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  1. Here’s Pia’s overall performance with extended Crowning moment HD video, ENJOY!!! She’s really was a deserving winner after watching her in HD 🙂

    Unfortunately, Youtube blocked this video.

  2. oh ayan, asan na si Basil at Angelo Reyes kasama mga alipores nila? sila mga nagsasabi na wala pagasa si Pia at si Janicel ang sure winner? i am not taking sides pero naku, lesson sana d lang sa kanila. 😀 isang malaking sampal! Sana lang, whoever wins, support nalang kasi rep natin sila 😀 peace 😀

  3. Teh sinasabi ko nga sa whole wide world na super feelingera iyang bitchesa na iyan. Feel niya mananalo siya sa sagwa ng sagot niya. And I think those South American bitches, lalo na si Venuezuela, should fire their cosmetic surgeons at paltan ng mas magagaling kasi they look like dry old trannies. Please lang wag maging assumera kung mukha namang tigang na trannie na halos same lang ng faces every year. GRR

  4. Girl yan din ang nasa isip ko. Hay naku, pinahiya niyo ang Pilipino, ginalit niyo ang Pilipino pwes pasensyahin babawi ang mga Pinoy sa Miss Universe.

  5. Read a latino beauty pageant page. A lot of latinos said Pia’s crown should not be shared with Ariadna. They all said there’s only one winner and Pia deserved the win.

    Glad to know not all of the latinos are fucking hateful

  6. Mas prefer ko na si Paulina pa rin ang nagcrown kay Pia, transfer of crown from Ms U 2014 to 2015.

  7. Eh pano kamukha nya si Ariadna. Titigan nyo nga. Baka maglola yang 2 yan.

  8. This year’s edition certainly embarks on a different format taking cue from reality based tv programs. I miss d old pagenatry of the 80s when a bikini shoot is a de riguer portion where girls frolic in the beach beneath the summer sun. Gone also is the fierceness of the girls of the 90s..all through out, i just thot i was wathcing ANTM, where girl gossips, pajama parties, roommate issues and the like are highlighted. The reality tv formula was evident right from the start when the top 15 were called, highlighting heart wrenching stories of the candidates like when our dear pia has to fend for her family at the age of 12 when her parents separated when she was 9. And even the number of judges which was trimmed down to 4 and the on line voting reflects reality tv..parang AI or the voice lang ang peg. Or agt. And even to the end, the deliberate intent to create tension and drama cannot escape attention. The sympathy is with colombia and pia getting the cold treatment from the girls.. To me, the faux pax mistake is scripted. Colombia and usa knew about it. And allof this drama and quest for ratings and media mileage at the expense of whoever is the winner, who incidentally was our very own pia. The hosts prefacing his mistake as another twist, the rep from ernst and young going up,the stage , pia being led aside no less than by the choreogrpaher herself to make sure the plan is carried out ( usually in past editions, a male usher leads the runners up aside), colombia not taking her final walk, the girls not excitedly rushing to colombia, giving pia a moment to snatch the crown from colombias head etc..all the unusual tell tale signs..
    Anyhow, pia prepared for this for most of her life and when she finally had the chance, she applied all her knowledge in her arsenal which led her to the crown. I ciried when pia got into the magic 5 seeing in her the determination to win. And seeing the culmination of all of her sacrifices and preparations. And she stuck with her gameplan since then maintaining her regal bearing.After the prelims, my prediction was any the top ranked girls who badly wants the crown will get it. and so it was..except pia was robbed of her moment..and the phils also.

    • P.s there was even the stark absence of the host shouting a supposed rare back to back win for colombia…weird.

      • Steve could not announce or comment on “the rare back-to-back win of Colombia” because I’d like to believe that his realization of the mistake has just ensued at that point. That’s why the Axis was seemingly ‘silent’ at that time.

  9. Sorry for this late congratulatory message, so.. Congratulations! We love you Pia! I have nothing more to say, everyone has said it already. You really did claim the crown, we ❤ you Pia!!! So so so so proud right now.

    Ps pakisampal si Germany. Kidding!

  10. Kapal talaga nito. Lakas ng loob. Pinagsabihan na cya nang kapwa latino to take down her post pero wla pa rin. wala man lng cya pake kay Pia. Self-centered ika nga.
    Respeto lng sana, i know she’s happy about her few moments with the crown and sash. Limitations lng sana. Now I am starting to think that they (not all Latinos) are very crazy about the pageant. Wala yata magawa sa buhay. Parang dun lng nka.ikot mundo nila. Haist! What a nice representation of Colombia for 2015 (sarcasm).

    • Ok nga yan.. Lumalabas ugali nya para mas lalong maturn off ung img… Next time di n yan papapasukin sa top 15 yabg colombia nyan hahah

    • It’s funny how they show how hungry they are for that crown. As if hindi nanalo si paulina last year. Dami kong tawa sa kanila ahehehe

  11. Dear ms.philippines fans,
    Please if may time kayo ipagtanggol c pia sa instagram account nya, please do support her kase pinuputakte sya ng ilang uneducated colombian bashers. For blaming Pia…
    & Please be grace, educated & poised when defending her on comment Thread.
    Thank you.

  12. My Theories on WHY it all happened:

    1. Steve Harvey made an honest mistake. He may have been too excited that he didn’t notice his thumb was covering Philippines as the winner specially if he lacks 20×20 vision or he may just simply be dislexic.

    2. IMG paid Steve Harvey to do it as scripted to create drama that will give Miss Universe brand the much needed media mileage for their sponsors.

    3. Trump paid Steve Harvey a good sum to sabotage the results as revenge against all pageant fans and to make Miss U org suffer now that he no longer has ownership.

  13. Nung ininterview si Miss Colombia sa TV Patrol wayback before the coronation night bongga naman sya mag english. Then kanina sa top5 sabe ni Harvey na only France will use interpreter “anyare?”.

    Why should you be the next Miss Universe?

    I am positive that I should be the third Miss Universe for my country Colombia because all I have of the attributes that a Latin woman has. I am a woman who is full of feeling and have the attributes that a women should have in Colombia and a Miss Universe should have for all of her events.

    To be a Miss Universe is both an honor and responsibility. If I were to be Miss Universe, I will use my voice to influence the youth and I would raise awareness to certain causes like HIV awareness that is timely and relevant to my country which is the Philippines. I want to show the world, the universe rather, that I am confidently beautiful with a heart. Thank you.


    • eh.. full of feeling pala si colombia eh.. felingera lang pala.. maka latin lang siya.. at least sagot ni Pia is universal.

    • Tamang tama namn talaga ang sagot ni Pia, very relevant sa Pinas. Dami nga namang may AIDS sa pinas. Mas malalang problema nga naman yan. Kaya mga beki tulungan naman natin si ate Pia na puksain ang AIDS. Ay naku pupukasin ang AIDS.. wait… Takbo na mga beki!!! Ahahay…

    • To be honest teh, a lot of fluent Spanish speakers and natives are saying that her answer in spanish was very good and intellectual. Her interpreter screwed her up big time.

  14. All caps talaga…ang PRESSURE!!! to the highest degree ang binibining pilipinas 2016!!! Queen Pia thank you for giving the best Christmas gift to all Filipinos!

    • Namatay na si Angelo Reyes, Nagpatiwakal, Baka ate nya ang buhay pa. Sya yong lagi nagmumura. Palibhasa puro sa kangkangan lang napanalunan nya patimpalak.

    • Lol, the Thais are really so cute!!! Hahaha. Di tulad ng mga ibang baklitang Pinoy na umeepal sa youtube na epic epic reaksyon daw ek ek. Puro mga dugyot naman at TH. Ewww…

    • Pahingi link hehe saan source mo? I do not think that is possible. It is unfair on Pia’s part. LOL lng

      • Anu namn si lolo. D ganyan kadali lalo na paglumalaban ng patas. Hindi cool idea na lol d na iniisip yung mga supporters ni Pia. Sana man lang d na cya mainvolve. It is time for things to be right with crowning the rightful winners in the upcoming years. We had so much of his obsession over Latinas. -.-


    • Not gonna happen. Sabi nga nila “Wag itama ang mali ng isa pang mali”. Ganito ba talaga mag- isip ang Republican candidate? OMG!

      After magalit sa kanya ng Latino Americans I’m sure nagpa- palakas lang ulit yang si Trump. Haha. He difinitely took this opportunity to appease some…

    • That would be Impossible. they just Ask Donald Trump’s opinion about the issue, and He only suggest that IMG should make Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia to be ‘Co-Winners’ Donald Trump has no Power over Miss Universe Org anymore. The Damage is Done Pia’s Name is on the Miss Universe Web Site already, And Miss Universe Org Already officially apologise to Both parties and announced that Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is Miss Universe 2015. They can’t reverse their decision just because Miss Colombia can’t stop crying and still Milking her Pity Party.

      No doubt if its the other way around, I bet we would never hear any comment from Miss Colombia about it. Que? No Ingles! While Miss Universe Pia is keep on apologising to everyone. Yes Filipinos Should feel sorry for Miss Colombia but its not the end of the world.

  15. at the end of the day guys, this is a beauty pageant… pageants are full of snarky fake bitches.. ganon talaga.



    Di nag pakilala! HAHA..

    • hayaan n nten guys 🙂 ang simpatya ng mga cintestant kay colombi kc sobrang khihiyan
      Ung nangyari sa knya. Ok kng yang chineecheer nila c colimbia bka nmn kc suoer friendly tkga ni colombia … Wag n tau mgdwell sa mga gnyng issue… Lilipas din yan ang mhlaga nsa aten ang korona.

      pis is deserving. End of story. 🙂

    • Sore losers, lumabas din yung totoo nila. Ayan me proof that Pia tried to reach out to her 1st runner-up. Mai-share nga sa FB to. Gusto ko patulan sa ibang site kaya lang hahaba pa, additional attention rin sa kanila.

    • I just want to know if Miss Japan took part in this boorish act by some contestants because I saw her in the early part of the video.

    • I just want to ask if Miss Japan, who was seen in the first few seconds of the video, took part in this boorish act by some of Miss Colombia’s supporters. I hope she didn’t because she is supposedly against bullying.

    • Lmao, they can’t even accept the fact. At sa tingin nila they deserve to win? Oh c’mon. Is that a joke? They all know that Pia deserves to win. And that fugly “Miss Germany”, dapat wala siya don! Nagkakalat pa siyang inirapan siya ni Pia? What a joke. Bet she wanted that crown too kaya sinisiraan nya si Pia, spreading rumors, kaya ‘di siya karapat-dapat. Probs the reason why she couldn’t even get to top 15, sana ‘di na niya kaugali yung susunod na Miss Germany para masaya, wala nang plastic sa mundo, lmfao. Dem bishes shouting “COLOMBIA!” even though sa ugali nya, well birds with the same feathers, flocks together nga naman, sobrang plastic, ‘di man lang pinalapit si Pia kay Colombia. If I know, ginagawa lang nila yun para ma-maintain yung good girl images nila, pwe! Kunyari sincere para ‘di mahusgahang plastic. IT WASN’T EVEN PIA’S FAULT NA NANALO SIYA. H’WAG KASING ASSUMING. At nakita nyo ba si Miss Colombia? Parang tanga kasi wave pa ng wave kahit nag-aapology na! HAHAHAHA Sadyang bobo. Kunyari kabog sa english kaso walang maintindihan HAHAHAHA.

  17. I salute Shamcey Supsup’s “Tsunami Walk” but if I were to name Pia Wurtzback’s signature walk, I will unequivocally call it the “Earthquake Walk.” You should know. We watched her rocked Las Vegas, the great epicenter, with that walk particularly in the swimsuit competition. And we saw how that tremor shook the entire world and reverberated to the distant vast expanse of the universe.

    So let’s be kind to Steve Harvey, he was just the major, major casualty of the accompanying aftereffect of that jolt. Yes, host Steve Harvey who good-naturedly expressed his predilection for that segment at the opening of the show and whose clear-headedness and stability we would see clearly shaken and crumble by the end of the show, given the persistent and serious impact of that “earthquake walk” experience.

    • I prefer to call her signature walk as PAPAYA WALK. Very evident during the swimsuit competition. Hehehe! Kung may papaya dance meron na rin papaya walk. Pia Papaya Walk!

  18. It is written in the stars, Pia’s victory. She now joins the elite ranks of Armi Kuusela, Gloria Diaz, Margie Moran, Shawn Weatherly, Sushmita Sen, Gabriella Isler, Lupita Jones, Olivia Culpo and other notable, classy women who were Miss Universe. Her name is forever etched in the annals of Miss Universe history, in a fashion so shocking and controversial nobody will ever forget her in this lifetime. Just enjoy it girl, savor the sweet taste of success, you’ve earned it. : )

  19. Hi guys, not to rain on the parade. But I was so shocked to see Ari post this on her instagram. This is all just so heartbreaking. :,(((


    • didn’t even make a shout out to Pia. In all honestly, If i was in her place, yes masasaktan ako. But at the end of the day, the card said it all… Pag hindi talaga ikaw ang winner, hindi…. I understand she’s grieving pero it makes her look bad. Parang, “akin itong corona” yung hidden message Aniya sa post Aniya.

    • Nako ganyan din si Peru! Sabi niya “everything happens for a reason” pero balikwas yung sinasabi niya sa actions niya. She should accept defeat and not feed those pia haters..

      Meron pang “Once they gave the crown they shouldn’t get it back” kyeme.. dude she’s not the winner… why would they not remove it from her head?!

    • Throat!!!!
      Nasaktan din kasi ang ego ni ateng kaya siguro ganyan mega post sya na may crown. Defense mechanism.

  20. Congrats Pia from your doubter. Thanks for proving me wrong. All the best in you reign. Enjoy every second of it … No matter what anyone says !

    • Ang mhalga gusto cya ni miss usa kc mkksama nya yan sa america… Di gaya ng mga inggiterng latina… Hahaha

      Wag n tau mangunsumi sa mga comments agaunst pia… Gnun tlga oag natalo nadaya. Ganun din nmn taunog iba nananalo… Panapanhon lng yan. 🙂

  21. Aside sa colombia and philippines ang daming exciting na nagyari this year, naging emotional dahil kay slovenia, daming mga malalakas na hindi nakapasok at yung top 3 final q and a… All in all nasiyahan ako… As judge..lol

  22. Ang tabong sino ang pangbato natin next year…huh! Aim for back to back tayo… Papayagan kaya ng organizer na mangyari ang b2b win? Any girl in the radar norman?

    • mejo masakit lang na napunta lahat ng attention kay ariadna. Idk, those latina girls around her didn’t even congratulate Pia. Only one of them did, the girl in the red dress…..

    • Our Queen Pia is such a gracious dear. Despite having been indvertently robbed of her moment on global TV, she still tried to reach out to Ariadna.

      Did I get it right na ayaw padaanin ni Miss Montenegro si Pia so she can console Colombia? And what’s with the shaking of the head when Pia turned her back? I don’t want to be judgmental so I will just give this freakin’ biyatch the benefit of the daw. Di nga!

    • i mean look at Montenegro and Venezuela, when Pia approached them. They just looked at her like “what are u doing here?” so mean 😦

    • They were there kasi napahiya si Ary, but if you compare naman nung January where half of the delegates proclaimed Kc as their Miss Universe. Mas masakit un.
      Tsaka in the first place, panalo naman talaga si Pia, anv mali lang yung Pag announce not the computation of scores. Anong kuda nila?

    • Forget those bitchy latinas 🙂 nkita nyo nmn nung nanalo c PIA UNG asian girls NILAPITAN cya agad. Gnito LNG YN GUYS ..Kung kapwa nga nten pinoy may masamang nasasabi kay pia .. Ibng lahi pa kaya? Ang importnte nsa knya ang korona at di n yan pwede mgbgo:)

      Tgal nten to inanty… Wag kau paapekto!!!! 🙂

      Isipin n lng nten n maaring super friendly yang c colombia sa ibng candidtes kya gnyn din reaction nila. Anyway ang di ko kng magets bket kay pia cla natuturn off? Di nmn nya kslanan n aanga anga tobg host… Anyway MAMATAY CLA SA INGGIT ATEN ANG KORONA!

      Wait cla for BACK TO BACK win .. Mas iiling yung ulo nyng c montenegro hnggng maputol sa kainggitan..

      Guys please wag nten ifeature dto yang mga talunan n yan. Dpt celebdation lng at pgusapn nlbg nten ang nxt na pambato ora sa bck to bck 🙂

      I cant wait for pias homecoming

  23. 2 Former Miss USA’s Recaps on the Pageant. You guys may get insights on what the pageant is about.

    There are also things I realized hehe we aren’t masters of pageantry but I think there are questions from us that are answered in this video 🙂

    • this recap is amazing! spot on! everyone should watch this. they have great words for Philippines as well! 😀

  24. Pia wasn’t my bet for the crown during Binibini. But her continuous transformation and sheer determination won me over. The crown was really for her to take. Which is why I was getting impatient when there were very few updates in the social media. I felt like she was loosing steam. But the girl proved me wrong again. During the prelim, when she parade in her red evening gown, that moment sealed the crown for her. She doesn’t have the most beautiful gown, but she was the best, the most regal, the most elegant in the stage. And then I imagined that crown is just perfect for her.

    Congratulations Pia! You may not had a proper crowning moment but that’s okay, cause this is surely will be one of the most unforgettable.

    • I thought she was the one to spoilt it for Pia. She’s sweet and lovely. At least I got 2 out of 3. I had Australia instead of Colombia. I don’t know what’s in Colombia but I don’t really find her that pretty. Rather see France or DR.

  25. Congrats Miss Philippines!
    So, Bb. Pilipinas 2016 na ang susunod.
    ANTM’s Katarina Rodriguez should join. Her beauty is unquestionable and she’s a good public speaker. She’s only 5’6″ though.
    Or perhaps Monika Sta. Maria. She’s tall and can speak as well.

    • Nice point you got there. Who will be the Philippine’s bet for the 2016 Miss Universe pageant? I hope that girl will be as strong, gorgeous and fierce as Pia. Naniniwala na ako na hindi impossible ang back to back victory. Nagawa ng Venezuela, kaya din natin yan. Always reach for the stars, guys.

  26. Both Colombia and Philippines are Officially a ‘Comeback’ Countries in the Miss Universe, is this going to be a start of Pageant wars between these two Nation? #WorldWarThree LOL Stay Tune for next year. At the moment the 64th Miss Universe Pia will enjoy her Reign.

    • Oo nga kalurkey! Diyos ko kailangan galingan natin kasi baka mamaya ay gawing consolation ng Miss U na ang manalo ay Colombia. Naku we have to be two or more steps ahead of the game.

  27. Tito Norman, you did not believe in Pia in the end. You chose DR amd Colombia over her. Medyo nakakatampo lang. Kaso of all people, hindi ko inexpect sayo na gagawin mo lang siyang top 3 sa final prediction mo. Nonetheless, love pa rin kita and follower pa rin ako ng blog mo. Just want to share my thoughts lang which is based on facts. 🙂

    • As a blogger, it’s not easy for me to do that. Given the endless hyping all around, I need to see things differently instead of conveniently joining the bandwagon through and through. I stated my wish for a Pia victory, but I also added other elements that could spoil things for us, which are not totally out there. Remember that Miss Universe has new owners so there’s a lot of fresh sizing up to do. At least now, we all have a clearer picture of their mind works, and not just relying on previous talks that there are a lot of Filipino sympathizers working with WME and IMG Models to guarantee a win somehow. 🙂

      • Tama! Let’s just thank Tito Norman for always giving us the freshest and juiciest pageant scoop.

  28. Tito Norman, you did not believe in Pia in the very end. Instead, you chose DR and Colombia over her in your final predictions… Just stating the fact. Nonetheless, thank you for the platform. I continue to be your blog follower.

  29. nagsalita na si Miss Germany. Pia rolled her eyes at her daw every time she tried to talk to her??? LOl what?!!??!!

    • whether it’s true or not it doesn’t matter anymore. the crown is ours already. everything is water under the bridge!

      • honestly guys, a lot of people actually wanted Pia to win over Colombia. It’s just the colombians that are hating on us. Wuteva. I’m over it lol. I wish Ariadna the best though. With that face, body and height, pffft move to the states and start your modelling career. You may not have won the crown, but i believe everything happens for a reason, and there’s a right timing for everyone.

      • Hay nako naman siguro nagpapraktis lang si Pia ng stare nya for the competition napagkamalian lang na rolling eyes. haha

  30. Okay, mga mars! Judge Niecy Nash herself tweeted that all the four final judges had Philippines as their winner. So, Pia would’ve won even without the public vote. O anong say ng mga lahat? Here is her tweeter feed: https://twitter.com/niecynash

    Can someone post it? I don’t know how.

    • Niecy Nash ‏@NiecyNash 7h7 hours ago
      #MissUniverse2015 #MsPhilippines #TheJudges Across the board she had our votes💙

  31. Wala aq macomment except thank you & congratulations to Pia…

    & I cant help it. I feel so bad bécause of hopw it all happened. Napakaunfair to both Pia & Ariadna. What a bummer talaga. What have you done Steve? Sh#ttt!!!

  32. May promo po ngayon at bukas ang mga Parlor sa Pilipinas!! Maganda ang mood ng sangkabekihan ngayon! 😉

    I cant get over it.. Grabe! Different kind of high. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  33. Indeed Paulina Vega did an Amazing job on Crowed control. Miss Philippines No Doubt deserve the Victory. I think its ok for Ariadna Gutierrez Miss Colombia to cry for a little bit, because at first she have no clue what’s going on due to lost in Translation. And She was very nice to Miss Philippines throughout Finals. Everytime they call Miss Philippine’s name, Miss Colombia is always next to her holding Miss Philippines hands and a hug to Congratulate her. 1st Runner up is still a nice placement.

  34. I knew it. Pia had it in the bag from day 1. I’m so proud of you Pia. Sobrang saya naming mga Pilipino. Maraming salamat sa karangalan!

    Miss Universe 2015 – Pia Ashly Alonzo Wurtzbach, Philippines

  35. Oh my God!!!!she looks ravishing!!the crown, the gown, and her whole persona…. a true Miss Universe.. the only thing, i wish she went to console Miss Colombia.. at least they have a picture together… i take it its been very awkward… but.. just saying..

  36. Mahal ko na si Olivia.Napaka sincere yung reaction nya ng tawagin si Pia as winner.

    At ang swerte niya rin naman kasi 2nd runner up sya.Uy teka lang!Di kaya lucky charm siya ng Miss Philippines?Kasi nanalo sa Miss World at Miss Universe mga pambato natin.

    • naalala ko lang afterJanine naghahanap tyo ng susunod na delegate whose surname starts with letterr U..oara mabuo ung Q..R..S..T..U.. it started with Q…..for Quiambao, R…for Rah…….S for Supsup.. and T… for Tugonon… Q…R…S..T.. Mary Ann Umali at Liz Uy pa yata ang mga binanggit kaya lang di na sila pwede tapos may nagsabi din na baka si Pia na kaya lang di naman U kundi W or double U at finally siya nga.. ha ha ha… ..Nagkataon nga lang ba…

      • Siya talaga nakatadhana kasi Raj ,Supsup, Tugonon, U dapat(Ara), V dapat(MJ), and W Wurtzbach!!!!

  37. It’s written in the stars, Pia’s victory. With her win she joins the elite ranks of Gloria Diaz, Margie Moran, Lupita Jones, Gabriella Isler, Shawn Weatherly, and other notable, classy women who were Miss Universe in their life time. Not a lot of women can say that they were Miss Universe. Di matatawaran ang na accomplish nya as far as International pageantry is concerned. Her name is forever etched in gold in the annals of Miss Universe history in a fashion so shocking and controversial nobody would forget her in this lifetime. Enjoy it girl, savor the sweet smell of success, you rocked it!!!!!

  38. Hello everyone. I havent seen the whole show. Do you have any links for the replay? Is it already posted online? Maraming salamat po.

  39. It’s written in the stars, Pia’s victory. Now she joins the elite ranks of Gloria Diaz, Margie Moran, Lupita Jones, Gabriella Isler, Shawn Weatherly & other notable women who were once Miss Universe. Di matatawaran ang na achieve ni Pia as far as her accomplishments in International pageantry is concerned. Her name is forever etched in gold in Miss Universe history in a fashion so controversial no one would ever forget her anytime soon . Enjoy it girl, time to sit back, relax and feel the sweet sensation of success. Job well done, di mo kami binigo. : )

  40. she was really destined to win. you know from the start that she can really be our 3rd MU. She proved all her bashers/detractors wrong. I don’t care what those “stupid” or closed minded people are saying about Pia. As long as we all know, the universe knows that Pia is the rightful winner. and I believe obvious naman.

  41. I nearly passed out everytime Miss Philippines get called. juiceko.. my very 1st experience was worth it. OMG!!! so much tension. It’s like watching World Cup. Pagkalabas na ang Colombia and Philippines nag palakasan ng cheers.. talo parin sila. hahaha

    • I saw Jonas Gaffud nong nagpila na kami.. don palang grabe na ang tension.. mga thai may dala pa ng pitpit akma sa tuktuk na costume, may baklita pa silang nakasash.. hahaha.. but it was a friendly competition amongst the fans in the audience.

  42. Oh dear…Steve Harvey, on his original tweet, posted that he wanted to apologize to “Miss Philippians and Miss Columbia..” now deleted from Twitter and reposted with the correct spelling…ouch!

    Love ya Steve Harvey, but this explains alot! 😉

  43. i keep thinking, if only steve had announced the right winner in the first place, i don’t think we would be getting this much hate right now. Even though the card said the real results, some people are just too stupid and will blame the winner even though she didn’t do anything. Haist.

  44. Isn’t Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach just lovely ?
    The camera simply loves her !
    Maraming salamat and Mabuhay ka Pia 🙂

  45. Now that Pia won , who will take over her post in Bb Pilipinas Universe? Do we have a rule like what and how they do in USA?

    I notice when Olivia Culpo won the Miss Universe, Nana Meriwether ( 1st run) took her post.

    Just asking

  46. So Ngayon alam na natin formula kung paano manalo sa Miss U at Miss W. magpadala ng Tisay na may background sa Showbiz. Walang KoKotra! #TheTruth #AllTeaNoShade

  47. Now that Pia won , who will take over her post in Bb Pilipinas Universe? Do we have a rule like wht they do in USA?

    I notice when Olivia Culpo won the Miss Universe, Nana ( 1st run) took her post.

  48. Kudoz for Paulina in handling all the awkward situations during her reign. First, she spoke against Trump. Then, she had to take out the sash aside from the crown from her compatriot. Then, I could not remember.

  49. GERMANY just expressed her opinion about PIA’s victory. SHE’S NOT HAPPY WITH THE RESULT DAW. ANG WINNER DAW FOR HER IS FRANCE and she and the other girls thinks daw na deserve daw ni Columbia pagka panalo niya tapos… bigla daw si PIA. Di daw siya happy about that. Kaya kay Columbia daw sila dumertcho..

    Ganyan talaga pag clapper.

  50. I cannot wait to see Pia’s journey as the new Miss Universe. Seeing her travel the word, do fun glamorous photoshoots and witnessing her experience in New York where she’s going to be residing throughout her reign along with Miss USA. Parang it will be a great sisterly bond. Olivia looked happy for Pia’s victory ❤

    Like what I said before, not everyone will appreciate the announced winner, pageant man oh hindi. ganun lang talaga ang life. At the end of the day, Pia won fair and square and that's all that matters!

  51. And before I forget give all the NATCOS and Evening Gowns to all deserving Filipino Designers and donot entertain foreigners. This was proven already after Pia had won and all Hollywood Stars patronize Filipino designers overpowering French American & Italian.

  52. 1) Congrats again Pia for winning the 3rd crown and for giving the younger-generation the experience they will talk about when they grow old (and reach the ripe age of Jeremi dahhllinn. Lol). It will be “where were you when Pia won?” many years from now.

    2) Congratulations to BPCI and Madame SMA. I think that you indeed have the best interest (although sometimes, misguided) of our candidates. You are a Colombian by birth, but a Filipina by choice.

    3) Kudos to Aces and Queens (And to KF), for identifying potential candidates and voluntarily helping / training them. Your contributions have been greatly felt the past years.

    4) Thank you to the passionate Filipino fans all over the world. Your enthusiasm/support is really what distinguishes our candidates from the rest.

    5) Thanks Mr. Norman for giving us an avenue to express, criticize, argue, root, cheer, and most importantly, share this triumphant, once-in-a-lifetime moment. Cheers to you.

    6) Thanks fellow commenters. =)

    7) And there is a special place in this comment for Angelo Reyes:

    Dear Angelo,

    It may be cute, funny and entertaining to express your dissenting opinion (albeit, bastos ones) BEFORE the competition, but your act has now gone terribly stale and lame. Corny na ‘dre. Pia has won. As Melanie M. said when criticized about her English “Bigyan nyo muna ng karangalan ang Pilipinas, bago nyo ko pintasan. The Nerd!”.

    World Peace.

  53. Since all international pageants had been completed and the Philippines closes it with a big winner it’s time to concentrate to Bb Pilipinas 2016 with the following unsolicited advise from me.
    1. Upgrade all the title holders crowns.
    2. Donot delete the Bb Pilipinas Tourism title since baka next year the Malaysian awarded the franchise for Miss Tourism Intl to BPCI or MTQI will be active again cause they were left behind by new international pageants.
    3. Bring back all the title to Bb Pilipinas- Universe, Bb Pilipinas- International, Bb Pilipinas- Intercontinental, Bb Pilipinas -Supranational, Bb Pilipinas-Globe, Bb Pilipinas- Grand Intl and Bb Pilipinas Tourism to honor the BPCI where the titles originated
    4. Acquire the franchise for Miss United Cntinents & Miss World Peace elevating BPCI as the grandiest pageant franchise in the universe having nine prestigious titles at a stake.
    5. Limit TV coverage to just 2 hours or 21/2 hrs maximum. have Pre Pageant Night where special awards had been given and select the 15 finalist.
    For others who have suggestions you can include it here.

    • Franchise ruling to name “universe” winners as Miss Universe Philippines. Hence the change. Notice it among other countries. Take note though that latin/spanish speaking countries are translated verbatim. If we translate it in Pilipino, it should be “Bb Universe Pilipinas”. Doesn’t sound good. Congrats Pia!

  54. Naisip ko lang, baka naman si jamaica ang winner last year, reverse lang binasa!
    At kahit nun 2012, baka naman si JT ang winner talaga nun.

  55. Back in the day, it was announced;

    4th runner up,
    3rd runner up.
    2nd runner up,
    1st runner up,

    Recently it became;

    4th runner up
    3rd runner up
    2nd runner up
    1st runner up (became an afterthought)…

  56. I felt sad for my baby Ariadna, para syang batang binigyan ng lollipop ni Mang Kanor tapos binawi agad ni Aling Leonor!

  57. Indeed a banner year for the BPCI franchise:

    Miss Globe – winner
    Miss Grand International – 3rd runner-up
    Miss International – top 10
    Miss Supranational – top 20
    Miss Intercontinental – 1st runner-up
    Miss Universe – winner

    …and an impressive Big 4 report card;

    Miss International – top 10
    Miss Earth – winner
    Miss World – top 10
    Miss Universe – winner

  58. I am Detective C

    Pano kaya nagkamali yung host?

    My observation:

    Ang card ay nakatupi sa gitna.Yung sulat ng 1st runner up at 2nd runner up ay malilit.At ang name ng countries ay malalaki.Ito ay nasa bandang kaliwang tupi ng card.Samantala ang “Miss Universe 2015” ay nasa bandang kanan.

    Ang kaliwang kamay ng host ay nakahawak sa mic habang ang kanan naman ay nasa card.Kaya natabunan ng kanang kamay nito yung Winner.Kaya hindi nito nakita.

    Pagkatapos niyang tawagin ang 2nd runner up,syempre yung winner na agad kasi nasa tradisyon ng MU kapag 2 na lang natitira winner na agad ang ina announce.So yung kasunod ng 2nd runner yung kanyang natawag na Miss Universe.Kasi nga 2 lang yung nakita niya

  59. Keep it classy, folks. Empathize a bit with Colombian fans, as you know you’d certainly be pissed off it it were the other way around.

    Congrats to Pia, Ariadna, and all contestants!!

  60. Tito Norman,

    This is for you and the Philippines! =)

    The moment we all thought we missed but has been given to us.

    • I think the bouquet she is holding is still for the runner up. Mas malaki yugn sa winner, but then keri na si Pia ang truthful winner yun ang impt!

      • The telecast showed Paulina trying to have the ladies swap bouquets but immediately dumped the idea when she saw that apparently they are practically the same.

    • Nakakataba naman ng puso si Miss Bulgaria – I think she’s the candidate in the background who was enthusiastically gesturing to Pia to walk down the stage to claim her crown when the latter was walking with palpable hesitation upon hearing that she’s the rightful winner.

  61. One more… all in good fun…

    If Venezuela went “BACK to BACK”,

    Then Colombia went “BACK to ‘give it back’ “.

    The silver lining? This WILL BE the most talked about MU pageant – or any pageant for that matter… EVER! How ironic is that?

  62. 2015 epic moment first in history 2 Ms.Universe !!!? Adriana & Pia! Anyway God knows Philippines talaga! Oh diba ang mga Salakot ampalaya mode, sabi ko na nga nganga sila ehhhh..

  63. • Mister Global 2015 : Top 13 (Joseph Doruelo)
    • Miss Summer International 2015 : 3rd RU (Athena Catriz)
    • Mrs. Universe 2015 : Top 20 (Jennifer Cruz)
    • Top Model of the World 2015 : Delegate (Kim Fyfe)
    • World Beauty Queen 2015 : 2nd RU (Divine Ezrha Canaceli)
    • Miss Asia 2015 : 1st RU (Alfe Marie Nathanile)
    • Miss Freedom of the World 2015 : 2nd RU Christine Marielle Stubergh)
    • Miss United Continents 2015 : Top 10 (Anabel Tia)
    • Miss Tourism Universe in Lebanon : Delegate (Rianne Kalaw) Miss Asia
    • Miss Global Intl. 2015 in Trinidad : Delegate (Larissa Obediente)
    • Miss World Peace 2015 : Top 10 (Jeslyn Santos)
    • Miss South East Asia Tourism 2015 in KL : 1st RU (Rowena & Alexandra) – Alex
    • Miss Mermaid International 2015 : Delegate (Kayla Marie) Miss Asia
    • Miss Globe 2015 : Winner (Ann Lorraine Colis)
    • Miss Cosmopolitan 2015 : Delegate (Patricia Cabawatan)
    • Face of Beauty Int’l. 2015 : Delegate (Mary Eileen Gonzales)
    • Miss Global Beauty Queen 2015 : Top 15 (Fatima Al-Sowyed) Miss Photogenic
    • Mr. Real Universe 2015 : Top 13 (Mark Andrew Baron) Mister Internet
    • Miss Global 2015 : 4th RU (Mary Candice Ramos)
    • Miss Grand International 2015 : 3rd RU (Parul Shah) Best in National Costume
    • Mister Tourism 2015 in Panama : Top 5 (Juda Cohen)
    • Miss Model of the World 2015 : Delegate (Dollie Jane Lleto)
    • Int’l. Best Female & Male Model 2015 : 1st RU (Roselyn Ugay) / 2nd RU (Marc Paulo Noces) both won Best In Natcos & other special awards
    • Miss International 2015 : Top 10 (Janicel Lubina) Best Dressed
    • Miss International Queen 2015 : Winner (Trixie Maristela)
    • Mister Universal Ambassador 2015 : Top 10 (Alexis Martinez)
    • Mr. Model International 2015 : Top 13 (Arcel Yambing) Mr. Congeniality and Mr. Photogenic
    • Miss Bikini Universe 2015 : Delegate (Yesley Cabanos)
    • Miss Heritage 2015 : 1st RU (Ma. Daziella Gange)
    • Miss Scuba International 2015 : Winner (Cindy Madduma)
    • Miss Charity Queen 2015 : Delegate (Christianne Ramos) Miss Friendship
    • Miss Pancontinental 2015 : 1st RU (Cassandra Ann Mcdonald)
    • Mr. Pancontinental 2015 : Winner (Ben David Hitchcock)
    • Mister International 2015 : Top 10 (Reniel Villareal) Best in National Costume
    • Miss Supranational 2015 : Top 20 (Rogelie Catacutan)
    • Miss Fashion Beauty Universal 2015 : 3rd RU (Monica Labuguen)
    • Miss Earth 2015 : Winner (Angelia Ong)
    • Miss Heritage International 201 : Top 10 (Terizz Manzano Gomez) Best Cultural Costume- Gold Medalist / Best in Social Media- Silver Medalist / Best Cultural Dance- Bronze Medalist / Environmental Ambassadress Category- Top 5 Finalist
    • Mister Worldwide 2015 : Delegate (Jolo Dayrit)
    • Miss All Nations 2015 : Delegate (Leidda Paulette Babasanta) Best in National Costume
    • Miss Intercontinental 2015 : 1st RU (Christi Mcgary) Miss Intercontinental Asia and Oceania
    • Miss World 2015 : Top 10 (Hillarie Parungao) Winner in Social Media challenge events
    • Miss Universe 2015 : Winner (Pia Wurtzbach)
    • Miss Tourism Queen of the Year Intl. 2015: TBA (Leren Mae Bautista)
    • Miss Tourism Intl. in Vietnam : TBA (Janela Joy Cuaton)
    • Miss Tourism World in Thailand : TBA (Roanne Refrea)
    • Miss Globe International 2015 : TBA (Toni Hipolito)
    • Mister World 2015 : TBA (Sam Ajdani)
    • Miss Multiverse 2015 : TBA (Angelee delos Reyes)
    • Miss Diversity Culture 2015 : TBA (Ria Rabajante)

  64. The crown looks exquisite on her. =)

    I always knew she would win.

    Very proud of her.

    Congratulations Philippines!

  65. Yes! Congratulations, Pia! You truly and rightfully deserved that crown. You were outstanding the entire night. About 30 seconds of fixing the issue, but it will NOT affect a blessed year of reigning as OUR MISS UNIVERSE!

  66. Well, if Venezuela went “BACK to BACK”

    Then, Colombia went “BACK to ba”

    LOL, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t resist!

    GO PIA!

    • Venezuela – Back to Back

      Colombia – Please give it back

      I couldn’t resist. Sorry.

      Love you Colombia as well!

      • Sorry Ajay.. I posted my newer comment without reading yours… so happy for Pia, embarrassed for Steve Harvey (who I enjoy) and saddened for Ms. Colombia.

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