14 comments on “Christi Lynn McGarry tours Magdeburg with the Miss Intercontinental 2015 Candidates

  1. Go go go Christi ! She would have been the perfect choice for MU just as I was rooting for Bianca last year but oh well a pageant is still a pageant so to Christi good luck girl 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I saw photos of Christi’s contenders and I must say, her beauty is a stand out! She is too much pretty, strong and prepared for this pageant. I believe she deserve to compete to a higher/big 4 pageant.

  3. even di ko pa nakikta ang mga to conteders here.im a little confident that d2 tatama ang hula na magkakacrown tayo. even runner up is strong chance shes the best in Asia continent right? i have a feelin of 50-50 both MW, MU. hayyy.ayoko hahaha hintayin ko nalang mag prelim.

  4. Christi has a great chance of winning this, runner-up the very least. If not, something is really wrong with this pageant.

    • Totally agree!!! Itigil n ang pageant n ito kung kmukha nnmn ng reigning ang mnanalo n d hmak mas mdami nmn mgaganda ng ubod.

    • Meron beki sa facebook nag-promise na hindi na magsusuot ng false eyelashes pagnatalo si Christi lol

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