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  1. i really have high expectations talaga na maiuwi ni Pia ang 3rd crown.
    pwedeng marepeat ang USA at Phil top 2. USA gown is red and Pia is Royal blue if ever. as in same color during Olivia and Janine.
    Pia did a miriam quiambao in IG portion and plus nagkaroon ng moment with myanmars being fell on floor like what happened to Miriam. almost same. and miriam got ist runner up. so hoping that Pia will be ist runner or MU winner. hmmp.

  2. I agree with all of Norman’s choices.
    Those are the girls that I noticed too but I want to add the following as possible spoilers:
    — Israel
    — Georgia (for her uniqueness)
    — Argentina (I saw something in her that I saw in Yasmin last year after the prelims)

    I also adore Albania and Finland in their evening gowns.

    Colombia ? not my cup of tea, I prefer Venezuela over her.
    Indonesia? I’ll take Myanmar over her
    Thailand is beautiful and tall
    Vietnam, not my cup of tea
    Peru, IMO underperformed
    Philippines, I love her in her EG
    Curacao, looks like a Filipino beauty queen

    We should really watch out for Paraguay who suddenly came from nowhere.
    I mean look at those legs and her queenly aura and her quiet confidence.

  3. Guys…Hope you spare a little time to read THE GENTS CRONICLES: JACK HORAN’S MISS UNIVERSE 15 PICKS….An unbiased and heartfelt review/assessment of the 15 hot picks which includes MISS PHILIPPINES. (it’s in the misso portal and if someone can upload it here better)

  4. Asan na yung Corona? Ipatong niyo na dali! Haha ❤️🇵🇭👑 •~•~•~•~ Alright Philippines! Eto na! There will be a Online Voting on the Live Telecast. This will help Pia to advance each round of the competition. Kaya mga kababayan Lets all Vote and Support Our Miss Universe Philippines! PIA ALONZO WURTZBACH on December 21 / 8am Ph Time. And it will be aired on FOX Ph – STAR WORLD and ABS-CBN. To vote -> http://www.missuniverse.com/vote/ • #MissUniverse | #MissUniverso | #MissUniverse2015 | #PiaWurtzbach | #PiaAlonzoWurtzbach | #MissPhilippines | #MissPhilippines2015 | #ItWillBeQueenP | #ForThePhilippines | #Pinoy | #Pinay | #Filipina | #Binibini | #BinibiningPilipinas | #IMG | #IMGModels | #Model | #BeautyPageant | #MissWorld | #LabanPiaPina | #MissSupranational | #MakeUp | #LizQuen | #SherriHill | #MUO | #Aldubnation | #AlDub | #jadine | #kathniel | #Tomiho

    A photo posted by Pia Wurtzbach For MU 2015 👑🇵🇭 (@queenpiawurtzbach) on

  5. Excited lang din ako kung sino ang mananalo this year, maraming pagpipilian,

    Top 5 kaya? Saan kaya?

    Jamaica philippines france haiti australia

    Paraguay peru philippines vietnam usa

    Philippines colombia australia venezuela paraguay

    Myanmar philippines indonesia thailand vietnam

    Dominican R. Haiti france australia brazil

    Philippines australia usa venezuela colombia

  6. I’d like to think that Australia & France are the most bankable future models for IMG for their type of personalities, beauties, current wardrobe styling, hair & makeup during the entire pageant events. C colombia & dominican rep e pwede nang Victoria Secret angels sa 2016.
    However, Pia’s personality & level of determinations really showed thats why nagradiate ang aura nya on stage.
    Since this is forum, criticism ko lang e wag masyadong pati sa hair e sophisticated lower bun din kase parang matronly yung styling or lupita jones ang peg. Sana si RenzPangilinan din mg hairstyling ky Pia sa finals & si Gery magmakeup para current na current although malabo na. Dapat maging bankable supermodel din peg ni Pia s Finale para sure win na.
    Nafefeel ko baka magmala revival of old hollywood si Pia sa Finals.,

    • and what was your assessment about again? right, the negative about pia! and what was nick’s assessment about? right again, the negative and the positive about the gown and the positive about pia! and oh, he did say this: “Pia WORKED IT overtime! And for that, she is in my Top 15 Best Gowns List.” now unless you could improve your reading comprehension skills, don’t come back, not even on Monday morning. alright, girl? now, let’s move on.

      • You obviously did not read my previous post. I said exactly what Nick said that Thailand gown and styling was very current. That Vietnam gown was very couture and tha Colombia styling is perfect. Except I said it first before nick and I got a lot of hate from this forum for saying it.
        I didn’t even say anything about Pia’s dated gown. But I think in this forum unless you say something other than Pia is the best you are crucified. Get real people. Don’t be blind that there are other better candidates than her.
        She’s pretty and so well prepared but to say that she’s the strongest bet is a stretch. Get REAL!

      • Then explain to us why so many people have been including Pia in their top 15/10/5 after the prelims. It’s not just the pinoys that are applauding Pia’s spectacular performance, parti ibang lahi, they commend her. To say that she’s not a strong candidate, now that’s a stretch… Pia has the potential, and a lot of people can see that. It just sucks that a fellow Filipino can’t see it….

      • giving up and keeping hopes high are two different things. on one hand, obviously, the supporters of Pia here are keeping their hopes high. you, on the other hand, have already given up on her even before the prelims started. I support not Pia, but her representing the Philippines. I am not saying Pia is the best, but I am keeping my hopes high no matter the outcome. appreciating her efforts in representing the country with pride and dignity is one, and discounting her capabilities is another. it’s not blind fanaticism, but gracious patriotism. we only have one candidate, and if the Filipinos are not supporting her, then might as well not send her at all. is she the strongest bet? no! and i think people here are not oblivious of that fact. does she have a good shot at winning? heck yes! did people here say you are wrong? no! however, do they find your comments condescending and obnoxious, bordering on the malicious? yes! so there

    • “No. 13 Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach: There was some drama regarding Pia and her gown. Supposedly, her original one didn’t fit right so a Beverly Hills-based Filipino designer was contacted, while he was in Aspen skiing on vacation (must be nice!). He then had his staff send her some gowns. And this was one of them. I liked this red sequin applique and satin gown but I have to admit, it was not modern or chic or very directional. It was a beautiful gown that we could have seen at a Miss Universe pageant in 2005. Nevertheless…Pia WORKED IT overtime! And for that, she is in my Top 15 Best Gowns List.”

      The placement was for the GOWN, not the performance. So, if you were assessing the gown, I agree with you and Nick. BUT, if you were assessing Pia, then Nick and I disagree with you because both Nick and I think “Pia WORKED IT overtime!”


  8. Miss Universe Top 5 Odds Analysis & Predictions: Who Made the Cut?
    Place your bets !!!

    Miss Colombia (12-1)
    Miss Curacao (25-1)
    Miss Denmark (16-1)
    Miss Philippines (12-1)
    Miss USA (8-1)

    read more at *http://www.sportsbookreview.com/sports-betting/free-picks/miss-universe-top-5-odds-analysis-predictions-who-made-cut-a-67581/*

    • Subjective ang judging sa beauty pageant pero kung sya ang nasa common choice & taste ng latinos, it means malakas talaga stage presence & showmanship ni Pia. ang pilipino pageant fanatics are known to have sense of solidarity kaya given na number 1 sya satin.
      I just hope na di masyadong matronly yung hairstyling ni pia sa Finals. Alam mong c mama J ang nagdirect ng hairstyling.

  9. Parang supportive mother si SMA ah. I kinda feel bad for saying mean things to her a day before the prelims.

    • like that. na nagkakasundo sila and that is a sign na baka magtuloy tuloy ang pagtangkilik nya kay andrada and other pinoy designer. mukang maganda nga ang final gown and as of now secret muna siguro yan d pa ipapakita. pero but there is always a question before that final gown. hayssss. if totoong top 10 talaga ang ist cut grrrr. nakakakaba, sana mas ginalingan pa ni Pia sa SS lalu na ung style ng hair. pero u will see in her eyes being confident what she did is tamang timpla lang. hinde magaslaw o kalog ang dating ng rampa sa SS. i search royal blue gown mukang maganda nga ang kulay at bagay sa kanya lalu nat blue din ang crown. but hopefully makapasok talaga sya both top 10 to top 5 ok na yan. pero sana manalo talaga sya.

    • Victoria and I have SUPAH GORGEOUS husbands but mine is FRESHNESS galore. 🙂 🙂 😉

      PS: Kelan kaya makahanap ng jowa ang mga Sapyot? 😉

  10. To the east and to the west, Pia Wurtzbach is the best!!!
    SS, EG, NatCos, lahat na ikaw ang pinakamagaling at pinakamaganda Pia!! Keep up the good work and super goodluck sa finals! I know you will make it!! #3rdMissUofthePhilippines

  11. I have the feeling that winners would be the same countries who placed in in Miss Earth 2015. Since there’s a new published arrangement of winners for MU2015. My placements would be:

    Top 3:
    MU 2015: Philippines (ME 2015)
    1st Runner Up: Australia (Miss Air in ME)
    2nd Runner Up: USA (Miss Water in ME)

    Top 5:
    Brazil (Miss Fire in ME)
    Dominican Republic (Unplaced in ME)

    Top 10:

    Top 15:

    • Great observation. I’m also betting Phils-Aus-USA. Those 3 have the most beautiful faces this year. Very sweet smile and captivating aura. France Poland and Kosovo are next. Latinas this year all look the same and the powerhouse candidates are have very strong facial features.

    • hello franco. i beg to disagree. i kept watching her videos and i noticed that her legs, arms and core are still firm and toned as before. i was quite bothered also about people commenting about her gaining weight – so i watched her videos over and over again. what i realised is that it is still the same. but what i think makes her look big is that she is quite gifted. the camera for most of the time focuses on her upper body and it sort of creates an illusion that she is big because her hinaharap catches all the attention. well that’s my opinion. i can be wrong. so maybe she needs to wear something different on the final night for the swimsuit competition.

  12. Hi Sir Norman. Walang pa-prediction contests ngayon for MU, MW and MIntercon? 😀

  13. Kung Top 10 lang talaga ang pasok sa finals, kumpyansa naman akong pasok pa rin si Pia. That’s how much faith I have in her. At first nakaka-kaba talaga ang Top 10 instead of 15 dahil mas slim ang chances of each girl getting in, pero after the prelims, nasabi kong di lang siya pang top 15 because she was excellent all throughout the night. Dun nga sa EG I can almost hear Pia’s thoughts: “Let me teach these toddlers how to walk” *kilig* 😍

  14. im envisioning Haiti n Philippines the last two who would vie for the coveted crown!
    Haiti I
    Haiti in green gown
    Philippines In red.

  15. 01. Philippines
    02. Vietnam
    03. Colombia
    04. Brazil
    05. Australia

    06. Dominican R.
    07. USA
    08. Inda
    09. Peru
    10. France

    11. Venezuela
    12. Curacao
    13. Thailand
    14. Haiti
    15. Japan

    – Mexico
    – Paraguay
    – Italy
    – Russia
    – Kosovo

    Fingers crossed other fans don’t use the voting system to give Pia low scores. The Vietnamese fans this year are insane… Search the instagram hashtag #missuniverse and every photo is of Miss Vietnam. Lots of Dominican, Colombian and Thai fans are making lots of noise online too.
    But, if IMG and the Miss Universe Organisation is looking for the whole package, then Pia is their girl.

    Good luck Pia!

    • I’m sure that in the end, IMG/MUO will pick their winner. The voting is probably a scheme to draw in viewers during the live telecast and to make viewer believe that the power to choose the winner is in their hands (when it really isn’t).

      • i came across with this thought also, na baka echos lang nila yung voting and in the end yung finals night judges lang talaga ang magmamatter. pero wala namang mawawala kung boboto pa rin tayo. counted man o hindi, at least we did our best to support her.

  16. Tito Norms bakit parang di masyado intense ang coverage mo ng Miss U this year? Last year parang mas in-depth and coverage and analysis of this event. Pero this year wala token posts lang.Baka busy ka sa other committments. Yun nga lang, Miss U is THE pageant event of the year, sana mas sipagin ka pa sa pag cover 😀

    • There are simultaneous pageants happening, several coverages on the field and then there’s Christmas. I really wish I could clone myself somehow. The 63rd Miss Universe happened last January so all the busy schedules of December, 2014 have already been met.

  17. After the Preliminary, here are my Top 15 in Alphabetical order: (16 actually because some scores have tied )

    Dominican Rep.

    BEST IN SS :

    Colombia , Curacao , Paraguay , Philippines , Spain , USA , Venezuela


    Australia , Curacao , France , Paraguay , Philippines , Spain , Thailand

    One of these countries could win the crown:

    Australia , Colombia , Paraguay , Philippines , Venezuela , USA

  18. Dear Laila,
    Mars,favor lang ha,pakipost po dito yung reviews sa youtube Miss Universe 2016 Odds ,Analysis and Picks,they made a review for Colombia,Phil,USA and the other country.The female host finds Pia so gorgeous and she acknowledged our placements for 5 yrs.

    • Haha. The Sofia Vergara comparisons will definitely work against Miss Colombia. No agency would want to invest on someone who likes like a famous celebrity already.

      The girl on the video is on point. Pia has a very beautiful face and with her prelim performance and that (hopefully) magical royal blue gown in the Finals, Pia will slay it.

      The guy’s opinion got me thinking though. Will they give it to France because of the terrorist attack on Paris? If this were true, why didn’t Ariella win when Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines?

      Pia for the win!

    • The girl was on point with her gut feeling and betting on Pia. As for the guy gunning for France – makes me doubt if he watched the Prelims with her lackluster performance. But then again bettors are after winning the most and the loot is always guaranteed decreasing with the obvious frontrunners.

      But I just love how they were flaunting the pabebe wave – lakas talaga ng international hatak at hugot ng Aldub! Di nga!

  19. it would nice to see and taste other type of beauties in chile haiti n curacao aside from our bet pia.

  20. I like 5 of tito norman”s choices:


    the rest I just want
    to vomit…

  21. May mga tao talagang wala sa hulog makapag-komento lang.
    (from Albert Andrada’s IG)


      • Sa tingin ko lang ay yung maluwag na gown ni Barraza talaga ang sa prelim…
        Kung icompare mo talaga sa gown ni Peru at Colombia na gawa ni Barraza, talagang pangit yung gown ni barraza para kay Pia.
        Pero sadyang mabait ang Diyos at di natupad ang plano ng dalawang Diablo at di natuloy ang mga balak nilang ibagsak si Pia 🙂

      • So ano to? Rescue gown din pala yung kay Andrada??? Pero di umabot due to flight cancellation. Wow parang teleserye. So To the rescue si Oliver Tolentino? hmmm…. I hope no more unnecessary stress for Pia sa finals night.

  22. Wala ang wicked witch India Tiya Norman😃
    Sana may mga Pana, Bombay, 5/6 para masaya😃😃😃
    Queen P. For Our 3rd MU😃

    • @Bong

      I just want to inform you that Pana or Arrow as in “Indian Pana” refers to the American Indians which is the major ancestor of most Latinos. The local term “Bumbay” is the Filipino term reffering to Indians of mostly Dravidian and a few of Indo-Aryan descent coming from the city of Bombay in the southern region of the Indian sub-continent. The term most probably became popular after Indian immigrants from Bombay arrived before our local industrial revolution after the independence of Mexico, the end of the Acapulco galleon trade and when Spain oppened our shores to international trade. We Filipinos called them “Bumbay” to distinguish them from us “Indios” which is the Spanish term for Indians because when the Spaniards arrived in the Visayan islands, they assumed that they landed on India like when they landed on the Americas. They called us “Indios” because they were welcomed by Visayan Hindu-Budhist royalties and nobles ( Guinoos and Maharlikas), majority of which indeed have a great percentage of Indian ancestry since the Visayan islands were ruled by the Sri Vijaya empire which was originally part of the Chola empire of India. These same pre-colonial Filipinos are descended from Indian royalties who are directly descended from the generals of the Alexandrian empire and from Alexander the great himself. When the “Bumbays” re-arrived mostly during the late Spanish era, the remaining Prayles and Officiales later saw them as a threat since they continued to practice one of our original religions and also for coming from a land colonized by their former enemy, the Brittish. The Spaniards were afraid that they will reconnect us Filipinos to our former culture which they tried their best to abolish. The “Bumbays” who did not convert to catholicism and were not “Filipinized” were given higher taxes and they became the subject of the homilys of our Prayles who promotes regionalism and perpetuates crab mentality. We Filipinos were brainwashed to discriminate these people from the land of one of our forefathers upto the point that they were not allowed to get jobs or own land. Thus, most of those Indians who did not assimilate into the Filipino society resorted to 5/6 as their only means of income.

      • C2F, history professor ka ba? Im just curious kasi this is not the first time na may na lecture-an ka about it.

        I want to have a one on one lecture sayo C2F. Im a sucker for history.

      • @c2f
        In fairness with ” bong ” i think he was just refering to the “indians ” as “pana”. It was a code for us Filipino Expats , here in the ” Sheikdom countries”

        Just saying 🙂

      • @Kyeme

        Nope, isa lang yan sa mga trip ko…
        Thanks for appreciating it though. Hahaha 😀

        @Shk. Ayesa

        Well, it is common for most Filipinos abroad to be culturaly insensitive to other races due to our lack of background in history. Should it be tolerated?..
        I don’t think so. 🙂

      • @Shk. Ayesa

        Because of what you have mentioned, I tried to research the exact origins of the term/code “Indian Pana”… And here’s what I found out:


        Aside from this, according to kids of the 70’s -80’s the term came from the classic prose “Indian pana kakana-kana, 3 itlog kakalog-kalog”. It was said to be mentioned as comic relief in one of our old “Cowboys and Indians” inspired action movies that most probably debuted during the 50’s or 60’s.

  23. that’s gorgeous line up Tito Norms. but I would rather switch Miss Haiti or Miss France for Miss Georgia for ur 1st Tier. Also, for 2nd Tier, Miss Mexico change for Miss Italy. That would be perfect line up tito. 😉

  24. 1st tier: il take out haiti tito norms and il put Georgia. 2nd tier: take out mexico and put italy instead. that would be perfect tito norms. 😉

  25. tito norms ano pag kakagets mo po sa new format ng MU? 15 SS, 10 -IG, 5-Q&A then announcing of 2nd runner ups up to MU
    or 10- SS, 5-IG, 3-Q&A then winners.

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