20 comments on “Hillarie Danielle Parungao and her Beauty with a Purpose Project

  1. Hi Guys! Any update of the live streaming? Tomorrow morning na ba ang Finals night? Thank you! 🙂

  2. ang ganda parin ng figure ni Hillarieukhang di sya stressed.
    kahit anung cut ng sleeves di nagmumukhang tabachingching.

  3. Feeling ko pasok sa panlasa ni lola juliana itong c Hillarie! may placement siya feeling ko lang!

  4. Nakuh sa China wala silang paki Alam sa nga bata. Meron silang one child policy Kaya yung advocacy ni Hilarie at Hindi akma sa host country. Oh well just keeping my fingers cross

  5. Mahina number of comments ngayong MU 2015.
    Last year mga more than 500 comments…
    Let’s ngayong Finals/Coronation night 🙂
    Queen PIA, our 3rd Miss Universe 🙂

  6. Walang new photos si Hillarie pa in the meantime eto muna si Christi na malapit na rin ang laban…

  7. Call me an optimist… Hillarie may place much higher than what is expected… just saying…

  8. Hillarie looks beautiful in that white gown…I’m hoping to expect the unexpected at Miss World 2015.

    It’s unfortunate that the MU and MW are just 1 day apart. MW has not been getting the publicity and interest in normally gets because of the scheduling.

    • I think it’s not the date close to each other, but MW’s venue. We don’t trust China being unbiased, look at what they did with MW Canada. Says a lot abt the pageant org, they shd’ve not let political issues dictate who not to invite. N

    • sa pinas lang walang publicity sa China sa lawak ng bansa taz dami ng tao sa China di kailangan ang pinoy audience.

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