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  2. Nanglalamon pala ang ganda ni Pia!!!hahaha nagkaalaman na talaga kung sino maganda waley c salakot at santol nagmukha silang weeeeeeee go Pia!

  3. Panalo na si Pia sa glamshot kc pauwi na sya galing casino dala ang cheque na napanalunan nya habang yung iba ay naglalaro pa ng baraha at nagbebet ng chips nila.
    Yung iba nman ay kawawa kc talunan sa casino kaya rumarampa para mkahanap ng financer upang makabawi ang mga puta😃😃😃

  4. Pernes to Pia Papaya! Super pak today!!! …alam mo na….prelude to the prelims na ito!!! =)

  5. Kuya norm dala ba ni pia yung gown niya? Actually the gown made her look inches taller, na empasize yung lower at upper torso niya..

  6. Don’t forget that VINTAGE VEGAS is the theme of this year’s Fadil Glamshots. Here’s my list of twenty as to who did great in this particular segment:

    Great Britain
    Czech Republic

  7. I think Pia’s Fadil shot has been badly Photoshopped. Her head looks bigger than the rest of her body. Her arms look weird.

    Anyway, after seeing all the other girls’ photos, Pia’s is one of the stronger ones.

    Japan’s Fadil shot doesn’t give her justice.

    I think Spain had the fiercest photo. Kosovo nailed it, too. I also like Haiti’s and Tanzania’s shots.

    • actually kosovo nailed it talaga na meet nya ung theme ng photoshoot nila. dapat talaga pag sa glamshot pare pareho ng hair style at make up and pose para mas magkaalaman talaga.

    • i dont think so. medyo ewan pa ako. hopefully ds days makita naman naten sya with another hairstyle na mala peru, big hair and soft curls. para ma critics ung mga hair style na babagy talaga sa kanya sa prelims at finals. nagawa na nya straight hair, bun, and some hair styles na d ko alam ang itatawag.lol. ok din naman sa bun. pero dapat ung gown eh alam nyo na. at ang kulay eh dapat matingkad kase kung mga light colors pink and like that color pang MW ang dating. ung kay janine na powder blue ok naman, bumagay naman. pero bahala na sila hahaha. basta tumama sa sinabe ni Pia. na “everything falls into place” pero never expect nalang. Pray nalang talaga. Pia is MU material naman talaga. sa mga dis agree zipper your mouth nalang. look at those candidates. in my own opinion if si janicel nasa LV now pakakainin lang sya ni Thailand at vietnam ng alikabok. itabi mo pa kay Peru, colombia at usa waley din sya. parang walang strong aura ang dating pretty lang ng dating nya. kung si ann ok naman pero may nakareserved sa kanya kaya hinde MU binigay aun iba ang sash na nakuha. si christie naman 50 -50 din. kay rogelie mas waley. wala din ako nakikita sa mga talunan na bbp 2015 na pwede mo itapat sa MU ds year si Pia lang talaga. even though some say shes ganito ganire. eh waley na magagawa nasa LV na sya so all we have to do is to Pray. kase d naman tayo pakikinggan ng team nya lalu na ni SMA. Only God can hear us and sya na bahala kay Pia at magsabe kay SMA.

      • sa totoo lang, pinakagigil ako about MU this year. Like I said before, since Venus we’ve been doing really well to the point na malapit na nating nasungkit yung corona. Kaya minsan sa sobrang gigil, nadidismaya ako pag walang happenings kay Pia sa LV. Pero I’ve been telling myself na everything happens for a reason. Kung away talaga, ayaw. As long as Pia does her best, ok na ako!

  8. Hindi maganda kuha ni Fadil this year, parang napadaan lang ang girls tapos binigyan ng clutch bag at sabay sigaw si Fadil ng 1,2..3! #AllTeaNoShade

    • Same thoughts here. I am quite disappointed. Not because Pia’s shot is underwhelming, but because in general, the shots really lack that “oh, wow” element.

      • You guys aren’t the only one’s disappointed. Pati ibang lahi, they’re not very pleased with the official fadil shots this year.

      • Mr B. You’re talking about the World Designer award (whatever it’s called). That is different than the Top Model competition. The 10 Top ladies for World Designer are competing for an award.. Walang points yan sa fast track. What matters is the Top Model competition. Kung sino man mananalo dun (I’m hoping hilarie) makakakuha ng points na magpapataas sa kanyang ranking sa finals!

    • Mar Laila, sa totoo lang, Pia looked ravishing tonight. Siya ang pinaka angat sa mga pics na pinost mo dito!!

      • Mars Joy

        Binitawan ko sandali cell ko pagbalik ko dami na photos ni Pia. Pambawi sa ilang araw nating pagka aligaga. Bagay pala pusod na ganyan. Malinis. Medyo nakaka distract lang earrings pero overall parang ang bango nya.

    • Ngayon ko lang na confirm sa picture na to, na TAGILID-genic nga si Vietnam.

      Maganda lang si Vietnam sa isang side ng kanyang mukha pero kung front view ng face nya ang tingnan, weird tingnan. Mukha syang doble Kara. Magka iba ang mukha nya sa left at right.

      Hehehe Amusing 😀

    • I’m happy na her photos are curculating na. And I’m happy cause she outshines Vietnam in this pic.

    • Vietnam is only beautiful when she wears red lipstick. Sorry for her fans but she looks ordinary to me if she doesn’t wear that shade. Another thing, I agree with Dave.

  9. Fadil Berisha Glamshots
    Five Beautiful Girls

    F france
    I india
    V vietnam, venezuela
    E e, filipinas

  10. ok na yan. maganda naman ngmukha sya asian. mas pangit kung halata na may traces si hitler char!

  11. Pia looks amazing. But if she moved her face towards the right displaying more of her profile it would’ve given her the wowww moment. It is still a beautiful picture though. The shape she has created with her arms and body is modelesque.

    Oh and to idiots that don’t know anything about photography, lighting plays a major part in how the photo is produced.

    You look beautiful Pia.

  12. STEVE HARVEY to host Miss Universe this year. It should be a very fun evening. Love his style of comedy.

  13. I’ve seen better glam shots of Pia, even in her “bigger” days during BBP2015. She just looks really different in the photo.. I didn’t even recognize her in the beginning. It’s not extremely shitty but it’s not jaw-dropping either. Pero keribels na rin. Although her EG photo is much better! I like how her curves are showing. Pero parang her dress is too low, hinihila ung mahiwagang papayas ni Pia pababa LOL. But in all honesty, blue looks AMAZING on her. Love love love! ❤


    Everyone! The silver and blue gown and blue dress are both provided by MUOrg…. I guess Pia does not have the right sized gown because of her huge breasts. Is it because she is not being favored or they really have no size that fits her rack? I hope it’s the latter….

  15. I’ve seen better glam shots of Pia. Even in her “bigger” days during BBP2015. She just looks really different on there. I didn’t even recognize her in the beginning. I mean it’s not completely shitty but it’s not super amazing either. Her gown photo looks better though. But the dress seemed to low on her. Nihala pababa ang mahiwagang papayas niya lol. But blue looks gorgeous on her though ❤

  16. All that hype will I stay or will I go drama tapos eto lang kinahinatnan ni Wendy? Anyare? Wala na to…

    • Mexico looks so different. I remember before the comp, I was browsing through the MU website, and Mexico’s headshot really stood out. I was like PUTA SHET HIGH FASHION TO! Pero waley

      • Ako run. yung dark veronica lake hair na mega winged tips and bronzy feline features. Iconic shot nya. Na afraidy Aguilar ako tapos eto lang pala. Grrrrr

      • Exactly. She is STUNNING but she cannot pull off different looks. She is a girl next door type, when she tries to be hot, she is not believable. Compare mo kay Pia na ino-usbong lang ang papayas niya, hot na hot na.

  17. WOW… glamshot! I love it… I thought I was staring at the mestiza side of Miriam Quiambao.

    Again, gown gown gown. Is it really the gown? Imagine all candidates wearing the same gown, will our representative be the ugliest? I don’t think so.

    Just love reading good and not so good comments here.
    Thank you Norman for this blog! 🙂

  18. oriental look in her blue dress and curly hair ala barbie forteza…


  19. Di nako magrereklamo masyado sa gown ni Pia, pwera kay MJ pag ipag sama mo lahat…ang cheap talaga ng itsura parang NIPS lang…bravo BPCI….hay….

    • Is this gown provided by BPCI? Why aren’t they working with Pinoy designers. These designers are willing to give gowns for FREE for sake for getting their gowns worn in international competitions for publicity. OMG how stupid can they be??? Sponsors sponsors sponsors. I think it’s time to find a successor for Araneta. I like Pia’s gownn but she needs the curled up hairstyle for evening gown. I dont mind a straight hair swimsuit.

  20. The top 10 of World Designer award for Miss World has been announced. Unfortunately, the Philippines was excluded from the list.

    • Best Designer Dresses lang naman yata yun.Award para sa mga designer?Pasok si Hillarie sa Top30 ng Top Model.Yun yung kasama sa fast tracks.

  21. In other news… Is anybody else wondering why Pia’s SS pic is like a test shot only na nilagyan lang ng trapal sa likod, whereas those of other candidates have alluring poses and picturesque backgrounds? Di nga!

  22. From Lu Siera: First day, and I LOVE IT. This year are changing it up. You must watch!!#wmentertainment… instagram.com/p/_IXVAeSz4F/
    She’s Miss Universe runway coach.

  23. I love Pia’s FB glam shot . She looked beautiful and mysterious at the same time not unlike an Asian James Bond babe. Not loving much the gown on the 2nd photo but she carried it well. I hope that’s not the gown she will wear in the preliminaries. In the group pic she showed her queenly poise.

  24. I’m praying pia will wear a royal blue coz its her best color. But big no to a mermaid gown. I love Pia

  25. Hay naku. Nakakawalang gana. Nakakaiyak lang. Only fools say that the gown doesn’t matter. This is atrocious!

  26. Looking at the MU website and sorry to say Pia’s photo does not draw the viewer in. Her eyes look lost. She should have stated into the lens and charmed with those eyes. Instead she is looking away, far away… Like she’s not present or enjoying herself. Even Indonesia has a better photo. Thailand looks very sexy. Vietnam hit it out of the ball park. THE GOWN IS ATTROCIOUS. I hope she wears something else for the finals?!!! WHAT IS THE WORD ON THE GOWN? Who made this and is this the final gown???!!!!

    • Dude what you’re saying is completely subjective to your opinion. How you interpret the photo does not mean it is fact. You arnt a photographer or an artist. Pia’s glam shit is amazing. It’s sultry yet submissive, powerful yet innocent. You need to get your eyes checked.

  27. Sa nakikita ko ay ginawa syang chinese in that blue dress. Asian nga pero ang nirerepresent ni Pia ay malay race, hindi chinese.

  28. I don’t know why everybody is hindi nagugustuhan ang shots ni Pia. Her fadil glamshot is gorge. I mean, see her asian features? it’s sexy but mysterious ang dating.

    with the gown portrait.. the gown is pretty decent. hello, better than Ara’s gown! HAHAHA mukhang mas mahal to ng slight compared sa sinuot ni ara no. i love seeing Pia in rich colored wardobes.

    chill lang guys! sa photos na to, makikita mo versatility ng beauty nia. start palang guys. sa Prelims mas magkakaalamanan!

  29. Diko malamam kung sino yung pumipili ng mga gown na sinusuot nya puro mga pangit. Pero pag andito pa sa Pinas magaganda yung ginagamit nys sa photo shoot. EwAN Ko talaga sa Pinas magkakaapo na yung mga apo ko eh wala paring Miss Universe ang Pinas kasi yung Franchise owner oh yung mga nakapaligid sa BPCI pati yung handler nila mga sunod sunuran nalang kung anong sabihin ni madame tameme na sila .

    • I can’t agree more. The clothes Pia wears in Photoshoots are high fashion, stylish and modern. I never used to have a problem with the clothes our previous reps wore with exception of MJs last year however BPCI has proved time and time again that their wardrobe is out dated and needs refurbishing asap. It’s starting to get really frustrating because we are sending outstanding contestants but the mechanics are not helping us win the actual crown. Madame Stella thinks she knows what’s best but wardrobe itself proves that she doesn’t.

      I don’t want to play the blame game but if Stella really wanted us to win, we could have long time ago. Yeah we have been successful in the past year but ultimately it does come down to scoring and it is obvious we score predominantly high but in the low tier of high.

      I think most pinoys just want to see a win. Which is fair game. Support from the Filipino community can only go so far. It’s the logistical aspect which needs a revamp. We need a new strategy when BPCi sends delegates.

      Grr. It is annoying to see our reps just having to accept what Stella wants.

      I still love you Pia but Stella needs to rethink her strategies and invest in wardrobe to fully equip our delegates with the tools to make them feel even more radiant and confident.

    • But on the seripus note — another cheap ass gown provided by BPCI.

      Its confirmed. SMA has no taste.

      Guess money can’t buy you class.

      Cory Aquino for new BPCI President !

      • wait? now mo lang na confirm na walang taste si SMA? hahahaha wait, cory quirino?? sorry but in terms of preparing the ladies and giving us better production value finals night, id still go to BBP. Wardrobe thing, yes. MWP.

  30. Pia looks flawless and the blue complements her features. I think that these shots do her Asian complection justice. As for the blue gown on the right it’s not that bad. Most pinoys have a low tolerance when it comes to gown shapes because of MJs disastrous dress last year. Pia’s looks nicer and it actually works in her favour cos she wears it well.

    Good Job Pia! Very proud of you!

  31. Sorry, kawawa nanaman tayo this year bit what’s new?!..

    I love the material used for the bodice of the silver and blue gown but the bustline is indeed too low… I would also preffer if a simmilar material of at at least the same color and texture for the skirt was used to lengthen the body instead of cutting it by using a contrasting color. The blue skirt should have at least started lower to follow the rule of thirds to make this gown more tollerable to the eyes. It is very obvious that this gown was not made for Pia. Kudos to our queen for playing with her cards the best way she could. She is really working it with fierce eyes. I love Pia but definitely thumbs down to BPCI.

    The blue dress on the half-body pic could’ve been better but is not bad. Our gurl is really werkin it! That’s for sure! 😀 I hope the MU org would notice her determination. We may be the underdog when it comes to the wardrobe department but we definitely sent a very-qualified and hard working representative.


  32. That gown comes in different colors to dress up the whole barangay. Can’t wait to see it in periwinkle blue, cottoncandy pink, lavander blush, enchanting red, poopy ocre yellow, expedition khaki, orange you glad you’re in America, chili pepper red, virgin snow… and of course my favorite shining shimmering champagne. I’m so kilig na.

  33. in my previous comment: may alas pang ilalabas si India sa tamang panahon. now she’s holding the QUEEN card. small clues p
    or signs not to be ignored.

  34. The glam shot is good, but the evening gown’s bust line is too low and made her torso look short. It’s also the same tired shape that they gave MJ last year. Wala na bang budget ang BPCI? The important events clothes look downmarket..

    • Ay, oo nga….. Parang after the boobs, pusod na. Lol.

      I was focused more on her face for both pics. And it is amazing how in those two shots, her face can either be Asian or a Latina. But the body…. you are right.

      World Peace.

  35. Did she have botched eye lift surgery? She looks odd. The gown is ill-fitting as her breasts are about to pop out. I don’t understand the fascination with this gown shape. Add this to M’s white disaster and Hanson’s green one to complete the 80’s collection.

  36. be careful with India she got the Queen card in this FBglam shots I got the feeling she’s being favored.
    .India is the threat!

  37. I like these two shots. It showed the versatility of Pia’s looks. The glamshot makes her look like a glamourous Asian woman circa 1950s. While the evening gown shot makes one think she is a Latina femme fatale.

    World Peace.

  38. Pocahontas in EG..as to her glam shot, her packaging as the quintesential asian with matching slanted slit eyes doesnt suit her.

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