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    • Wala…

      Marami na ring Asians n masyadong nahype dati na sa totoo lang… wlang dating.

      Matagal na ako dito s Vietnam and ung mukha nya eh sobrang common d2…

  1. Wow, just saw the feature at TV Patrol and Pia looked flawless… I was expecting a gown with a lot of Wow factor but the Oliver Tolentino gown was just perfect because it did not overpower Pia’s natural beauty. And wait, there’s more!!! Albert Andrada gown is still the original plan and it is still one of the choices for Pia’s finale gown… Could there be a costume change??? Would SMA allow Pia to wear it?! @Tito Norms, was there ever a time where our MU rep wore a different finale gown than the one worn during prelims?!? If ever, this year would be historical in Philippine pageantry!

    All my social media account are up and running

    I’m so ready for the final battle…

    Let’s win the war…


    • Love Ximena because she has always been unbiased. I’m happy she likes Philippines this year. She has never included us in her lists.

  2. Hillarie has looked impeccable since Day 1 of Miss World–modern, elegant, fashion-forward. BPCI truly needs a change in management & I propose that Ben Chan take over the franchise. His business instincts are worldclass, he is constantly innovating,& when it comes to style, he knows how to harness & cultivate the best of Philippine designers (see the Bench Body collaborations w Michael Cinco & Lesley Mobo).

    I don’t want to focus on the negative since I know how hard Jonas Gaffud has been working to achieve the exacting demands of Philippine pageant fans (which is probably 90% of the Philippine population). May I point out, however, that Pia’s outfit for the preliminary interview gives us insight into the style instincts of BPCI. It was so dated, didn’t loo expensive, & was wrong on so many levels so you end up thinking, “This is what happens when an ugly wardrobe happens to a beautiful woman.”

    It also left me thinking that like the changes in management in the Miss Universe organization, it’s also time for a change at BPCI–perhaps with Ben Chan as franchise owner a la Trump & Jonas Gaffud as president a la Paula Shugart.

  3. Overall, I am happy with her Performance πŸ™‚ I wish the EG is a bit more expensive and elegant looking,

  4. Saw a few MJ copycats during the preliminaries. Philippines surely has an impact on Miss Universe!

    • @jgd yes napansin ko din. Yun ngiti ni mj at ngiti with matching kaunting nganga. Mj made a mark with trainors

  5. Pia’s red gown was just fine. Her hairstyle during the EG was a bit of a surprise. I kind of preferred the up-do she had at the auction event, however, as it gave her neck a longer silhouette. Overall, I think Pia did great, especially considering the recent gown drama.

  6. Just my opinion…
    Anong nangyare sa mga early favorites?
    1. France… mas napansin ko pa si Haiti and Curacao s kanya eh. Nakulangan ako sa angas.
    2. India… ndi ko talaga makita ung nakikita nung iba na front-runner cya. Mukha cyang malaki eh.
    3. Vietnam… if i were the judge, napapaquestion ako… wlang pambulaga eh… and her walk… malalang version ni Honey Lee eh…
    4. Colombia… ok cya actually pero mejo madali cyang makalimutan.
    5. USA… same din ng Miss USA presentation nya…
    6. Philippines… nabaligtad eh… ung gown n ndi tau confident eh cyang mas naalala s kanya. She looks like Catherine Zeta-Jones… na may pagkaEvangeline Pascual and Miriam Quiambao which is nakakatakot… bka maging 1st Runner Up cya… i want the crown for her… PLEASE!
    7. Thailand… malamodel… pero what happened to her make-up…
    8. Peru… mapapatanong ka eh… ano n nga bang ginawa nya…

    • Kinabahan ako na matalbugan siya ni Miss Peru na fave ko from SAmerica dahil magkasunod talaga, kaso di naman kabogera ang Barraza gown niya. Yes, red is the perfect color in that runway. Buti na lang.

      • Halatang may pinapaboran si Barraza… Pag ibang bansa hindi kagandahan binibigay nya… Mas lalo na sa atin dahil threat tayo sa crown…

      • Oh di ba? Ang bland ni Lola Laura, kinakain sya ng kasunod nya. Also mexico underwhelming ang performance nya, not expecting her to be called as part of the top 15.
        Pero pwede ding mali ang hinala ko.
        France din, walang ooomph! factor nung rumampa na, and I agree mas napansin ko p si Haiti.

        Chile was a surprise! Baka ma eat bulaga tayo Shes on my list along with DR.

        And ofcourse Pia! β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

        And albert andrada pla ang gown na isusuot ni Pia, kakasabi lang sa TV Patrol and 10 nalang ang semi finalists! Ang konti! 😱

    • Yung mga early favorite ano pa nilangaw! Sabi ko nga puro kuda lang yan! OH D BA C PAPAYA pa rin solid performance mula SS to EG! Pia! Pia kaw na…

    • Yung papayas ni Pia gusto ring rumampa sa SS round, in fairness. Pero ang gandoh niya sa EG, very elegant and queenly. That hairstyle realled helped A LOT. That face was impeccable.

      Thailand’s make-up was really off, it emphasized her chin way more than it shouldn’t have. Her EG is stunning though. However, her SS catwalk was really off.

      Vietnam, disappointed with her EG. It was way too heavy at the bottom and she looks like she couldn’t walk properly. Muntik na ngang ma-trip sa final pose niya sa center ng runway.

  7. My top perfomers in no particular order:
    Dominican Republic
    South Africa

  8. Thailand’s face looked very orangey…She definitely forgot to blend her make up from the face down her neck.

    Paraguay and Philippines are my favourites. I think both delivered solid performances.

    I also like Chile, Finland, Great Britain, Haiti, Indonesia, Italy, USA!

  9. ps. I’m browsing a latino beauty pageant page right now and so many people were disappointed with Colombia… Wala daw originality, parang another Paulina Vega lang. shet…..

    • It’s just weird to me cause latinos usually stick together. pero disagreement sila today.

    • Many latinos noticed Pia’s performance tonight. They loved her performance. Nakakaproud!

  10. happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy…..ako naman matutulog mga vhaks….I cannot wait for a redo of hotpicks. I want to see kung ano na nag change….so goodnight folks….next pageant kay christi naman….for now here’s to MURDER….

  11. ok some of the front runners underperformed… A couple of not-so-popular contestants outshone them. Ummm some of the “interesting facts” that were spilled tonight were extremely weird like Kosovo shaving her head when Britney Spears shaved hers…. ummm what?

    Pero in all honesty, I am so proud of Pia’s performance tonight. Who would’ve thought that a day ago, she was dealing with unnecessary stress. Parang wala lang gulong nangyari. She delivered, she really did!! Ano man ang resulta sa Sunday, I just want you to know Queen P that you made me proud and all the Filipinos around the globe. Thank you so much for putting a spectacular performance tonight! ❀

  12. Tapos na ang Drama ng Red Gown πŸ™‚
    I’m satisfied nman sa result at parang hindi last minute ang gown.
    Pia did an amazing job specially sa gown na hindi mo halata na mas bongga ang mga gown ng mga latina.
    I like the black&brown gown of Indonesia than the Almodal gown that she wear now.
    Myanmar is not a semifinal bet but her miriam quiambao act awakes the sleepy judges and she might get a high score with her beautiful EG.
    Pia’s performance is outstanding and i hope the judges love her to be one of the semi-finalist…
    I just hope that Pia will wear a level-up gown during the final telecast of MU.
    Cheers to all πŸ™‚

    • Quite disappointed with Indonesia in carrying Almodal’s gown. Then, naging kamukha pa niya si Miss World Guam. Dahil ba same gown designer. Seriously, magkamukhan sila ni Miss World Guam in carrying Almodal’s gowns, Maybe because we expect her to look and ramp like Janine Tugonon on stage. I agree with you regarding black and brown gown.

      • The Almodal gown of Miss World-Guam is better.
        I believe that it takes the same ability of Pia’s catwalk to make it shine:-)
        In fact, the Almodal Gown should be in Top 10 World Designer of MW but Miss Guam is not a Top Model πŸ™‚

  13. Only the following were consistent in SS and EG: Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Paraguay, Poland, Thailand and Venezuela.

    Pia tanked in SS but rocked EG. Gown was acceptable as it made her stand out in a sea of sheer beaded silhouette column gowns and full sleeves shimmery gowns. Nothing to worry for now as her performance is enough to get into top 15.

    Had this been the finals: MU is Dominican Republic, 1RU – France, 2RU – Thailand, 3RU – Venezuela, 4RU – Finland.

    • I love Thai on still shots. Supermodel. But here im disappointed. Mukhang blushon buong face nya. Si vietnam ang itim ng kilikili

  14. Looks like the favorites held their own. Who I like: DR, France, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Peru, Philippines, Poland, USA, Thailand, Paraguay, Kosovo, Australia but her gown was just OK. Philippines picked the best swimsuit. Nice color contrast and nicely hugged her frame. I was so nervous she would pick those granny panties one. I still don’t get the hype over India. Colombia’s gown was actually good.

  15. Gown – Brazil for the bling, Colombia for the bling and shape, Haiti for the color and Myanmar.
    Swimsuit – Venezuela, Pia

    I’m a little disappointed with France. No energy. USA looked the same. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. Vietnam is a bit too thin and annoying. India is too much. Dominican Rep looks like Queen Rania of Jordan. I did not notice or pay attention to my previous fave-Peru. Thailand’s makeup is off. Myanmar came out of her shell. Finalnd was a bombshell. The rest of the Europeans, disappointing.

    Anin’s Almodal gown was a waste. She was too boxy, too heavy she didn’t glide.

    Pia was well…a trouper. She came, she saw and by the looks of it she’s about to conquer….

    • Actually disappointed with Barraza and Almodal gowns. Madaming colorful gowns e hindi naman madala ng maayos sa stage. Many make-up are too dark for the lighting. I love it when the contestant designed her own gown (Georgia). Kosovo, so ethereal. Siya na. Glad that Pia had the red one, or else dehado siya after Peru.

    • Pia’s major threats: Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic. Her face alone is enough to win it all.

    • Quite disappointed with Indonesia in carrying Almodal’s gown. Then, naging kamukha pa niya si Miss World Guam. Dahil ba same gown designer. Maybe because we expect her to look and ramp like Janine Tugonon on stage.

  16. Makiki-fearless prediction ako ng Top 16. Based on Facial Beauty, Body/Swimsuit and Evening Gown after the preliminary competition. πŸ˜€


    Dominican Republic



    Good luck Pia! Win it #ForThePhilippines.

    • Ang tagal ko pinag-isipan si India. She could be easily replaced by Georgia, Costa Rica or Czech Republic in my list. LOL

  17. My top 15, accdg to their performance (SS+EG), based lang sa opinion ko, disregarding of the sash factor. in alphabetical order:

    Dominican Republic

    top 5:

    pero sa finals night talaga makikita lahat ng mga pasabog, paputok at kung anu-ano pang atake ang gagawin ng mga shondidates na papasok sa taft 15.

    PS. kabogera si Myanmar

  18. Is it just me who somehow got this impression na parang sa Miss International Queen lumalaban sina India, Venezuela and Vietnam with their styling? Di nga! But in furnace fab din naman ang Bjork gown ni Vietnam.

  19. Pag di pa naman nasali sa top 15 si Pia sa dami ng palakpakan at sigawan ng mga audience. Grabe! Woooh!

  20. Thailand’s face is very orangey…She forgot to include her neck and blend the make up.

    • O di ba Parang nag bronzer blush on whole face. Astig pa naman dating nya sa akin before. Now hayyy.

  21. I held my breath when Pia came out….it was like watching Miriam Quiambao compete all over again

    • Ok naman pala yung gown nya. I know kering keri nya and I agree with you parang Miriam Quiambao ang dating!

    • Honga mars Laila! Call me biased pero siya na ang pinaka-queenly ang aura sa mga rumampa so far! At hindi siya nagpa-distract sa overjoyed cheering ng audience! Whatever the outcome, I am sooooo proud of her!

      • Hindi offensive mga fans now palagay ko. saihain mo nang fantard pero nag perform ng husto si Pia dun

    • Yung gown ni Pia looks way better in motion. I love the hairstyle, was worried na hindi siay mag-updo.

    • Pia’s overall prelims performance – SUPERB!!!

      You did make the whole Philippines proud Pia!!

    • Agree that was the perfect hair for that gown. She has the Miriam looks even in her past pictorials. She can look like Ara in straight hair.

    • I agree with you Lai… halos hindi ako makahingi… Miriam Quiambao talaga ang aura niya- nakakaproud!

    • Tama kau parang c MQ c Pia sobrang elegante niya sa gown oh diba kinabog niya yung mga TH na kapit bahay..

    • Laila, i kept watching Pia’s performance all over again. During her intro and SS, she reminded me so much of Natalie Glebova, MU 2005.

  22. Grabe kinilabutan pa more ako sa GONDOH ni Pia in EG at sa walang humpay na support ng audience!!!!! Di nga!

  23. Korea has same gown color and silhouette as Pia? A bit more fashion forward though. Oh well, the Papaya Walk will slay them all!

  24. Pia’s boobs were about to jump out again during SS! And her thighs do not look as slim as 2 weeks ago. From SS – Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, France, Finland, Paraguay, Thailand, and Venezuela stood out.

    • ateng, sakit mong magsalita…okey lang body ni Queen Pia kesa naman sa buto’t balat na iniisip! let’s support her, she’s carrying our flag! di ba?

    • okey yung body ni Queen Pia……kesa naman sa buto’t balt na ini-expect mo! Ano ka ba ateng, let’s support her, anyway Flag lang naman natin ang ipinaglalaban nya.du ba?!

    • Hey guys, I did notice Pia gained weight so easily. But she’s stunning! Still at work so I o ly had access to instagram videos

    • OMG if you think Pia gained weight, what do you think of India??? Of course all of them would gain weight, they had buffet food everyday hahaha.

    • take note, high definition cameras can make you gain 10 pounds… Some people just look bigger on camera than real life. I honestly didn’t even notice Pia’s weight. She looked smoking fine to me. Pero di ko lang gets kasi people we’re complaining she was too thin tapos ngayon she looks too big na?? wtf. Jusko day, Pia has been blessed with nice papayas. It’s not her fault gifted siya lol. It didn’t even look malaswa, ano ka ba!

  25. Minor observations:

    Tanzania Tip: close naman the lips.

    Thailand Tip: Extend makeup to neck

    Turkey Tip: Borrow makeup from Thailand

    Ukraine Tip: Less Michael Jackson please

    Uruguay Question: Kelan ba sex change?

    Venezuela Wish: Sali din sa sex change

    Vietnam: Move over bitches. I’m winning this.

      • d ko talaga na feel si Poa in SS sa intro OO. for me Domican republic nailed SS. Si pia lang naka pameywang while SS ramp. well se in IG

      • sis gown ata nya sa finals iba….libiran ata talaga…or dahil nandun na si andrada baka andrada

        wait…lecheng barraza yan sobrang ganda ng gown ni colombia pag tayo ginagawan nya parang retaso

      • Mars Laila, what can you expect eh boba de geriatrica naman kasi ang nagpupulimilit magpagawa kay Bazzura ng gown for Philippine reps.

  26. omg. mamaya na ako magbabasa at mag cocomment. nakaka kaba ang prelims. go queen p!!!

  27. My Picks: Ireland, France, Jamaica, Italy, Brazil, Kosovo, Panama, Peru, Russia, Philippines, DR, Thailand, USA. Cute ng host ah. Sana nga may wardrobe malfunction πŸ˜‰

    • [video src="https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xtp1/t50.2886-16/10541749_653581204794059_147850613_n.mp4" /]

  28. guys. look


    Due to typhoon Nona, Albert Andrada’s flight to the USA was cancelled last Tuesday. Albert was supposed to bring two evening gowns for Pia to choose from. As a back up plan, Pia’s mentor was able to borrow a gown from Los Angeles based Filipino designer, Oliver Tolentino. Apart from Oliver’s gown, Pia is also considering using an off the rack gown that Bb. Pilipinas provided her.

  29. Go Pia, show them the PAPAYA WALK!
    Kahit anong gown pa yan, I know kayang-kayang mong dalhin. Most of the time naman it’s not the gown that counts, it is how well you carry. Good Luck girl!

  30. Ready na ba ang mga phones, laptops and tablets nyo???
    Ihanda na rin ang foods and drinks.
    30 mins. to go…

  31. mga Vaks!!!! ilang minutes na lang magsstart na ang prelims!! eto dapat nating gawin. “DASAL LANG, DASAL LANG TALAGA”, dapat rin tayong MAGPA-ILAW para ma-enlighten si Pia at PILLS!!! (energy pills) para sa mga puyat, at mukhang puyat na nag-aabang para kay Pia. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

      • Oh wait… the whole torso and panels are filled with Capiz.. check the pic posted below..

        Amazing!… Indigenous materials with a culturaly historic inspiration… love it! πŸ˜€ We should win this!

    • Lol nman aq sa ice cream combo 3in1. Hay naku yung Nat cost na Yun talaga 1 for d books. πŸ˜€

  32. guys, check Pia’s IG, tapos punta kayo sa tagged photos niya. Someone posted a picture of her wearing her natcos. Also take note, that photo was taken a long time ago, when she was still in the Philippines. She was just doing a fitting with Andrada. Pero the costume makes her super tall! Ang ganda ng pagkakafit mars.

  33. best effort tlga tong ginwa ni mama J.

    thanks to tolentino for saVING Pia’s little hope for scoring high in E.G

    if u guys can only see how dreadful the original plan for our P. u will be thankful for this red gown, atleast this is a SAFE gown.

    oh well… hoping for our queen to look elegant IN PRELIMS.

    to be honest… im quite sad for all the efforts she made just to prepare herself for this pageant, and all she gets is a simple gown. 😦

    she deserves head turning and pasabog gown!!!! just being honest here. a red cinco gown would perfectly compliments her curvy body.


  34. Wow…Pia, most definitely, has the stage presence that cannot be denied! She should hit it out of the ball park tonight at the prelims! GO PIA GO!

  35. Na eexcite ako putang ina. Eto nanaman, anxiety level ko tumataas. Ganda nga stage guys. Last year’s venue was shit… Ang liit. Pero this year, the candidates can really show their strut without having to hold back because of a small stage..

  36. Let’s pray for positivity, let Pia’s team be guided accordingly, let’s continue praying for Pia’s performance later…from her walk, her wardrobe, her gestures, her totality… I am continually praying for all of them…for all of us actually! to God be the glory!!

  37. infairness ha! based sa mga pictures lang. ang ganda ng stage!!!! superb!!! with all of the lightings and all the LED being used! IMG knows how to step up the game talaga!!

    • mejo toned down yung smokey eye niya. Or her make up in general. I’m surprised cause Janine and Ara’s make up were really heavy compared to Pia’s

    • Freshness! parang hindi naapektuhan sa gown-serye ng BPCI!!! virginal look lang pero ffierce yan sa stage!! nakatulog ako ng 8 hours pero ang haggard ko p din!!! si pia, pak na pak pa din!

    • Pareho tayo mare! Wala ng tulog tulog to! Derecho ng duty mamaya! Pak! Para kay Pia! πŸ˜‰

    • Kamusta naman ako? Ilang araw nako walang tulog may energy pako mag simbang gabi hehe…She did her own muk up according to her makeup artist Gery Penaso. Bravo.

      • ay mars wag ka mag-alala, sabi mo nga ikaw ang pinaka-libre!!! salamat sa mga post mo! feeling ko secretary kana ni tito norms.. hihihihihi

  38. It will be Miss Intercontinental 2015 winner Philippines Friday , Miss World 2015 winner Philippines Saturday , Miss Universe 2015 winner Philippines Sunday

    Force and blessings be with you all three ladies from the Pearl of the Orient !

    • baka malait ka na naman ni Jack Ammo and Angelo Reyes. baka sabihing blind fanatic ka daw.

    • It all started with Miss Earth 2015 pala ; Miss Supranational 2015 was tough but I believe Rogelie was WAY BETTER than India and Janicel deserved a top 5 finish than Vietnam ; Parul in my opinion should have been first runner up or second runner up

  39. So far sa IG maganda feedback ng mga Latinos. Yung mga Pinoy ang harsh pero iintindihin ko sila na build up kase ng husto ang taas ng expectations. Mama J in his FB post that the gown registers well on stage parang ganun. That it’s feminine yet powerful. Good news right?

      • ya it looks nice naman! Especially in the second photo. Like what I said in the previous post, Mama J is a perfectionist, so he won’t make that kind of statement if he didn’t mean it. Pranka si Mamang.

      • That stare though. Pia’s fierce eyes pierces through the camera. It sends any viewer in a trance. I think the gown is beautiful. She carries it well and keeps it at a simple yet elegant presence. She is beautiful. Very proud of you Pia! God bless you and your team.

        Good work Lai.

      • Finit nya lang noon hindi nya nagamit for the BPCI fashion show :{
        Sayang no? Gandang ganda ako dyan

    • all the right moves, all the right angles, all the right look ! Cheers Pia !

  40. Comments here will not help Pia nor her fans, ang daming nega then nag cross topic pa… chill lang mga bakla, just believe her that she can carry it, nakakahiya sa ibang countries we talked too much negativity, pagtatawanan lang tayo. Whatever happened to the supposedly gown or to Ms SMA thing, always remember maraming mga talented pinoy designers abroad willing to help. Unite for fan vote, wish her a good luck and pray for her on this journey.

  41. Basta ako ILL SIT BACK, RELAX & ENJOY THE SHOW and all the DRAMAS behind it. If pia can penetrate it to the semis, PAK!! If tough 10, PAK NA PAK!! If tough 5 na, PAK U all bashers. Hahahaha. If she wins, PAK na mga vaks at tayo’y magbunyi!!! Kaya yan ni pia. Kung nakayanan nga nila ang drama behind thr stage, anu pa kaya kung kekembot na lang si pia sa harap ng stage. She worked hard for this time. Pero the thought lang na pinoy ang sinuot ni pia, im very proud kay SMA. Mka-pasok man sa semis o hindi, masaya ako kase nakinig si SMA. At sa mga susunod na taon, sana pinoy na talaga ang susuotin ng mga shondidates natin internationally. Ayaw ko lang ng ganung thinking na kahit pinoy na e binabash pa din nila. Yes! It could be better! Pero the thought talaga na pinoy ang gumawa ng gown! Pak na pak na pak n yun!! I know, may pasabog si pia sa finals (EG), kung makakapasok xa sa banga. Lets see after the prelims.

    • bakit hindi na lang niya suotin sa prelims.. iyon ang importante na makapasok.. suotin na niya iyang pasavogue na iyan sa prelims…

      • ewan ko din. hahahaha. sila yung may alam kung paano umatake eh. pero sa tingin ko hinihintay pa din nila yung andrada na gown para sa sunday? kung totoo man talaga na wala pa sa beygas si andrada. teka, anrdada na ba talaga? baka mag-libiran na yan ha. bibili pa ako ng popcorn, enjoy na enjoy ako sa mga ganitong scoops!!!

  42. Actually compared to the mj and ara gown. Mas maganda ito.Thank You Mr. Tolentino for helping

    • putter that EG question threw her off! HAHAH clear evidence na may issue talaga sa gown. Pero when did the whole drama happen was it after or before this interview? Kasi she said she’ll pick her gown daw so??

      • Joy try to do the math, the misso expose timestamp was about 5ish AM
        I posted something here about the gown around 8ish AM
        They must have been figuring out what to do during those times.

      • Nakakatawa nga reaction Pia. She needs to stay positive despite the lower caliber gown that she’s wearing.

      • She was actually very clear.

        She said SMA is allowing her to choose from a “selection” of gowns… Except she has not seen any of those “selection”.

        So basically, SMA arranged these “selections” and as a “surprise” — which is — very stupid.

        That’s like a realtor telling a buyer “i will give you 10 houses to choose from!”
        And then you find out the last minute that all those houses are in the ghetto

  43. I have a question. Bakit po hindi na lang kay Francis L. ang gown na suotin ni Pia sa prelims.. di ba kailangang makapasok siya sa prelim kaysa finals? Pano kung di sya makapasok di di niya masuot. si Olivia Culpo naman both prelims and finasl she wore the same gown.. Miss Universe parin.

  44. Can we just petition that she wear the gown she wore during the auction? I love that mint gown. It looks great on her skin and she really had that winning aura with the bun style.

  45. Considering na napabalita na na may SUPER BAGYONG DARATING days before Monday, Hindi ba natakot si Andrada na baka macancel ang flight nya?
    Or is he too busy to realize those things?

    I am not buying that as well as I know someone who has a flight last Tuesday going to the US and he was able to make the flight and andun na sya.

    What ever it is, simple man ang gown ni pia, I am sure iAura nalang nya at i am sure papatok na yan! πŸ™‚

    • Kahit na. dapat noon pa tapos iyang lecheng iyan.. kung maaga lang sana nagdecide si Shitella eh di sana planchado na lahat. Venezuela has the whole year ready for her for everything. Tayo,, ay ewan.

  46. Also I’d rather her wear that mint gown she wore at the auction with the same styling. the color is very youthful, lively fun and seasonal. That was her best look in the competition so far.

  47. I would suggest that Queen Pia should display her flawless skin of the backless gown and some part of her leg emphasizing the front slit for 8 seconds to the judges before her catwalk to add more points just like the dramatic pose of Janine T. before doing her cobra walk….Panalo…
    No choice at daanin na lng sa style at presentation.

  48. sMA should really be removed as head of BPCI. After all the flak and bashing she got from social media, she just doesn’t care at all. Super callous at its best. Sana Talaga magma Senate inquiry about this.Sobrang Sana ni SMA. She just doesn’t protect our interest. The Filipino interest.

    Disappointed with the Olivrr Tolentino gown. But I will take this anytime over those Brazzaville and online gowns SMA has a penchant for. At least it sounds good on a paper. She is wearing a Filipino designer gown in the most important aspect of the competition.sana ma i rampa ng mayos ni Pia yung gown Mamaya.

    Pagdasal na Lang nAtin si Pia, Mama J and even SMA. This just seals my resolve not to vote for Roxas anymore. Araneta and her oligarchs will continue to ruin our country with their wayward thinking.

  49. alam mo laila kung talagang budget ang problem why SMA not selling bbp to others who are richer and more capable of managing bbp and dress our queen a good and beautifull gown. ang tagal nila nghintay sa MU pero now prelim na nagkaprob sa gown hinde sila ng prepared ng maige. so i think SMA need to step down na talaga

    • Si Norman kase inaantay nila mag offer…joke…

      These people are so old school. Pwede rin na talagang they’ve had BPCI for so long, baka they’d feel empty kung wala na silang gagawin. Pwede ring they’re just holding out, hindi naman kaila, hindi na rin sila kabataan. Siguro in a few years there’d be changes or a shift in management. For now, this is what’s making philippine pageantry unique. Combination of competition and good ol drama.

      May teleserye GMA noon about beauty queens. yung plot kaya nun kasing juicy nito?

      • did u see red humored final gown nya. sketch lng sya and i doubt it coz kamuka ni pia ung face sa whole gown sketch. taray ng hairstyle updo with big earings. hmmm. lets pray later na sana makapsok sya sa finals and sana madala nya ng maayos ang gown nya. at magustuhan ng MU. she need not to cr as so fierce coz they need more real queen. sweet. strong and confidence. sana rehearsal gown lang yang suot nya. any pics of her rivals? wearing their gowns?

  50. Bwisit ka Stella. Dapat noon pa yan ready lahat. The thing is, you waited to the very last minute. Bwisit ka!

  51. I was amazed with these people, the BPCI the handlers. Excuse my animosity towards this issue. How many months was the preparations? The question here is who is in charge? How many times the fans were howling and weeping just to let them show the gowns prior the competition ? The entire BPCI organization as well as the handler of the candidates are liable on this so called malady of waiting until the last moment. For the sake of the nation all of you should resign now. Just plain stupidity!

  52. I’m a filipino by birth and blood. in moments like this I support and cheer up for my people!!!!this is the right time when filipinos would rally behind their candidate be it a fan or not…go Pia! go Philippines!

  53. Worst case, Pia would be using another “basura”. If ganun mangyayari, kaya kayang i boycott ang Bb Pilinas pageant next year for Madam to realize na, dapat na siyang makinig sa Filipino pageant fans na nagsasawa na sa gown na gawa ng ibang lahi. πŸ™‚

  54. She can make it up with the swimsuit scores also, pero need lots of luck sa gown. Hopefully the color reads better and livelier in person and onstage. Just werk it, sweetheart.

  55. Lai, ano balita – is this red dress the Plan A dress by Andrada? Or is this a Tolentino? Or Cumbia ba ito?

    Ano ang story behind this gown?

    • Ok so Pia originally was supposed to “wear” an Andrada. Only a few people know this because BPCI never made a formal announcement. I’m not buying the “missed flight” theory because Andrada is already in LA. Either they had a falling out or madame changed her mind. Anyway, Pia could not bring the gown because of “insurance” issues. The designer should be the one in-charge talaga dapat. Should things go wrong, Pia apparently had a back-up dress that was approved by SMA. Problem was, as the news already stated, this gown is too big. The folks there who knew what was going on somehow asked around and worked on making the “back up gown” fit. At one point it was Bessie Besana daw who tried fixing the fit issues.

      The back up gown was so ugly. I don’t have a photo, I did see a snippet that was deleted. I can’t say if it’s tacky but based on the gold paillettes that looked like christmas foil, i’d say it is.

      AQ folks have friends there and made some phonecalls yesterday. They tried Oliver Tolentino. Turns out he was kind enough to remedy the gown issue. That’s why, I am appealing to other commenters here, I know you don’t think it’s sexy enough or blingy enough but please consider that Mr. Tolentino isn’t even involved in this in the first place. He just had a spare gown for Pia to use. let’s be thankful she’s wearing a filipino made gown, let’s be thankful that someone stepped in.

      This is a photo from Oliver Tolentino’s IG:

    • Ako rin mejo hindi ko ginagat ung story about the missed flight…. If I was appointed to dress a Queen competing internationally, I would make sure I finish the gown early and bring the gown to the pageant early. Hindi yung magcacatch ka ng late flight, yung tipong ang arrival time mo eh on the day of the prelims or 1 day before the prelims. That’s a dumb move.. I’m sure Andrada isn’t that stupid to catch a late flight either. Heller, his work will grace the MU scene, ibang level na yan. So why was Andrada’s gown not in Vegas? Idk…. Hoping someone can find out the real reason. Kung the black ugly gown was the back up talaga, BAKIT hindi pa na alter to fit Pia’s body when she was still in the Phils? Anong silbi ng back up gown na yan kung hindi rin pala nahanda? May back up bang ganun…. Pero thank you Mr. Tolentino for helping your countrymen. Maybe this red gown was all he can give. Let’s not blame him with this guys quasi last minute lang naman ang inclusion niya sa dramang ito. Buti nga tumulong. We owe it to you Olive Tolentino!

  56. Sana makahabol pa yung gown ni andrada sa finals night. Pwede pa ba yon palitan? Iba ang prelims sa finals?

    • This can actually work! An updo might be the best way to go with this simple dress! It’s a good color on her! I think edgy accessories can help this look be more contempirary!

    • I was just about to post this Laila! Ikaw na talaga mars, so biis! So ano kaya yung story behind ng status ni Mama J na he wanted to give up na? If this Tolentino gown was a back up in the first place. tapos he said he had to do what he thought was right? ano ba nangyari.

      • Cause i was reading all these stories from the previous post and they seemed to be all over the place. Walang consistency. Kasi if SMA wanted Pia to choose in the first place (cause that’s what i read in another post) bakit kailangan pang mastress ni Mama J if Pia can choose the Tolentino gown. Well she has to quasi di dumating yung Andrada. Kaya feeling ko tumpak ka, I think SMA was against the red gown and wanted Pia to wear the black one pero mama J persuaded her

    • At least the color is not so bad. Double effort nlang sa presentation. Don’t let dress carry you Pia, carry it well. Go Pia!

      Thanks Laila for you sleuthing talent-)

    • I mean it’s not jaw-dropping but it’s probably a lot better than the black gown! I just think the dress doesn’t emphasize her curves. Mejo weird yung fit ng bottom part ng dress. Pero honestly, with the right hair style and make up, workable na itey. Hopefully it’s going to bring Pia to the semis.

      • Pia was wearing a blue gown on the MU website which is no longer viewable. I thought that was the back-up gown. Doesn’t that blue gown look better and fit better than this red number ?

    • Hayyyy it’s so plain looking and I kinda want Pia to wear a gown that shows she slim shoulder and accentuates her very sexy neck to make her look tall plus the bun hairstyle… I dont know what to say but it just doesn’t pop. The gown helps too in making you stand out and Pia needs to be perfect in carrying this gown tonight. Maybe the swimsuit and interview will be good enough to propel her to top 15 coz this aint gonna do it. So sad 😦

      • The gown helps but at the end of the day it’s how Pia carries the gown. Mag worry ka na lang if waley ang performance ni Pia sa EG (hindi sana!!) Look at Ara’s gown in 2013, that was a mess….. But she carried it with her skinny body kahit na big fit yung gown.

      • Joy… remember Ara made it to Top 16 because of the online voting. She also scored the lowest in the evening gown but she aced her swimsuit to make it to the top 5…

      • Gringo, I’m afraid you’re wrong. If my memory serves me right, swimsuit muna before evening gown. To summarize:

        1. She barged into top 16 for topping the online polls (pero bka nga nasa top15 na talaga sya at nagkakaron lng na she topped the voting).
        2. Swimsuit segment, then pasok sa 10 ang Lola mo.
        3. EG, yellow mermaid gown ang attire ni ate Ara & I agree with Joy, Ara really carried it well. Bumaba kaya sa kanya. Gandang Ganda aq.
        Then pasok ang ate mo sa top 5!

        …& the rest was history so to speak.

      • what gringo meant was that Ara’s swimsuit performance carried her low EG points up. If Ara had a low score in the swimsuit round followed by a low score in the EG portion, Ara’s chances of making the Top 5 would’ve been close to impossible.

    • I agree. The way she had her hair during the auction night would work really well with this dress. The dress is not boring. I think its simple and elegant.

    • Keri na yan omg. Projection na lang kailangan ni Pia and I think alam na alam na niya yun. Accessories na lang. Pls let go of that big earrings hindi bagay. Sana yung medium size lang. Then i hope mag bun siya or side swept curly hair or sleek pony. If merong diamond necklace diyan na maganda pasuot na yan. Go girl you can do it. Naniwala ako sa sayo the moment na umapak ka sa Vegas. I know may dala dala ka ng something to be proud of once na bumalik ka dito sa Pinas. Go girl #GameNa

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