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  1. Guys…Hope you spare a little time to read THE GENTS CRONICLES: JACK HORAN’S MISS UNIVERSE 15 PICKS….An unbiased and heartfelt review/assessment of the 15 hot picks which includes MISS PHILIPPINES. (it’s in the misso portal and if someone can upload it here better)

  2. I couldn’t access the link 😦 but thank you guys for the update !
    CHRISTI – congratulations for a job well done ! Thank you ! So proud of you ♥♥♥ 🙂 🙂 -:)

  3. Miss Globe , Miss Earth, then Miss Intercontinental (the most beautiful woman of all continents)
    … sayang three for three sana … CONGRATS CHRISTI LYNN !!!

  4. kahit 1st runner up ang nakuha niya she looks stunning pa rin and majority of winners are worthy of their places. good job christi!!! next stop…. Miss World naman guys mamayang gabi. ready your heels and eyes while watching 🙂 game na!!! #forthePhilippines #proudPinoy #forourQueens

    • Sorry magulo:

      5th: Africa
      4th: South America
      3th: North America
      2nd: Asia – Philippines
      1st: Europe – Russia

  5. Pag uwi ko bungad sakin sa FB Russia nanalo 1st runner up Phil

    Nyeta…hoax pala…

    Go Christi abot pako!!!

  6. Top 5

    Philippines – Asia and Oceania
    Russia – Europe
    Zimbabwe – Africa
    USA – North America
    Venezuela – South America

  7. Miss Asia intercontinental Philippines

    Miss Europe intercontinental Russia

    Miss Africa intercontinental Zimbabwe

    Miss’s North America intercontinental USA

    Miss South America intercontinental Venezuela

    • Christi got the Asia & Oceania title at nag-advance sa Q&A portion. Tapos na ang Q&A. Hindi ko din nakita ang question at sagot kasi putol putol. Kakatapos lang kumanta ulit ng performer. Right now stuck ulit ang live stream.

      • YAY! 1st Runner-up. Not bad, not bad. 🙂 Good job, Christi!

        Sayang, isang hitad nalang agwat sa korona. Pero hindi na masama. Ibig sabihin, tinalo mo ang “all the rest”. Congratulations! 😀

    • So happy for Christi @lonewulf nahigitan nya yung kay Kris. Good job Christi and AQ!!

  8. Ay sorry guys mali yung 1st post ko
    Eto tama

    Top 15
    Country Principe
    San Marino
    Puerto Rico

  9. Miss Intercontinental 2015 top 10

    South Africa

    Best Body: Russia

    Miss Popularity: Vietnam

  10. Top 10
    South Africa

    • Ms. Intercontinental AFRICA nag iisa lang? Kalurks. Edi pwede na siya kumalma pansamantala.

      ASIA & Oceana – APAT

      AMERICAS – apat

      Europe – Isa lang din?!

  11. Nakakaloka yung streaming putol putol. as of the moment may kumakanta na naman. ASAP ata peg nila. hahahahahaha! si thailand ms photogenic daw okay nlng :3

  12. Miss Intercontinental 2015 Special Awards.

    Best In evening Gown: Colombia
    Most Photogenic: Thailand
    Miss Congeniality: Spain
    Best Smile Award: Czech Republic
    Best in National Costume: Indonesia

    • Trying to watch pero hindi maganda livestream napuputol putol. Currently national costumes parade… or basta naka national costumes mga contestants… or ganito intro?

      • Sasabihin na best in national costume tumigil na nmn bwisit. Sasabihin na rin yta semi finalist

      • Some guy just finished singing. Parang ang weird, the guy hosting the show is talking, tas magcucut na pinapakita yung mga contestants. Hindi smooth transition cause nas-stop yung streaming…

      • Putol putol and hindi siya internet connection problem… I’m streaming from a reliable connection. They announced the winner of the national costume pero hindi ko nakita at nagrefresh ako ng page. >.<

  13. Good luck!

    Other news:

    Miss All Nations 2015 held tonight in China

    Winner – Mexico
    1st runners up – South Africa
    2nd runners up – Thailand

    Top 8 Finalist

    Russia &

    2nd Sub title session
    Miss Friendship – South Africa
    Best Evening Gown – France
    Miss Photogenic – Kazakhstan
    Best Talent – China
    Miss Eco Tourism – Malaysia

    • Mister Global 2015 : Top 13 (Joseph Doruelo)
    • Miss Summer International 2015 : 3rd RU (Athena Catriz)
    • Mrs. Universe 2015 : Top 20 (Jennifer Cruz)
    • Top Model of the World 2015 : Delegate (Kim Fyfe)
    • World Beauty Queen 2015 : 2nd RU (Divine Ezrha Canaceli)
    • Miss Asia 2015 : 1st RU (Alfe Marie Nathanile)
    • Miss Freedom of the World 2015 : 2nd RU Christine Marielle Stubergh)
    • Miss United Continents 2015 : Top 10 (Anabel Tia)
    • Miss Tourism Universe in Lebanon : Delegate (Rianne Kalaw) Miss Asia
    • Miss Global Intl. 2015 in Trinidad : Delegate (Larissa Obediente)
    • Miss World Peace 2015 : Top 10 (Jeslyn Santos)
    • Miss South East Asia Tourism 2015 in KL : 1st RU (Rowena & Alexandra) – Alex
    • Miss Mermaid International 2015 : Delegate (Kayla Marie) Miss Asia
    • Miss Globe 2015 : Winner (Ann Lorraine Colis)
    • Miss Cosmopolitan 2015 : Delegate (Patricia Cabawatan)
    • Face of Beauty Int’l. 2015 : Delegate (Mary Eileen Gonzales)
    • Miss Global Beauty Queen 2015 : Top 15 (Fatima Al-Sowyed) Miss Photogenic
    • Mr. Real Universe 2015 : Top 13 (Mark Andrew Baron) Mister Internet
    • Miss Global 2015 : 4th RU (Mary Candice Ramos)
    • Miss Grand International 2015 : 3rd RU (Parul Shah) Best in National Costume
    • Mister Tourism 2015 in Panama : Top 5 (Juda Cohen)
    • Miss Model of the World 2015 : Delegate (Dollie Jane Lleto)
    • Int’l. Best Female & Male Model 2015 : 1st RU (Roselyn Ugay) / 2nd RU (Marc Paulo Noces) both won Best In Natcos & other special awards
    • Miss International 2015 : Top 10 (Janicel Lubina) Best Dressed
    • Miss International Queen 2015 : Winner (Trixie Maristela)
    • Mister Universal Ambassador 2015 : Top 10 (Alexis Martinez)
    • Mr. Model International 2015 : Top 13 (Arcel Yambing) Mr. Congeniality and Mr. Photogenic
    • Miss Bikini Universe 2015 : Delegate (Yesley Cabanos)
    • Miss Heritage 2015 : 1st RU (Ma. Daziella Gange)
    • Miss Scuba International 2015 : Winner (Cindy Madduma)
    • Miss Charity Queen 2015 : Delegate (Christianne Ramos) Miss Friendship
    • Miss Pancontinental 2015 : 1st RU (Cassandra Ann Mcdonald)
    • Mr. Pancontinental 2015 : Winner (Ben David Hitchcock)
    • Mister International 2015 : Top 10 (Reniel Villareal) Best in National Costume
    • Miss Supranational 2015 : Top 20 (Rogelie Catacutan)
    • Miss Fashion Beauty Universal 2015 : 3rd RU (Monica Labuguen)
    • Miss Earth 2015 : Winner (Angelia Ong)

    • Miss Heritage International 201 : Top 10 (Terizz Manzano Gomez) Best Cultural Costume- Gold Medalist / Best in Social Media- Silver Medalist / Best Cultural Dance- Bronze Medalist / Environmental Ambassadress Category- Top 5 Finalist

    • Mister Worldwide 2015 : Delegate (Jolo Dayrit)
    • Miss All Nations 2015 : Delegate (Leidda Paulette Babasanta) Best in National Costume
    • Miss Intercontinental 2015 : TBA (Christi Mcgary)
    • Miss World 2015 : TBA (Hillarie Parungao)
    • Miss Universe 2015 : TBA (Pia Wurtzbach)
    • Miss Tourism Queen of the Year Intl. 2015: TBA (Leren Mae Bautista)
    • Miss Tourism Intl. in Vietnam : TBA (Janela Joy Cuaton)
    • Miss Tourism World in Thailand : TBA (Roanne Refrea)
    • Miss Globe International 2015 : TBA (Toni Hipolito)
    • Mister World 2015 : TBA (Sam Ajdani)
    • Miss Multiverse 2015 : TBA (Angelee delos Reyes)
    • Miss Diversity Culture 2015 : TBA (Ria Rabajante)

    Miss Tourism Queen of The Year International

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