aapi nila kay Pia, di nating dapat palampasin this time kc paninirang puri na hindi lng ng laban kay Gloria D kundi pati na sa Pilipinas!

  15. Cant imagine how her homecoming would be? Ala-pope siguro ang reception everywhere she goes! Well-deserved namn, in all honesty and fairness!! I cant wait…wala pa ba balita? I heard mukhang naiba nanaman at di na daw makaka-uwi anytime soon?

  16. Guys, i went to see the pageant live but i wanna see the pageant again, the tv version kasi di ako nakapagconcentrate sa nerbiyos non eh.. parang gusto kong ma ihi, matae, ma utot. Wala pa bang avail complete video ng pageant?

  17. What a prize Pia is. Through TMZ Pia appealed to the Latin community to please not hate The Phillipines. The responses I read on that article from the Latin communities were overwhelmingly positive. From Puerto Rico to El Salvador the common response was they knew she was the winner and support her. They called her classy and definitely gave the best answers. It’s these people we need to listen to and applaud and not the bad apples in the community that pretend to be the voice of the Latin community. Personally, I thank the positive responses from the Latin community. You truly are the voice of the universe.

    Pia, you truly are a gift and we now share that gift with the world, the universe!

    • i also visited spanish version of the miss universe 2015 in youtube and most of the comments in youtube are saying that pia deserved to win and that she’s even more beautiful than colombia.

  18. Sa Miss Earthlings ano kaya mga prices? Ahh magiging cover ng Abante, Bulgar, Remate, at Tiktik. Ang bongga!

  19. Before forget did BPCI give an honor of welcoming Bb Pilipinas Intercontinental 2015 Christy Lynn for winning the First Runner up in the Miss Intercontinental 2015 like what they did to Anne Colis, Parul Shah & Janicel Lubina with the exception of Bb Pilipinas -Supranational 2015 Rogelyn Catacutan?

    • Bat waley ako nabalitaan na walang welcoming si Rogelie? Gawa nung puslit gown? Ngayon ko lang to nalaman, tutok kasi ako sa MU. Juicy to ha, elaborate please!

    • Sa Germany daw magchristmas si Christi so walang welcome chuva na magaganap before Pasko sa Pinas. Being in the Top 20 is not good enough, Chos, kaya keber ata ang BPCI Kay Rogelie. Kelangan mo ata manalo ng crown or maiuwi ang special award or runner up para bigyan ka ng celebration ngayon. Kung none of the above… Irrelevant ka….diba Cindy Miranda? #NoTeaNoShade

  20. I can’t wait to see her reign unfold and what a reign it would be! New York Fashion Week, wearing the Kebaya for Puteri Indonesia, crowning Bb Pilipinas..my god..

    And you can see the tide turning against anyone who still insists that it was Colombia was wronged. Even commentators for the most obscure online outlet (Tulsa News anyone??) are castigating those who have this sentiment…

  21. *sigh* sige na nga Tito Norms sasali na ko next year ng mag back-to-back tayo. I mean di mo nman mapupulot yang prizes na yan eh. Charaught lang! Omg I can see her doing great in Hollywood!

    All hail the Queen from the Pearl of the Orient!

  22. Nako Pia kaya pala ang daming inggit! Pati si Osmel Sousa may say! Ganyan talaga pag natatalo ang mga latina.

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