60 comments on “Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach: Game On

  1. She is so real…so candid…base sa lahat ng interviews nya….
    I hope ganto sya kareal during her prelims interviews.
    Hoping we can get the crown na talaga.

  2. bakit bumabaha ang vietnam in all miss u blogs, pages, website etc etc etc… nakakasuka na talaga sila, para silang mga squatters at epidemia na kumakalat.. ewan ko na lang pag di pa pumasok sa semis si vietnam… ang daming mga luhaan nito pag di nakapasok sa semis si vietnam hahahaha

  3. Michesa gurl, bukas na alis ko sa Vegas!!!! ano email add mo, may pm ako for you!

    • @Alit hmmm. i think i know whats on your mind. pero do u think kulay blue yan? same as Pias gown last bbp. almost they are same in style pero sa color ewan. and that scene i know whats are on your mind.. wag naman sana.

  4. Punyeta!!! Hindi nako makaupdate sa ig regarding mu or mw. Lahat na lang ng post is about miss vietnam. Yung b4 at aftr pics nya, ung bashers nya, or dba ung mga surgeries nya. As if naman it affects her getting on the top 15..

    • That’s the problem with her dress, actually.
      1. no support for her papayas.
      2. it’s too loose/big on her.
      3. Just really not for her body type.

  5. I like this interview. I can feel her excitement and I think she is getting polished with her communication skills everyday. I can’t wait for the preliminaries to see what she’s really made of. I’m tuning myself out of the social media stuff.

  6. Miss U facebook page wala masyado si Pia, I unliked the page nga. Useless lang kung wala masyado feed abt Pia. Kaya pala sobra exposure ng iba, to attract fans from other countries.

      • Speaking of social media, i heard si British Virgin Island nag quit daw dahil sa cyber bullying? Is this chrue?
        Nakaklungkot kung totoo yun, grabe lang. I feel sorry for her.

    • Don’t blame MUO for that. Its not their faut.

      Pia is not socializing with other contestants. Shes ALWAYS with China and Malaysia. So whos fault is that?

      While Vietnam, India, Colombia and mingling with everyone. They are getting tagged left and right by ther contestant.

      • Even solo shots during the auction wala sya, almost lahat na-feature. I’m almost convinced intentional. Buti nlang meron OPMB hehehe. But anyway, performance pa rin naman nya what matters. So hayaan na nga pero di ko na i-like ulet page nila.😀

      • I’d like to think that too… But it’s definitely not intentional.

        You can check IG for proof. Other girls are tagging other girls. Vietnam and India specially. They seem to be the social social butterflies this year.

        No one seems to be tagging Pia — except for China and Malaysia… That is who she’s always with.

      • Eh suplada nga din si Paulina eh pero nanalo. Leila lopes was a surprise never ko siya napansin sa MU website. Even Miss ecuador during Ara’s time never gumawa ng ingay but she was able to penetrate sa Top 5. And oh remember Miss Netherlands last January 2015 na tila patay na bata. So i must say nasa performance talaga yan and ofcourse destiny din

    • yun din tingin ko e kaya i’m really not bothered on Pia’s exposure on MU pages. marami nang pinoy ang naglalike don at nagkalat. now they want to attract other nationalities/countries. that’s why they keep posting about vietman, thailand, colombia and etc.

    • Hana, hindi lang exposed si Pia sa fb page nila, useless na kaagad? Don’t think like that please. That’s faulty thinking. Para ka lang yung mga latinos sa MW. Hindi lang nakapasok manok nila sa Top 30 ng Top Model competition, cheap and useless na daw ang Miss World pageant. Seems like MU 2015 is right, Pia just seems to mingle with her close group of friends instead of being friends with everyone…. This might honestly work against her, she has to be more personable and sociable..

    • why rely on social media to gauge pia’s standing on miss universe? you don’t have to be a social butterfly to win! and that has been tried and tested with Leila lopes winning miss universe! having selfies left and right won’t make you instant top 5! well if it’s miss congeniality they’re fighting for definitely Pia won’t even be in the contention. what’s important is she’s doing good where it counts, fadil shots, chi model, and she’s never ever out of pageant experts top list. let’s just wait see how her performance in the prelims will unfold. But I’m pretty sure she’s going to be just fine. She waited three years for this!

    • Pia will be taking over MU’s facebook page tomorrow, 3am. You might want to like it back again. 😉

  7. Pia is really a strong contender. but it’s still anybody’s ball game. gustong gusto kong manalo siya, pero siyempre kung baga sa basketball, bilog ang bola. But what i am sure is that She will deliver. she’ll give her 10000000% for Miss Universe. Go mars!!!

  8. Ang bali balita, nung nag shoot sila for Image skincare line, marami na startstruck kay Pia na halos walang makeup. Mas nakikiliti ako malaman yun kesa na wow sila sa full makeup look ni Pia.

      • Dave may mga friendly friends akosa IG na admin ng pageant accounts. Yung iba sa kanila nag cocover pero yung nag fefeed ng medyo juicy na information tumutulong sa wardrobe nila. I know this person has other groups too so sa FB if I’m not mistaken na post na rin. Surprisingly mas may adik pa sakin at satin. Sometimes they’d tag me kahit di ko sila kilala. Some photos walang hashtag so yung iba Hindi makita ng public. Yun din lang yung na she share ko sa inyo dito 😏

    • They really need to do a “makeup-less” photoshoot to see who really is a natural beauty. Some of these girls are only pretty because of too much powder. Magkaalaman na.

    • This styling really suits her. Very striking. If she was wearing a plain white dress so that her face would stand out even more — game over !

    • she nailed it there! ung aura nya she look liked na bagong korona lang, hollywood celebrity. so strong. we cant deny and snob her talaga. but there are more other girls who are really stand out than her. All i can say is this is the year of Asia in MU and that is absolutely Clear more than Sun’s shine. im really feel so kinakabahan talaga kay Pia. maybe there are possible judges na magustuhan sya and merong hinde. so kanya kanya ng taste yan, every year we will judge by different personalities, iba iba ang panlasa ng bawat tao at bawat taon. But as i said we really cant deny and snob Pia. She is really MU Material, But only one can be crown.

    • I really like her in this photo. It is a breath of fresh air. She looks so fresh and engaging. Ganda nya talaga. Ano kaya taent nya? Any ofea laila?

      • @laila,selected lang pala ang talent na yan,pano yung d napili? Nganga? May bearing ba yan Mars sa preliminary ?

      • Steamy alam ko for fun lang yung talent show. If you noticed most of them kasama dun sa MU ad like Thailand, Canada, Israel…

      • Ahhh ok thanks kung ganun lang yun, Mars wala pa pic sa natcos at gown nya? Bukas na prelim d ba? Kailan yung sa natcos presentation nila Mars?

    • Pia’s face here is fresh and beautiful but the outift reminds me of a waitress’ dress in a girlie bar.

  9. Go Mars Pia! I really feel na come preliminaries, may bonggang explosive siya in terms of wardrobe and performance. confident din ako sa prelim interview niya cause she’s best when in motion/talking. ilabeeet!

    • Mitchesa, mejo matagal ka nawala. How are you? I have been silently reading comments and dont see comments from you

      • @Basil, oo mdyo maginaw na kasi Basil kaya iwas muna sa topless, besides daming lamok usa panaman now ang Dengue.

      • Hi Mars Basil and Mars SH i missed you mga mars. I was silently reading comments din. Busy lately kasi lumalakas na ng slight ang business venture ketch dahil magpapasko hihi

        Merry Christmas senyo mga marses ko. Hihi

      • Naman mars bakit d moko hina hire na security guard? Magpapasko pa naman wala me income ngayun ,choz

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