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  1. saw most of the candidates at planet Hollywood hotel just now and I must say miss France for me stood out the most. she was statuesque and regal. I was star struck lol. she’s not pageant patty at all. She has the poise of a confident mature woman. I’m in love. Dominican Republic is like a walking Barbie doll. Pia’s butt is the bomb! she’s got a black butt for an Asian woman lol. First thing you notice is her big bright eyes and sorry to bashers she’s not fat at all!! she was in a cute pony and yeah she was one of the most beautiful!

    • and yeah I’m positive Pia is going to be in the finalists because if ever Pia will not be in the cut, miss universe will lose a lot of money from pageant fans from the Philippines their biggest market!

  2. Some latino men are saying Pia’s fat and ugly on social media. But honestly, they always say our reps are ugly… from Venus to MJ… But at the end of the day, Venus, Shamcey, janine and Ara all made it to the Top 5. so whatever.

  3. Guys…Hope you spare a little time to read THE GENTS CRONICLES: JACK HORAN’S MISS UNIVERSE 15 PICKS….An unbiased and heartfelt review/assessment of the 15 hot picks which includes MISS PHILIPPINES. (it’s in the misso portal and if someone can upload it here better)

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    Asan na yung Corona? Ipatong niyo na dali! Haha ❤️🇵🇭👑 •~•~•~•~ Alright Philippines! Eto na! There will be a Online Voting on the Live Telecast. This will help Pia to advance each round of the competition. Kaya mga kababayan Lets all Vote and Support Our Miss Universe Philippines! PIA ALONZO WURTZBACH on December 21 / 8am Ph Time. And it will be aired on FOX Ph – STAR WORLD and ABS-CBN. To vote -> http://www.missuniverse.com/vote/ • #MissUniverse | #MissUniverso | #MissUniverse2015 | #PiaWurtzbach | #PiaAlonzoWurtzbach | #MissPhilippines | #MissPhilippines2015 | #ItWillBeQueenP | #ForThePhilippines | #Pinoy | #Pinay | #Filipina | #Binibini | #BinibiningPilipinas | #IMG | #IMGModels | #Model | #BeautyPageant | #MissWorld | #LabanPiaPina | #MissSupranational | #MakeUp | #LizQuen | #SherriHill | #MUO | #Aldubnation | #AlDub | #jadine | #kathniel | #Tomiho

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  5. Congratulations, Christi! Most definitely a far far better pageant culmination compared to last year’s.

    • Compared to last year’s travesty when Pawee’s tranny twin did not win but was declared the winner. Di nga!

  6. Hi guys I’ve just downloaded the Miss World App and Casted my vote for the Top 3. Good news is that China is not included in the Top 50 nor Top 25 candidates. But I’m sure the biggest points will be for BWAP and I’m sure Hillarie aced it since malapit din sa puso ni Julia ang mga kids. Vote now!

  7. on voting:

    How to Vote: Viewers of the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant will hear various calls to action on air during the live airing asking them to vote via http://www.missuniverse.com/vote for the contestants eligible. There are four (4) voting points currently anticipated to take place: during the swimsuit competition, during the evening gown competition, during the final question round, and after the final look. Each cumulative vote of all the viewers combined will be equally weighted in proportion to the corresponding vote of the live telecast judges. During the swimsuit competition, viewers will be able to give each of the fifteen (15) eligible contestants one (1) whole number score per device ranging from 1-10, in real time as they compete on stage. During the evening gown competition, viewers will be able to give each of the ten (10) eligible contestants one (1) whole number score per device ranging from 1-10, in real time as they compete on stage. During the final question round, viewers will be able to give each of the five (5) eligible contestants one (1) whole number score per device ranging from 1-10, in real time after each contestant completes her answer. After the final look viewers will be able to vote one (1) time by selecting the one (1) contestant they wish to see become Miss Universe. Follow the on-air instructions to cast your vote. Only votes that comply with the instructions will be counted. There is a limit of one (1) vote per device or per Facebook account. If you vote, you are agreeing not to use any unofficial third party services to vote on your behalf or to vote outside of authorized time zones, windows and/or locations. The Administrators reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to reject votes that are identified as having been cast in violation of the foregoing, cast by any individual who tampers with the voting process or acts in a disruptive or unsportsmanlike manner.

  8. #MissIntercontinental2015 is Miss Russia
    1st Runner Up : Philippines
    2nd Runner Up : USA
    3rd Runner Up : Venezuela
    4th Runner Up : Zimbabwe

    Via Pageanthology 101

  9. I didn’t get to watch it kase bagalia, pero anong edge ni Ms. Russia? Magaling ba sumagot ala Angelia?

    Not bad Christi. So far so good my Philippine delegates :}

    • All the links provided by different pageants pages/sites are not working properly. Hehehe. So far, Binibining Pilipinas 2015 batch is good. No thank you girl/s. Either crown, runner-up or semifinalists :).

      • I know…looks like Norman’s birthday wish is coming true….kulang pa ng 3 pageants pero so far para tayong 2013 ulit. Sana better pa.

        Anabel Tia started this…even sa smaller pageants with Cindy M….maganda fortunes ng 2015 batch.

  10. what happened? she should be the winner . Oh well not bad first runner up . Hay nakuh nanganak na yung mga nanalo sa bagal ng broadcast nila. Insider insider News napakababa daw ng nilagay na score ng isang babae na winner before kaya first runner up lang sya. dapat hindi na nag jujudge yung mga previous winner kasi may tendency na babaan nila yungscore kasi sa ingit .. lol…

    • could the previous winner be from russia? (miss intercon winner when coreen medina from the phils was a runner-up), ..and so winner for this year.. russia!!

  11. seryoso ang bagal naka simba nako naka pag mami nat lahat wala pa rin maayos na streaming

  12. Top 5 Finalists for Miss Intercontinetal 2015
    Miss Intercontinental North America: USA
    Miss Intercontinental Africa: Zimbabwe
    Miss Intercontinental Asia & Oceania: Philippines
    Miss Intercontinental South America:Venezuela
    Miss Intercontinental Europe: Russia

  13. Top17 Semifinalist of Miss Intercontinental 2015:
    Sao Tome & Principe
    San Marino
    Puerto Rico
    Vietnam- Miss Popularity Vote

    Via Pageanthology 101

  14. ‪#‎MissIntercontinental2015‬ Updates
    Miss Popularity : Miss Vietnam
    Miss Photogenic- Miss Thailand
    Best in Evening Gown-Miss Colombia
    Miss Congeniality-Miss Spain
    Miss Smile Award-Miss Czech Republic
    Best National Costume : Miss Indonesia

  15. Sobrang intense ang mga laban. But I am really proud of our 2015 Queens. One of the best batch of beauty queens we ever had.
    Hard work and determination really pays off. Reading all the posts in this blog, you can see that they are really shining in their respective pageants.

    All the best to you lovely ladies!


    • I like his reviews not because he always includes the Philippines but he seem unbiased, and he’s been doing reviews for so long that he almost get it right each year.

    • Ah si Tom ba kamo. Hula niya nung 2013, 4th runner-up si Venezuela Gabriela Isler. Nung 2014 naman 4th runner-up daw si Colombia Paulina Vega. Ngayon 2015 ang 4th runner-up niya si Philippines Pia Wurtzback, so alam na natin kung sino ang magiging Miss Universe 2015. Salamat sa hula ni Tom.

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