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  1. Miss Earth 2015 winners meet Austrian President Dr. Heinz Fischer.

    Judges in Miss Earth 2015 pageant:

    The former country Director of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and currently the Co-Owner of Global Water Engineering and the man behind Ingenieursburo Gommer – Mr. Dick Gommer.

    An Executive of the UBER-CHIC FTV; the Media and Marketing Head of FASHION TV – Ms. Yasmin Hirth.

    A respected FILM DIRECTOR and PRODUCER – Mr. Norbert Blecha

    A noted FASHION DESIGNER who currently has her own label “JUST EVE” – Ms. Eva Krask

    A former Actress and Beauty Queen who is now one of the driving forces behind Miss Earth; The Executive Vice-President of Carousel Productions – Ms. Lorraine Schuck

    She is the First Lady to be crowned Miss Earth and presently a lawyer and together with her husband runs one of Europe’s biggest international dressage stables – Ms. Catharina Svensson Brink

    A seasoned hotelier with more than two decades of management experience; The General Manager of Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront – Mr. Markus Hussler

    An Independent Television Producer in Austria who has a keen sense for fashion and the finer things in life; The CEO and over of Vougish TV – Ms. Nadja Ondrusikova

    And lastly an Advocate of Women Empowerment who has been involved in various Socio-Political Mediations; The President of the United Nations Women’s guild, Vienna and Chairperson of the Board of Judges – Ms. Diana Alando Oyugi.

    • Miss Earth 2015, Angelia Gabrena Ong at the United Nations, Vienna Austria headquarters.

      She is the first Miss Earth winner to sit down with UNIDO discussing on how to protect our environment.

  2. Sad that a lot of people is calling Miss Earth a Fraud and Angelia a cheater, while in fact, Angelia is deserving and won the title outside the PH. Nakakalungkot lang na just because hindi pumasok ang reps nila, hahanapan nila ng butas, or maghahanap sila ng masisisi sa nangyari.

  3. both deserve to be me. I like the crown of Angelia though. ..it’s more a representation of me.

    • Word of advice: STOP already the shameless and unabashed plugging of KF in practically all your comments. It is bordering on either you are becoming a laughingstock already or nakakairita na – and it is not doing the image of KF any good. Seriously.

      • @Anton, I got an idea from your comment. I think this Nica is not really a fan of KF. She just wants to piss people off and be pissed off with KF as well. Yung paulit ulit nya pag glorify sa KF to the extent na mainis na mga readers. Nice strategy Nica but readers here are not dumb. I wonder what your next comments will be?
        But seriously Nica, stop the crap. You are becoming nonsense. Tama si Anton, laughingstock ka na with your nonsense comments

      • @Basil Valdez, honga that thought also crossed my mind. Knowing how some people can be so scheming and obnoxiously warped in their thinking.

      • Mga assuming kayo!! Grabe lupit ng mga topak nyo!! Wala ako pake sa KF and Aces. Paulit ulit sabihin ko number of crowns ang KF. Yun lang mahirap ba intindihin?

      • Teh Baby Nica, wala kang pake sa KF and Aces?!! Talaga?!! Pilit mong inaangat ang bangko ng KF every chance you can get on this blogsite, tapos wala ka pang pake sa lagay na yan?!! Denial queen to the max ang peg?!! Sabi nga ni mars Basil Valdez, “Paulit ulit Baby Nica? walang katapusan??? SMH”

        Dr. Manny, meron ka pang isang pasyente dito! Pramis!

      • Anton dear kung ngkataon na mas marami korona ang Aces eh di sila din sana binabanggit ko. Truth is marami tlaga crowns ang KF fact yan. Pero nothing against Aces, nkakabilib nga din sila.

        Basil Valdez dear, kung paulit ulit man, comment ko yan, di ka obligado mgbasa kung ayaw mo. Intiendez?

    • I will be loving u Nika baby if KF made 3 crowns in 2 years! Thats if u get the sarcasm 🙂

      Back to back nga di 2 years in a row !

    • hay nandito c KF hardseller. MISS EARTH BAD TO BAD! MA PROUD KA teh KUNG MAG BACK TO BACK SA MI dahil galaw na nila ang kimi at run by not corrupt filipino kundi mga hapon. puro basura na pageant! ni hindi nga na news sa mga international major news paper tong MISS earth winner nato!

    • I really don’t get it why you all have to be pissed. I am not making up stories here. I am simply statign a fact. Shouldn’t we be proud that the Philippines has training camps such as KF and A&Q who really exerts time and effort to send worthy representatives?

      • Teh, ang issue dito ay masyado nang TH yang pagbugaw mo sa KF. The existence of pageant training camps in our country is not even an issue. Ginagawa mo lang yung palusot para ibenta ang KF at laitin ang A&Q by saying stuff like Pia has better chances of winning if she was trained by KF – sabay denial queen pa more ang drama mo na yun ang objective at ginagawa mo. KF doesn’t need this from you dahil nakakasira na lang sa image nila – parang masyadong desperadong mapansin and I’m sure Rodgil Flores wouldn’t want to put across that impression.

      • hoy nica minion or fantard ng KF -tumigil ka sa kaka mention ng KF na puro mga malalaki ang tyan at jurangrang! tantanan mo kami dito kf ka ng kf! lahat ng napalunan nilang pageant puro nganga tehhhh–miss world and miss universe lang ang may influence sa mundo or inaaabangan ng buong mundo dahil na sysyndicate ang news all over the world kung sino mananalo! put it inyour brain teh!!!!

  4. It’s so telling how beauty pageants have changed. While praise for Angelia has been nearly universal, it seems that this is not reason enough for the outcome to be legitimate. But isn’t that the singular objective of a pageant, to crown the most deserving candidate?? If it’s not, then what’s the whole point?? It’s disturbing to have groups like Missosology actually declaring that Carousel ‘manipulate the results’ to get a ‘popular’ winner- something which this group has been accused of doing- and to which they’ve denied it to high heavens- to push winners of questionable faces and skills just because they come from countries with emerging pageant fan support.

    If there is some sort of death knell that has been sounded, then this is it- not Carousel’s- but for pageants in general, when beauty ceases to be about what it is and becomes a commodity to be traded for or worse, bought with questionable motives (looking at you misso!)

    • Misso is made out forecasters of unknown. Down deep in their organization is core of envy. Sad to say that the faction within the group is entertwined with greed. I would say that their slogan is TO ENVY IS TO WIN.

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