12 comments on “Asia’s Next Top Model S4: Georgina out, Cindy in

  1. A Korean got the title and Ja Flores placed 1st ruunner up. Gwen in tje top5. Never enjoyed watching this show as I think they really do not want rhe Philippines to win.

    • Thailand… Malaysia… Indonesia… and now


      This ridiculous real TV search probably is looking for a specific model type that is anything Asian but Philippine. And the Philippine entry is always runner-up to all winners. What does that mean?

      It’s a freakin’ cookin’ Asian extravaganza!

      Congratulations, Julian Aurine Flores! See you in BbP2017!!!

      • Really?!? I wouldn’t debate you on that because it’s your opinion. At least I’m glad that someone from Indonesia has joined us here on the blog. Welcome and please feel free to share your views. Mabuhay and cheers!

  2. With Yu tsai,…. Hermmmm, give him your best moment,otherwise don’t dream to be a model. Asia next top model is huge brand,don’t ambarrass Asia. #antm #asianexttopmodel2016

  3. Thank goodness they dumped Georgina. I wanted to like & support her because she’s kababayan, but I thought she was stiff & borderline bitchy as a host.

    You already know who will win 1st runner-up: the Philippines. Pang bridesmaid lang tayo sa AsNTM, never the bride.

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